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Qujiang Lake曲江湖

Qujiang New District is located in the southeastern city of Xi'an, taking the Wild Goose Pagoda and the famous imperial garden Qujiang site as the center, whose planning area is 15.88 square kilometers, which will be expanded to 47 square kilometers in the fourth time in Xi'an planning revision program.

This new district is the important part of the "four bases in the Second District," established by Xi’an municipal committee and municipal government, which is based on culture-oriented and tourism-oriented industries in new urban development.there are four state-level units to be protected (the Wild Goose Pagoda, Qinglong temple, Hanxuan emperor’ Mausoleum, and Chang'an city site of Tang Dynasty), three province-level units units to be protected  (Qin Yichun palace of Shanglinyuan,Qujing pool sites, and wall sites tang), four national 4A-class spots(largeEn Temple, the wild Goose Pagoda scentic apots, Datang Furong Garden, Qujing Ocean World). It enjoys the advantage in developing culture and tourism industry

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Since 2002, Qujiang New District insist on the concept of “established by culture, thrived by tourism”. It relies on shaanxi province, Xi’an great heritage, great culture, great tourism, and the feature of the culture of Tang Dynasty, and takes the integration of resources as the method, the major projects as the carrier, and the international as the aim, has build the North Plaza of the Wild Goose Pagoda, Tang Dynasty Lotus Park, Qujiang Ocean World, Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center and many other major cultural tourism items successively. It also has established the Qujinag film and Television Group,  Qujiang Convention Exhibition Group, Qujiang performing groups,and such cultural enterprises, which has restructured or integrated successfully to the the Wild Goose Pagoda Scenic Area Administration, Xi'an international exhibition center, Xi'an Qin Opera Theater and such the state-owned cultural institutions. Under the unified arrangements of shaanxi province and xi’an city, Qujiang New District has taken on the protection and reform of Ming Palace,and the planning and development of the Famen Temple cultural spots and Louguantaidao cultural display.

Qujiang Pool Park is located in southeast Xian, 6 kilometers (3.7 miles) from the Bell Tower (the city center of Xian). The park was designed by Zhang Jinqiu, a famous architect in China. She aimed to rebuild the royal garden of ancient China and made it a recreation area in Xian. Opened on July 1st, 2008, it has become a popular scenic spot by its natural beauty and abundant history. With a total area of 1500mu of which the water covers 700 mu, it is well known for the first magnificent pool and garden park at ancient cultural remains in northwest China which integrates historical culture protection, ecological garden, landscape, amusement and tourism.

Qujiang, once a royal garden in Chinese history, got its name in the Han Dynasty by its winding course and became prosperous in the Tang Dynasty. People channeled water from the Zhong Nan Mountain into it, enlarged the lake, and built chains of towers and pavilions around it, such as Lotus Garden and Apricot Garden etc.

Today's Qujiang is a beautiful sightseeing place, featured of Tang architectural styled halls, towers and pavilions. It is a appealing to tourists for the folk custom presented by old hitching posts and stone lions in various postures, collected in different places of China. It is also a place of leisure for citizens and a peculiar lounge of Xi’an City where people can run, fast walking along the several circular lanes around the large lake, do exercises at the outdoor gym and can do rowing in the lake.

As a major tourist attraction in West China, the major scenic spots at thisf area are as follows:

North Square of Big Wild Goose Pagoda  
North Square of Big Wild Goose Pagoda Made up of dancing fountain, culture squares, gardens, culture corridors and tourist service, it is renowned as a modern tourist destination which proudly exhibits the splendor and brilliance of the Tang dynasty. The whole architecture covering an area of 110,000 square meters, claims to be the largest cultural theme square in the Asia and the world as well. Qujiang Ocean World Covering an area of 90 mu, it was opened to public in 2005. It boasts more than 300 types of freshwater and seawater creatures. It is fun to see dolphin performance and experience the tropical rain forest and seabed tunnel. With a lot of samples of marine life, it is highly recommended to children. Since it was open in 2005, millions of people have visited Qujiang Ocean World. The Tang Hibiscus Garden (The Tang Paradise) It is the country's first theme park featuring the royal garden of the Tang Dynasty. People enjoy the beauty of different themes of Great Tang’s culture in the twelve scenic areas. There are also places to relax and enjoy song and dance shows about the Tang Dynasty. The attractions include Ziyun Tower Block, Elegant Lady Area, Imperial Banquet Hall, Fanglin Fragrant Garden, Phoenix Theater, Apricot Garden, Lu Yu Teahouse, Tang Marketplace and the Floating-drink at Qujiang Lake. Humble Cave Ruins

