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How to Enjoy Xian Highlights(4)

---  The Landscape Around Xi'an

  If you have enough time in China,you can visit some scenic spots surround Xi'an.To the east of Xi'an,there is Longman Grottoes and Shaolin Temple.On the north lies the Ancient City of Ping Yao.To the west of Xi'an,there is the famous landscape Dunhuang Grottoes, one of the scenics on the silk road. Because Xi'an is the starting point of the ancient Silk Road,together with your friends,and have an ode to friendship along the ancient Silk Road..And on the south of the Xi'an,the natural landscape are very famous,they are Zhangjiajie and Jiuzhaigou Scenic and Historic Area.

The east of Xi'an
  Longman Grottoes:The Longmen Grottoes, located near Luoyang, Henan Province, are a treasure house of ancient Buddhist cave art. The construction of the Longmen Grottoes began in 493 during the reign of Emperor Xiaowen and continued through the successive six dynasties, including Tang and Song, for a span of over 400 years. Altogether there are 1,352 caves, 785 niches, more than 97,000 statues of the Buddha, Bodhisativas, and Arhats, and 3,680 inscribed stone tablets along the 1-km-long cliff of Mt. Longmen on the west .

     Shaolin Temple:Shaolin Temple is probably the most famous temple in China, not only because of its long history and its role in Chinese Buddhism, Shaolin Temple Pagoda but also because of its martial arts or Kunfu. Shaolin Temple is situated in the beautiful Songshan Mountains.Founded in the 5th century,  the Shaolin Monastery is long famous for its association with Chinese martial arts and particularly with Shaolin Kung Fu.And is the birthplace of Chinese Kunfu.So its become the first of the China .
The Ancient City of Ping Yao:is the out standing example of Chinese Han nationality cities during the Ming and Qing dynasties ,remaining all features of such periods ,Pingyao ancient city reveals a picture of unexpected cultural, social,economic and regions development in Chinese history.

Shao Lin Temple

Longmen Grottoes 

The west  of Xi'an
China's Silk Road:Today, vast amounts of treasures still exist along the Silk Road. Tours of this area usually begin in the city of Chang'an, today called Xi'an,passing through Lanzhou in Gansu Province and the Jiayuguan Pass to the Mogao Caves around Dunhuang and on to turpan, Urumqi and Kashgar (Kashi in the ancient times.)

Maijishan Grottoes :Although many earthquakes and conflagration, it still remains 194 caves, 7200 sculpture, 1000 square M fresco which are excavated on the cliff about 30-80m high form the ground, more than 70 percent caves were excavated in the North dynasty. Spectacular Maiji peak, exquisite clay carving temple building under cliff, peculiar landform, about plant clear stream and waterfall combine naturally made up a harmonious landscape of mankind and nature. 

Dunhuang Grottoes :Mo Kao Grotto at Dunhuang lists in "world inheritance directory " time: Be the comprehensive arts broad and profound palace hall being composed of building , drawing , sculpture one place in December , 1987, be that in the world extant scale is the grandest , preserve the most intact Buddhism art treasure-house, be "an east art bright pearl " , be been to study 4 ~ 14 centuries Chinese ancient society has provided the precious data by the reputation.

Mogao Grottoes  

Maijishan Grottoes 

The south of Xi'an
Zhangjiajie: just like all the attractions in Zhangjiajie,the scenery is very beautiful.Everything is natural,untouched by civilization.The lake cruise is calming and you get to listen to local folk songs along the way The hike for the lake can be a little difficult for elderlies as its an upward climb .

 Jiuzhaigou :Jiuzhaigou scenery has taden shape due to the geographic movement in glaciations, earthquakes and calcification. However, there is some folklore that vividly describes the formation of Jiuzhaigou. Jiuzhaigou became one of 40 best scenic spots in the country; in 2000 Jiuzhaigou was evaluated as one of the first atate 5A-level sceneries in China.

Yuanjiajie (Avatar Mount)

 Jiu zhaigou

The north of Xi'an
Pingyao  The ancient city of Pingyao is an outstanding example of Chinese Han Nationality cities in the Ming and Qing dynasties, displaying all the features of those periods. Pingya, in particular reveals a picture of unexpected cultural, social, economic and religious development in Chinese history.has now become quite a hot tourist attraction even though it is no longer economically prosperous. It boasts the famous Pingyao Old City which was included in the United Nations World Cultural Heritage in 1997. From the top of the grand City Wall, you have a bird's-eye view of the Old City, a complete city built almost a thousand years ago. In theAncient Ming and Qing Street, you can experience the town's former glory while exploring the rows of residences and shops all constructed in the original architectural style.

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