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Sugong Pagoda


Sugong Pagoda is located on the platform of the grape village of Munage village and is 2 kilometers from eastern suburb of Turfan city, Xinjiang province. It is a novel modeling of Islamism ancient pagoda.

Presently, Sugong Pagoda is the biggest preserved ancient tower within the boundaries of Xinjiang. It was completed in 1778 and has more than 200 years of history.

Sugong Pagoda's height is 44 meters and the base diameter is 10 meters. The pagoda body assumes the shape of a cylinder. There is a column in the center of the tower and 72 flights of stairs assuming the central helix column. There is an observation room on the tower roof. On all four sides are windows for appreciating the complete view of Turpan.

The pagoda was built of brick and wooden structure. On the windows remained 14 long holes in different directions and altitude and was used for natural lighting and ventilation. The pagoda body was made up of 15 different types of geometry shape which has the native Uygur minority construction artistic essence