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the largest wind power station in Asia Urumqi

Xinjiang has seen plenty of growth in recent years, but there is one development that is really standing out, the largest wind power plant in Asia. And it's in an area that used to be covered by desert.

Over a decade ago, this region was part of the Gobi desert. But now, it's a wind farm. 

This is the wind power plant in the suburbs of Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. It has more than two hundred wind power generators with a height of 50 meters. The 24-meter-long fans are all moving in the same direction, creating a spectacular scene.

In the 1980s, researchers were determined that this section of the Gobi desert - which faces heavy winds about 10 months a year -- would be an ideal location for a wind power plant.

Lu Feng, President of Wind Power Plant, said, "This is the gorge where the Dabencheng Wind Power Plant locates. It has great wind resources. We plan to develop an advanced wind power system with a generating capacity of one million kw in ten years."

Engineer, Wind Power Plant, said, "All the windmills are controlled by the computers, we only need to check them regularly. And those windmills can automatically point in the direction of the winds."

The engineers say one windmill can produce 2.3 million kilowatt - hours. The Wind Power Plant can supply up to 19-million kilowatt-hours to the region's power grid each year. And that has meant improved services in Xinjiang.

Local Resident, said, "Because of the access to the power, we can watch TV, use refrigerator and washing machine. This is great. "

The construction of the plant has had no adverse affects on the nearby farm. It doesn't produce any pollution, and there is no wall between the plant and the Gobi desert. The windmills, trees, herdsmen and livestock are able to co-exist together and live in harmony.