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Sites and time of Birdwatching tour in China

The best time, in general, to watch birds in China: in spring, resident and summer visitor, as well as traveler and transient are watched as birds migrating and preparing for breeding. From late Mar to Earlier Jun, accurate time varies from site to site, and it's getting warm, the best time to watch birds in China.
The better time from Jun to earlier Jul falls on the birds breeding period; you can watch the procedure of breeding and their work on nesting, adult feeding nestling etc.
Another better time to watch birds from Sep to Nov, most birds fly in bright sky and migrating back southward to wintering area.

If waterbirds, then spring and autumn is the better time to watch while waterbirds migrating and breeding in Mar and Apr and migrating back for wintering in wetland in Nov.

You can easy watch more birds if birding according to the tide, in general, tide rise a& set twice a day, and the difference about 12hours between the tide rising and setting, and the better time to watch birds 2 hours before high tide.

Sites & reserve to watch birds
as Qinghai Lake, Bayinbuluke (Xinjiang), Zhalong (Heilongjiang), Xinkaihu (Heilongjiang), Xianghai Lake (Jilin); In winter, birds such as cranes, ardea and egretta, duck and goose, ciconia etc wintering in wetlands such as Poyang Lake (Jiangxi), Dongtinghu Lake (Hunan), Yancheng (Jiangsu), Rongcheng (Shandong), Chongming Island (Shanghai);  In spring and autumn, swimming birds (natatorial bird) and wading birds occurring in Guanting Reservoir and Miyun Reservoir (Beijing), Beidaihe (Hebei), Yancheng (Jiangsu), Banjing (Liaoning), Yellow River Delta (Shandong); Wood birds will breeding in the period from spring to summer.
There are two birds passes for migratory birds to watch: Weishan Longqing Pass in Yunnan, Bingfengjie Pass in Zhuchuan, Hunan.

Important famous birding place and sites in China as: Beidaihe and Happy Island, Zhalong Reserve, Shahu Lake in Ningxia, Qinghai Lake and Birding Island, Emeishan and Wolong in Sichuan, Caihai Lake in Guizhou, Weishan in Yunnan, Poyang lake, Gulangyu in Xiamen, Dongting Lake in Hunan, Yancheng, Dongtan in Chongming Island. Rongcheng in Shandong, Zhongzhai in Henan.

Birding Sites & Reserves to Watch Birds in China

Sites & Places Species & Birds Season Location
Aerjinshan Desert & grass birds sp sum Xinjiang
Bayanbuluke swan sp sum Xinjiang
Beidaihe cranes etc,  migratory birds sp Hebei
Baihuashan ciconia migra sp sum win Beijing
Bomi & Lingchi plateau and alpine birds sp sum Tibet
Cangshan forest birds, pheasants sp aut Dali Yunnan
Caohai black-necked crane win Guizhou
Changbaishan Raptor pheasants sp sum aut Jilin
Changdao ratptor sp atu Shandong
Chongmingdao migratory birds sp aut Shanghai
Dafeng water bird   Jiangsu
Dayu egret   Xiamen
Diqing rator, water birds, mountain birds sp, sum, win Yunnan
Dongdao red-footed booby   Hainan
Dongtinghu wading bird win Hunna
Emeishan Forest and alpine birds sp, aum, win Sichuan
Fanjingshan forest birds sp, sum, aut Guizhou
Fengtongzhai pheasants and forest birds sp wum aut Sichuan
Gaoligongshan forest birds, tropical birds sp aut win Eastern Yunnan
Happy Island similar in Beidaihe sp Hebei
Huanghe delta crane, gooses,duck sp aut Shandong
Huangshan songbirds sp sum aut Anhui
Jiangkou Niaozhou     Hengyang Hunan
Jiuhuashan songbirds sp sum aut Anhui
Jiuzhaigou forest birds and pheasant sp sum aut Sichuan
Kunming Larus ridibundus win Yunnan
Laotieshan Migratory birds sp aut Dalian
Lhasa plateau birds sp sum aut Tibet
Longbaotan Similar in Qinghai lake sp Qinghai
Longganhu lake Black Stork (Ciconia nigra) win Hubei
Panjin Saunder’s cull sp aut Liaoning
Poyanglake cranes win Jiangxi
Roergai plateau birds sp Sichuan
Rongcheng crane sp win Shandong
Qinghaihu lake breeding birds sp Qinghai
Shahu lake grass and wet birds sp sum aut Ningxia
Shanhaiguan Jiaoshan Migratory birds sp, aut Hebei
Shenzha pletau birds, black-necked crane sp sum Tibet
Shengjinhu hooded crane, songbirds win Anhui
Shennongjia pheasant, forest birds sp sum aut Hubei
Songshan raptor, songbird sp sum aut Yanqing Beeijing
Taibaishan Pheasants and woods birds sp sum aut Shaanxi
Tangjiehe mountain and forests birds sp sum aut Sichuan
Wawushan forest birds sp sum aut Sichuan
Weishan migratory birds sp aut Yunnan
Weizhoudao wintering birds win Beihai, Guangxi
Wolong forest birds sp sum aut Sichuan
Wuyishan forest birds 4 seasons Fujian
Xianghai Red-crowned crane sp sum Jilin
Xinkaihu Goos, duck, swan sp sum Heilongjiang
Xishuangbanna tropical rainforest birds sp win Yunnan
Yancheng crane aut win Jiangsu
Yanchi swan, goose, duck aut win Yuncheng Shanxi
Yangxian     Shanxi
Zhalong red-crowned crane sp sum Heilongjiang
Zhongzhai woods birds sp sum aut Henan
Index: sp-spring, sum-summer, aut-autumn, win-winter