Humble Cave Ruins
As the first theme park of love in China, it is located to the east of Qujiang Lake. The site is popular for it is the place where the well-known love story between Xue Pinggui and Wang Baochuan occured in the Tang Dynasty. The story goes that a prime minister of the Tang Dynasty had three daughters. The youngest named Wang Baochuan fell in love with and married a poor man called Xue, despite her family's strong opposition. After the wedding, the couple lived in a humble cave near Qujiang Pond. Soon afterwards, Xue was forced to join the army on its western expedition and away from home for 18 years. Wang's mother tried many times in vain to persuade her daughter to marry somebody else. Finally, the couple was reunited after Xue finally returned from the expedition. Mausoleum of the Second Qin Emperor Located to the southeast of Qujiang Lake, is the tomb of the Second Qin Emperor. After ruling China ruthlessly for three years, he was forced to commit suicide at the age of 26 when the rebelled army overthrew the Qin’s power. .

Qujiang Ocean World
 Covering an area of 90 mu, it was opened to public in 2005. It boasts more than 300 types of freshwater and seawater creatures. It is fun to see dolphin performance and experience the tropical rain forest and seabed tunnel. With a lot of samples of marine life, it is highly recommended to children. Since it was open in 2005, millions of people have visited Qujiang Ocean World.

The poor park in Xi’an 
A Park on the Ruins of The Tang Dynasty Outer City Wall Newly opened to public, it is built on original site of Tang outer wall in the architecture style of the Tang Dynasty. The park focuses on the layout of the Tang capital with some reconstruction of streets, city wall, moat, gates and complex in the Tang Dynasty. With 3.6km in circumference, it is100m in width and covers an area of 540 mu. The park, designed as an open artistic gallery, is the ideal place where residents and tourists enjoy themselves and appreciate poems, calligraphy, sculpture and gardening landscape. 

Tang Paradise 
Near the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Tang Paradise is located in the Qujiang Resort, southeast of the Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province. It is a newly opened tourist attraction in April, 2005. Tang Paradise covers a total area of 1000 mu (about 165 acres) and of which 300 mu (about 49 acres) is water. This tourist attraction not only claims to be the biggest cultural theme park in the northwest region of China but also the first royal-garden-like park to give a full display of the Tang Dynasty's (618-907) culture. Altogether, twelve scenic regions are distributed throughout Tang Paradise to provide visitors with the enjoyment of twelve cultural themes and a perfect exhibition of the grandness, prosperity and brilliance of the culture of the Tang Dynasty.
The Zhenguan Cultural Plaza
 With an investment of nearly 1 billion yuan, the Zhenguan Cultural Plaza will include the Xi'an Concert Hall, Xi'an Theatre, Qujiang Cinema Town, Shaanxi Artists Gallery, Shaanxi Folk Art Hall, and Shaanxi Literary Hall. Upon the plaza's completion, it can accommodate 100,000 visitors at one time.

Great Tang All Day Mall
As the first development project of Qujiang New City, Great Tang All-day Mall was opened on 28th, September, 2009, which redisplays the grandness of the First Avenue-Zhuque Avenue of Chang’an in Tang Dynasty. It occupies an area of 1,000 mu, with the construction area of 520,000 square metres and becomes a comprehensive platform of complex culture and tourism, setting at the background of time-honored history

Ticket Price Free
Opening Hours
April-August: 09:00 - 18:00
September-May: 09:30 - 17:30

1. There are some other tourist spots around the Qujiang Pool Park, for instance the Big Wild Goose Pagoda & Da Ci'en Temple, Tang Paradise, Qujiang Ocean Park, Cool Cave Heritage Park,  and the Mausoleum of Huhai (the successor of Emperor Qin Shi Huang).
2. The park is far from the downtown area and the facilities are not well developed, so it is best to take some food and water.
3. If you want to eat there, There is a restaurant in Yuejiang Tower. You can also go back and have dinner downtown.

1. By Public Transport:    
Take Bus No. 161, 715, 933 or Qujiang Xinjing Line and get off at Qujiangchi Yizhigongyuan (Qujiang Pool Park) station.
Take Bus No. 22, 212, 224, 504, 801 to Qujiangchi Diaoduzhan (Qujiang Pool Control Office) station, and then the take a 2 minutes walk before you get there.
2. By Taxi:
The distance between Xian Railway Station and Qujiang Pool Park is about 10 kilometers (6.2 miles). The estimated taxi fare is CNY 30.
The distance between the Bell Tower and Qujiang Pool Park is about 6 kilometers (3.7 miles). The estimated taxi fare is CNY 20.

Qujiang Sightseeing Light Rail
It provides tourists a chance to have a bird view of Qujiang area on a 47-minute ride. Tourists can buy the ticket and get on the light rail from Qujiang Pool Park, Tang Paradise or the north square of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda.

Ticket Price CNY 80
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 12:00 - 16:00
Saturday & Sunday: 12:00 - 18:00
Note: Tickets are available since 11:30.

Other Surrounding Scenic Spots: