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                                     Traffic  in  Wuhan,Hubei

Wuhan is really in the middle of China with its equidistant from Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and Guangzhou. As one of the traffic hubs of China the city is easy to reach both from abroad and domestic.

Wuhan Tianhe International Airport
The airport is located in the north of Wuhan and can be reached by the Airport Expressway. The price for the toll of this expressway for a normal vehicle is 15 RMB. From the airport there are flights daily to over 35 locations in China and to Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, and Thailand. The airport has a shuttle bus available that departures frequently, with the latest departure after the last flight has landed at the airport. Tickets can be purchased in the arrivals hall for 15 RMB per person. In front of the airport there is a serviced taxi stand. You will receive a service card with the number plate of your taxi on it. In case you are not satisfied with the service of the taxi, you can call the service number on the card. Do not take taxi's offered to you in the arrival hall of the airport, but only take the taxi's waiting at the taxi stand. Do not bargain about the prices, tell the taxi driver to use the meter. In case you prefer airport pick up, you can make arrangements with one of the hotels or ask Wuhan Time to arrange a pick up service for you. Check our car rental hotline.Wuhan Tianhe International Airport is the biggest in Central China, a modern first-grade airport in the Huangpi District of Wuhan. The distance to the city centre via the new express way is 18 kilometres and takes 20-25 minutes by car. There are several daily flights to Beijing and Shanghai. Every day, there is also a direct scheduled flight between Wuhan and Hongkong. The average of flights is 120 per day

Hankou and Wuchang Railway Station
The Hankou railway station is located in in the north of the city and Wuchang railway station in the south. Trains to all major cities in China departure few times a day. You can buy hard seat, soft seat, hard sleeper ӲΔor soft sleeper ȭΔ. The hard sleepers have smaller beds and six in one compartment. For the soft sleeper, there are only four beds in one coupe and the door can be closed. Soft sleeper beds have better service and air-conditioning. With a soft sleeper ticket you can make use of the VIP lounge in the railway station. In the train you can buy drinks, food and there is hot boiling water available for tea or instant noodles. If you want to buy train tickets please call our tickets hotline for free 24 hour delivery. English speaking service.

Light rail
The light rail has just started operation in the summer of 2004?? from Yongqing Jie near Yangtze 2nd bridge to ZongGuan in QiaoKou district. The ticket price is 3 Yuan.

Taxi's in Wuhan are fairly cheap. Standard taxi rates are: 3 RMB for 1km, 5 RMB for 2km, 8 RMB for 3km, then 1.40 RMB for each additional kilometer up to 7km. More and more new taxi's can be found. Most taxi's are Citroen, from the local Joint Venture in Wuhan. The newer model is 988 type, but more and more Elysees can be found as well. Nowadays all taxi's have a meter that can print a receipt. Taxi's will all change their shift at 6 pm, which makes it very hard to find a taxi between 5.30 and 6.30 pm.

Common busses and trolley busses will go from any place. The normal price is 1.20 RMB, air-conditioned 2RMB. You put the money in the box next to the driver. You can also purchase Bus IC card from all Mcdonald in town, accepted in all buses city wide.
The no. 401 and 402 lines are the one-day city tour lines, reaching all the scenic spots of Wuhan.

Even though China is a country where the bicycle is the most common used way of transportation, the facilities for bicyclers are not that good. Many roads have a new surface now, which makes riding your bicycle a little safer. More and more traffic ayi's can be seen on the roads, they control the traffic on the crossings. The bicycles, motorcycles, cars and busses sometimes all use the same road. Sometimes you will need to take the pavement to continue your road. Foreigners riding a bicycle in China need to, same as the Chinese people, register their bicycle at the traffic police bureau. It will cost you about 8 RMB. All you need to do is bring your bicycle, the receipt of your bike, and your ID. The traffic police will immediately issue a card and a special number plate that will be attached to your bicycle.

Long Distance Bus
The long distance bus stations can be found in Hankou Jiefang Dadao and Wuchang, northeast of the railway station on Wulu.There are over 4000 long distance busses coming in and going out of Wuhan. Depending on the destination you will find deluxe touring busses with air-conditioning, double floored beds, etc. To the smaller cities the busses also tend to be smaller and less comfortable. The bus to Yichang for instance is a deluxe touring bus with air-condition and toilet on board. The price for a tickets is about 120 RMB and it takes you about 4 hours to get there. Busses depart every hour. Tickets need to be bought at the bus station.

Wuhan Yangtze Passenger Terminal
The passenger terminal is located on the Yanjiang Dadao at the end of Walking Street. Many passenger cruisers stop here. For Yangtze River cruises please check our Travel section of the web site.

There are 18 ferry routes in the city, of which there are three fast line routes. There is also a sightseeing route on Yangtze river. You can take the ferry in different ferry docks (Zhonghua road in Wuhang and WuhanGuan in Hankou).

Car rent
Renting a car is very convenient. You can rent a car for one or more days, with or without a driver. In case you want to drive the car yourself you will need to have a Chinese driving license. For about 50 RMB extra you will have a driver. Normally you do need to make arrangements or lunch or diner for your driver. You can invite the driver to join your own lunch or diner or just offer some money to go somewhere for lunch