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Hua Yang ancient town

Huayang is 76 kilometres to northern mountains of Yangxian.It is one of the oldest town in the Shaanxi.The area of the town is over 1177 square kilometres with a population of about seven thousands. Represented by the so_called Four Treasures of Qinling Mountains:Giant Panda,takin,golden monkey,Crested ibis are inhabitingthere.Constitute by Changqing ecology scenic area and Huayang humanities scenic are.       Feels the Ancient Town breath,Enjoys Changqing scenery.It is red cradle and green homeland,It's the most popular town with the tourists who visit Shaanxi.It is full of tourists in spring and summer.This place remains very cool all summer. There are three things that make Huayang famous. Shaanxi Changqing National Nature Reserve,Huayang Ancient Town,Red 25 Army Headquarters.Beside Huayang also has many more interesting old houses.We overlook Huayang's complete picture from the Martyr's monument on nearby hill.Cured meats and wild honeys are special product in Huayang.No wonder everyyear thousands upon thousands of people come to visit it.     

 Hua Yang ancient town is located in south part of Qinling Mountan, which has over three hundred years history. Wandering in the town, you may find hundred years old houses in the town. Besides, here is one of the best places of birding in China. There are over hundreds species of forest bird in this area. Including: Golden Pheasant, Ring-necked Pheasant, Blood Pheasant, Koklass Pheasant, Hua Mei, White-eyes,Red-billed Leiothrix, Leaf Warblers, Laughng thrushes, Game Birds, Azure-winged Magpie, Mrs Gould’ssunbird,White-bellied Green Pigeon, Grey Bushchat, Temminck’s Tragopan, Vinaceous Rosefinch, Bar-tailed treecreeper, Marsh Tit, Rusty-breasted Tit, Fire-capped Tit,White-collared Yuhinas,Long-tailed Minivet and White-capped water redstart.

The visitors from home and abroad are welcome to Huayang to sightseeing and investigate.We hope Huayang will be better and better tomorrow.

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