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9 days 8 nights Porcelain Study Tour to

Fujian and Jiangxi.China

Tour Code:XM-CQ-01
Duration: 9days
Group Size: 2-15 people
Difficulty level: Moderate or mild
Tour route: Xiamen-Quanzhou-Nanchang-Jingdezhen-Nanchang
The highlight of Jiangxi travel should be Jingdezhen, which is known as the 'Capital of Porcelain' in China. Ceramics were produced here as early as 1,800 years ago in the Eastern Han Dynasty. Today, Jingdezhen remains a national center for porcelain production. While in this ancient town, tourists can visit many pottery factories and ancient kiln sites.

Day and day itinerary

Day01:Arrive in Xiamen
Place & Transport:
Xiamen & Flight
Today's Activities:08:55-12:45:SIN-Xiamen on Xiamen Airlines Flight MF856,Check into Wyndham Xiamen Hotel.
3:00pm: Bus and boat to Gulangyu Island, one of the most beautiful cities in China. It is nicknamed "Piano Island", as there are over 200 pianos in the Piano Museum.
6:00pm:Dinner at Gulangyu and overnight

Day02:All day visiting in Xiamen
Place & Transport: Xiamen & Full auto
Today's Activities: 9:00am:Check out from hotel, then visit the Overseas Chinese Museum featuring information about pioneer migrants to Southeast Asia. The museum was founded by eminent overseas Chinese philanthropist Chen Jiageng (Tan Kah-kee) in 1958.
10:00am:Depart by bus for Jinjiang (2 hrs). After lunch, we go to the Jinjiang Museum where we will see export ware from the Tang to Qing dynasties .
4:30pm:Jingjiaoyishan kiln site which features 4 ancient kilns from late Southern Song to early Yuan dynasties, and Cizao ware
6:00pm:Check in to Rongyu International Hotel, Jinjiang.
6:30pm:Dinner in Jinjiang and overnight

Place & Transport:
Quanzhou & Bus
Today's Activities: 9:00am: Check out from hotel and depart by bus for Quanzhou Maritime Museum which showcases export ceramics and boat models.
11:30am:Visit to Qingjing, a mosque site from the Yuan dynasty. As Quanzhou was the first/last point on the maritime Silk Road route there were many visitors of various religions – Christians, Muslims, Buddhists – who passed through the city on their
way to and from the Chinese hinterland. Lunch @ Quanzhou
2:00pm:Depart by bus for Dehua (approx 2.5 hrs).
4:30pm:Visit Qudougong, a 57-metre long ancient kiln dating from the Yuan dynasty. 800 objects were found in the 17 kiln chambers. Qudougong is an example of a long kiln which has separate firing chambers (i.e. different from dragon kilns)
5:00pm:Check-in to Daiyun Hotel, Dehua
6:00pm:Dinner, and overnight

Day04: Quanzhou-Sanban County
Place & Transport: Sanban County & Full auto
Today's Activities: 9:30am:Visit the Waterwheel at Sanban County where you will see the ancient method of producing kaolin from stones - by a waterwheel that is in use until today.
10:30am:Visit to Yueji Kiln, an International Contemporary Ceramic Art Centre where artists from various countries create objects using local kaolin. You will see the process of creating ceramics from start to finish, including glazing and firing in kilns. You will also see how moulds are used for some of the bodies and handles of objects. Some works are for sale.
1:00pm:Lunch @ Dehua
3:00pm:Visit to Dehua Museum which shows Dehua ceramics from Tang to Qing dynasties. The Museum shop has reproductions of old ceramics, tea pots, etc.
6:30pm:Dinner and overnight

Day05: Free time for shopping
Place & Transport: Dehua & Full auto
Today's Activities:9:00-11:00am:Free time for shopping before checking out from hotel and early lunch in Dehua .(11:30am)
1:00pm: Depart by bus for Jinjiang airport (approx. 2 hrs)
3:05pm: Domestic airline flight MF8409, Jinjiang to Nanchang, ETA 4pm .
5:30pm: Check in to Haojing Park Hotel, Nanchang .
6:30pm: Dinner and overnight

Day06: Nanchang-Jingdezhen
Place & Transport: Jingdezhen & Full auto
Today's Activities: 9:00am: Check out from hotel, then visit to Jiangxi Provincial Museum.Many ceramic masterpieces excavated from tombs in Jiangxi province are displayed here.
11:30am: Lunch @ Nanchang, then travel overland by bus to Jingdezhen (approx. 3 hrs)
4:00pm : Visit to the Imperial Ceramic Museum where you will see Imperial ware that was produced in the Ming and Qing dynasties.
5:30pm: Check in to Zijing Hotel, Jingdezhen .
6:30pm: Dinner and overnight

Day07:Hutian Folk Kiln Museum-Jingdezhen Ancient Kiln Museum
Place & Transport: Jingdezhen & Auto
Today's Activities: 9:00am: Depart for Hutian Folk Kiln Museum (0.5hrs by bus). This is one of the important folk kilns in the Song & Yuan dynasties. We will see porcelain like Yingqing of the Song Dynasty and the Blue and White ware of the Yuan Dynasty.
11:30am: Return to Jingdezhen for Lunch .
2:30pm: Visit Jingdezhen Ancient Kiln Museum where you will see an Imperial ceramic kiln of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It was the largest kiln used of its time, and it was used for over 200 years (in contrast to average kiln age of 50 years only)
4:00-6:30pm: Free time before dinner at Jingdezhen, and overnight

Day08: Free Day
Place & Transport: Jingdezhen & Hiking
Today's Activities: Free Day,You may like to go shopping @ Fanjiajing in Jingdezhen. Near the ancient pier there is a good place to buy reproductions of ancient Jingdezhen blue-and-white porcelain.
6:30pm: Dinner and overnight 

Day09: Jingdezhen-Nanchang
Place & Transport: Nanchang & Bus & Flight
Today's Activities: 8:30 am: Check out of hotel, then travel by bus from Jingdezhen to Nanchang (3 hrs)
11:30 am: Lunch @ Nanchang
1:30pm:See you off at the airport,finish your wonderful journey with an happy ending.


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