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Good morning Jenson,

We so enjoyed having you as our tour guide.  I stopped by our Travel Agency yesterday to congratulate the business between both agencies to find the right combination that we were looking for.  It certainly sounds like both your company and my company listened to what we as the customer was interested in.
I was very impressed with your knowledge of the Terracotta Warriors and the stories you told us made them come alive for us.  Since the museum here in Beijing has been closed for many months, we did not know how were were going to see some China history.  You provided that for us and I have the say, the museum you took us to really gave us a sense of Chinese history.  The trip was fast and gave us exactly what we asked for.  I only have one complaint and it is not something that is caused by you.  The city of Xi'an was very clean.   I can understand, but the streets ad sidewalks really turned us off.  I repeated this same complaint to the Chinese friends here in Beijing ,but they say not.  all in all, good.  It could be a prime tourisit location.

Well enough of that.

Please stay in touch with us when you have time.  Also, remember what you promised me you would take care of after we left?  Do it!


Your friends,

Pat and Al Nelson




Dear Meely,

Thanks for helping us. Everything that I visited was fantastic ang gave me experiences that I will never forget.

All of the tour guides and the staff at the local company in Yunnan were outstanding. They were friendly, helpful, and extremely informative. Once the room was sorted in Beijing hotels were good (and excellent when you upgraded us). Lunches were good and interesting.

I will absolutely recommend your company to my friends. Any problems were dealt with as quickly as possible and the service overall was excellent, especially the local partner organization.

Thank you!

Marlow Wyatt

Dear Lisha,

The trip that you organized was really fabulous, extremely interesting, and well worth the cost. Thanks so much.

Guides are helpful. Both Amy and John were wonderful to us. Amy went out of her way to take care of us, to be certain we were comfortable and got to see what we wanted. She certainly made a difference for us. The hotels were fine.

The visit to the ethnic tribes was our most memorable - not only the tribes themselves but the ride through the countryside was indeed a highlight into Chinese rural life.

I thank you so much for your good arrangements and certainly will use your services again when returning to China and I will also tell my friends about you so that you can help them with any plans for travel in China.

Again thanks.

United Kindom

Dear Moon,

We're back in Belgium.

Once again we would like to thank you for a wonderful trip into fascinating China.

This was one trip we're not going to forget so easily.Good organised all nice people and they did know what there talking about. And we had a lot of fun during many meals because than we had the time to talk to the guides and drivers about comparing life in China and Europe.


And remember if you're planning a trip to Europe don't forget to visit Belgium and don't hesitate to contact us.

Also thanks for inviting us to dinner and for the present.

Many many many thanks for the good service.

And remember we're just an email away.

Kind Regards

Again thanks.
april   10th    2007

Hello sophy

Yes we are home now and have been busy catching up on everything since our return. My apologies for not being able to pass on our thanks to you and your team sooner.

We had a wonderful trip and were lucky to miss most of the worst of the rain, though it was very hot in Hangzhou and Shanghai. Everything that you arranged worked well. Most of our guides and drivers were excellent and we found the accommodation to be good - our favourite hotel was the Tibet Hotel in Chengdu - it was excellent. We particularly enjoyed visiting the Pandas at Chengdu and the Yangtze River Cruise. Our only regret was not having enough time to visit Guilin - hoefully next time.

Thank you again for arranging a wonderful holiday for us.

Jenson and sara


5th   otc  2007

Dear Sherry,

Thank you and all of us enjoyed the trip to china.

The hotels were nice and clean.

The meals were delicous and the places where wee are good and clean.

The tourists guides were very friendly, knowleadgeable and went their ways to please the guests. The group liked very much Oliver our guide in Bejing. Danny of shangha also was very accommodating. One guest mistakenly took a wrong luggage from Shanghai airport and he did that it is changed and delivered to the hotel.

Everhing was good.

The itenearies were nice except that we realized it was quite hectic.

Hope to connect with you again if some friends would like me to make an arrangment for /china.

Thank you for your effort and we appreciate it.

We are now all in the Philippines and our trip was very ok.

Shanghia airport is very nice and our memories of China exceeded our expectations. We also enjoyed shopping.

Give our thanks to Danny, Oliver, and Joyce.

our regards,

Arturo Ang

Dear  Jenson

We had a really good time and will never forget it. The river was fantastic and all the more fun because of the heavy rain beforehand and the speedy trip, (which is why we left Yangshou early). We will tell everyone we know about Guilin and Easytour China. Be good to Rosely she is a very good employee.

Thank you for a great trip



Dear  Fiona;

 I am sorry that did not respond right away. but nevertheless: Thank you very much for very well organized trip. Both of your guides were very knowledgeable and helpful. We did enjoy every minutes of the China portion of the trip.

Hope will talk again
Sincerely Yours 

Davekevidi and sara

25th   Jan  2009

Dear lisha,

   I was intending to write back to you. We greatly enjoyed the trip and were very grateful to you for setting up the itinerary.

1. Dawa was excellent. Very good to us and knowledgeable. He was also willing to accommodate our needs as they came up. Very highly recommended.

2. The driver was also great. In spite of the dangerous roads we always felt safe. He was never late and always cheerful.

3. Most of the hotels were great. The only problems we had were with those that didn't have heating - but I think this cannot be helped. Otherwise the hotels were great.

4. The meals were great. Absolutely delicious.

A quick suggestion - at the end of the tour we were taken to the Tashi Delek shopping center. It was overpriced and the salesperson was very pushy. I suggest you don't take other groups there.

BTW - I moved my interview to after my trip and had it yesterday. It went well.



       27th Jan 2009

Dear lisha,

  I just wanted to let you know that everything went very well with our trip to Lhasa. We enjoyed the program you set out and liked our guide very much. Also, the train tickets arrived at the hotel in Xi'an on December 3 as you promised. We are now in Pingyao (and it is very cold!!!). If I ever have a friend interested in traveling to China, I will highly recommend you. Thanks again for all of your help.


  Hi peter,

     Sorry for the long delay. Since I've returned I've been catching up at work.

We had a fantastic time in Tibet. Overall the trip was a great success. With one exception, the trip went completely smoothly.

1) The guide in Xining was average. Not particularly knowledgeable. We never really felt like we understood what we were visiting. For example, we walked around the (nearly empty) Tibetan Medicine Museum, but all the signage was in Chinese and the guide couldn't provide decent explanations so it was a waste of time. Going to the mosque would have been better. He also didn't seem prepared on the meal situation.

2) Train was totally smooth. Soft sleepers good. You should remind people to bring food on the train, though.

3) Yak Hotel in Lhasa was perfect. Close to the action, clean rooms, beautiful roof-top terrace.

4) Guide in Lhasa was great. Local, Tibetan, knowledgeable, flexible. We would recommend her to anyone. There was only one problem…

5) She was totally unprepared for our bike tour. Not only does she not know how to ride a bike, but she had no idea where to get a decent bike rental. She actually tried to talk us out of going. When we insisted, it turned out that the only place she could find a bike was at the Lhasa Hotel which had not officially opened for the season. The bikes were in such bad shape that we had to abandon the ride. In what was otherwise a fantastic trip, that was a real disappointment. In the future, if you are going to charge for biking as part of the tour, you need to make sure your local guides are prepared to offer that.

In spite of that hiccup, I have shared your contact info with several friends who are thinking of going to Lhasa this year.

Best Regards,

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