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Fuzhou Panda World

Fuzhou area in the western end of the dream foothills, and the beautiful scenery of the West Lake, adjacent to an area of five hectares, raising the rare species in the world - the giant pandas and panda research related to the classification status of bears, raccoons and 13 Section 20 of the 22 kind of resident birds, migratory birds, in addition to China's capital Beijing and Sichuan origin, the southeast coast of the only set of scientific research, popular science education, tourism as one ex-situ conservation of the giant panda garden. .

There are Giant panda theater, Giant panda museum, giant panda house, Lesser panda house, art house etc in Fuzhou Panda World.

And the panda in Fuzhou park can make game and play bike, ball etc.

FuZhou Panda World located at the Dameanshan hill in the west of FuZhou, closed to the beatiful Xihu lake homing to the valuable species---Giant pandas and bear family related to the Giant pandas is a Reserve for giant pandas transfering area integrating research,scientific education sight-seeing besides Beijing and shichuan, and also a national base for scientific education fixed Location for teenagers' education, Fujian fixed tour unit.
     Fuzhou Panda world is composed of Giant Panda Palace "Panda Palace" "exhibition for bear families","Giant panda Museum,"Giant panda theatre Menshan butterfly palace and Giant panda villa at the Gulin Mountain 1000 meters higher than sea level.25Km to the Fuzhou downtown. Fuzhou Panda was famous for his distinctive scientific domestication scientific repoduction---physiology research for Giant panda teenagers education base.