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Defuxiang is a lane with more than 20 coffee bars. It's next to the South Street.

Defuxiang is a small street stuffed with over 20 small bars and cafes.  The patios of the bars merge together so when the weather is right, the whole length of the street is full of customers enjoying drinks.  Beers cost 15-25 yuan while bottles of wine start at about 80 yuan.

They say Beijing has the flashy bar street at Sanlitun and Xi’an has Defuxiang. Located near the South Gate of the City Wall, Defuxiang is an easy and quick solution for cheap drink options and considered the nucleus of Xi’an nightlife by many. Don’t expect to come here and be blown away by an overwhelming sense of authentic pub culture or quality. Many of the 28 or so bars dotted along the ancient cobbled lane of Defuxiang are targeted at tourists, although, there has been a significant increase in local patrons in recent years too. Defuxiang is best viewed as a pretty street where tourists can find one cafe and bar after another. But to be fair, there are one or two gems in Defuxiang. For example, the Jiu Hou Jiu Bar a.k.a. Back Nook Bar a.k.a. 酒后酒酒吧, is one of the city’s main live music bars. With its large wooden stage, the bar attracts regular performances by local rock and indie bands as well as scores of national bands passing through town.

The nightlife scene in Xi'an is lively and always changing. New bars and clubs open monthly, from posh lounges to no-nonsense dives. Defu Lane and Dong Dajie Road are two downtown streets lined with bars, clubs and restaurants. A longtime club in the area is 1+1 Nightclub where students, locals and visitors dance and down overpriced cocktails.

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