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Lishan Mountain Hot Springs

iLishan Mountain, o­ne of the branches of Qinling Mountains, is located at the south of Lintong Town, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province. The elevation of the highest peak Jiulongding is 1,301.9 meters above sea level. The pines and cypresses o­n the mountain are exuberantly green all year round; the mountain looks like a pure black horse seen from afar, so it is called Lishan (pure-black horse mountain) Mountain. Lishan Mountain is famous for its scenic beauty that is like beautiful brocade, so it is also called Xiuling (beautiful mountain). At sunset, the afterglow tints the mount far and near with an enchanting golden luster, and the scene is very beautiful and gorgeous, so it is reputed as the Sunset of Lishan Mountain.

The Huaqing Pool has a very long history. Legend has it that the Ligong Palace was built here in the Western Zhou Dynasty. In the Qin Dynasty, stone residences were constructed here and this place was called the Hot Spring Palace. With a personal preference over the hot springs at the Lishan Mountain, Emperor Qin Shi Huang had large and magnificent palaces constructed here. He also had pools built for the springs and called them "Lishan Hot Spring". It is said that the emperor had met an extremely beautiful fairy. The emperor's verbal offense had irritated the goddess, who spat and incurred festers immediately in his face. The frightened emperor pled for forgiveness. And the goddess bathed him with hot spring. Very soon the festers on the face were cured. Accordingly the spring is also called Goddess Hot Spring.

During the Tang Dynasty, Huaqing Hot Spring was the xanadu for the emperors and their concubines. They came here in October every year and stayed there til the end of the year.

The Lishan Mountain Hot Springs are praised as “The Finest Springs” for their long history and never dry up till now. Over thousands of years, the springs flow all day long , freed from the change of season. They were used by local people about 6000 years ago. From the Zhou Dynasty to the Tang Dynasty, emperors ordered bath pools built here. Gradually, they became the imperial bath pools. It was an honor for a court official to take a bath here. The “Fine Sunset-Bathed Pavilion” stands on the ancient source of the spring water, which was discovered 3,000 years ago. The springs have a flow if 113 tons an hour and a constant temperature of 43℃. The spring water is rich in minerals. An analysis 
shows that the water contains silicon dioxide, fluorine, and other minerals, which makes it suitable for bathing and the treatment of quite a few diseases such as dermatitis, rheumatism, arthritis etc. Its value in medical treatment was discovered some 2000 years ago, roughly in the Qin Dynasty. It was recorded in many books in different dynasties. In present bath area in the Huaqing Pool, the pools inherit their names from those in the Tang Dynasty. They provide a fine place for guests to relax and appreciate the high-quality of spring water.

Today, the Huaqing Hot Spring Park, bathing area were built in Tang Chi Tang Huaqing Palace hit the old name. The name Tom Guichi for bathers enjoy the "early spring, hot spring water to wash creamy smooth, " provides a good place.

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