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Xian Local Restaurants

Xi'an diet culture is rich in the Northwest flavor; it is indeed one of a major enjoyable in tasting Xian local snacks. As noodles and dumplings , which are always filling and warming, are the staples of the local food, both Xi'an beloved Yang Rou Pao Mo and “Xian dumpling banquet” that famous at home and abroad, all carry a distinctive local characteristics. In addition, Biang Biang Noodles, bean jelly, Guokui, oil pastries and other special snack, all of which as well appeal tourists.there are many other famous restaurants in the town that you might want to try during your visiting in Xi'an. 

Tang Show Reappear at Tangyuegong 唐乐宫
Address: The Tang Dynasty, Xi'an  No.75 Chang An Road, Xi'an, P. R. China
Post Code: 710061
Show Time: Daily 7:00pm-9:50pm 
Recommendation:Tang Dynasty dinner
Ticket : RMB500/p.p
What we love to see is in the year 1988, we were the first theater restaurant in China and the only place where plays the Tang Dynasty music and dance.Situated near the city centre, this world-class theatre restaurant can comfortably sit 650 diners in its 2,000 square metre auditorium. And the Cantonese cuisine, prepared by internationally-acclaimed chefs is a gourmet meal to whet the appetite of the most disconcerting guests. It is bright and airy depicting a garden atmosphere with its greenery and colourful flowers. It is a place to relax, enjoy a fine meal and partake in an exciting non-stop show of cultural beauty.

De Fa Chang Dumpling Restaurant 德发长饺子馆
ADD:The center of Xi'An is the Bell Tower
Average cost: CNY80 per person
Recommendation:   Xian Dumpling Dinner
De Fa Chang Restaurant is located in Xi'an Bell and Drum Towers' square -- you can't miss the sign outside. The restaurant is large and elegantly decorated.The dumpling banquet has 180 varieties which formed into Flowers Banquet, Dragon and Phoenix Banquet, Palace Banquet, Eighth Precious Banquet, having 15 different series of banquets.

Wu Yi Fan Dian 五一饭店
Fandian 351 Dong Dajie.
TEL:(029) 87681098
Average cost: CNY30 per person
Recommendation: :including steamed bun stuffed with shrimps without shell or with pickles, Chicken with Tom Yam Sauce, Eight Treasure Congee and Broiled Cuttlefish.
May First is a historic hotel in China, built in 1946, It has been a hotel specializing in Chinese Snack, together with Shaanxi cuisine, guest rooms and entertainment, etc.

Xi'an Restaurant  西安饭庄
ADD:No.298, Dong Da Street, Xi'an
TEL:(029) 87216262,87216292
Average cost: CNY50 per person
Recommendation: Gourd-Shaped Chicken, Jinxian Youta, Cold Rice Noodle, Fried Dumpling, Thick Wine
Located in the middle section of East Avenue of Xi'an, Xi 'an restaurant specializes in Shaanxi cuisine, and known especially for its royal court-style recipes, snacks, and herbal medicine-flavored dishes.

 Chunfasheng Restaurant  春发生葫芦头泡馍
Address: No.20, South Yan Gate, Xian
Signature Dishes: Hu Lutou bubble bread, Blessing bubble bread banquet
Chunfasheng Restaurant is famous for its Large Pig Intestine and Bread Pieces in Soup (Hulutou Paomo). The restaurant was built in 1920, more than 80 years ago. Today, the restaurant variety has been developed to multiple Hu Lutou bubble bread, such as seafood Hu Lutou, squid Hu Lutou, special Hu Lutou,pot Hu Lutou etc.. And in 1997, Chunfasheng Restaurant Hu Lutou bubble bread was awarded by the China Cuisine Association with the title of the first Chinese name snacks.

Xian Roast Duck Restaurant 西安烤鸭店
ddress: No.369, Dongdajie, Xian
Signature Dishes: Sesame Duck Wing, Orchid Duck Tongue, Ginger Flower Duck Breast
The Restaurant comes with the name of Quan Ju De Roast Duck Restaurant. The main dishes, as the name say, are roast duck and duck dishes. Side dishes include Seafood, Shandong, Sichuan, Huaiyang dishes and local Shaanxi snacks. It also sells cigarettes, alcohol and drinks. The roast ducks are of Peking duck style and taste, but a lot cheaper than those in Beijing.

 Real Love (Gaoxin Branch) 真爱中国餐馆
Besides of its delicious Shaanxi food, this restaurant is favored by lots of customers also for its well-decorated environment. Additionally, the Real Love is also a comprehensive entertainment center equipped with KTV, café and tea house.
Recommendation: Tie Ban Niu Liu (sizzling plate beef), Ma Shi, Pork Spareribs, Papaya and Aloe Salad
Average cost: CNY60 per person
Location: Building 1 of No.3, Gaoxin Lu, Gaoxin District, Xian City
Bus routes: Nos.29, 206, 207, 212, 308, 322, 402, 502, 503, 512, 604, 608 (get off at Guanghua Lu)

 Real Love (Zhuque Branch) 真爱年华
As one branch of the Real Love, this restaurant also has quality environment and delicate Shaanxi food. After having a good dinner, you can enjoy a relaxed spa here.
Average cost: CNY80 per person
Location: No.38, Zhuque Dajie, Beilin District, Xian City
Bus routes: Nos.18, 203, 204, 218, 407, 410, 713, 720, U-7 (get off at Xiajia Zhuang)

 Qin Fu Jiu Si (Qin Mansion Taverns) 秦府酒肆
Well decorated in the style of the Tang Dynasty, this restaurant focuses on the quality Shaanxi cuisines, especially on various kinds of wheaten food, for example, Qin Fu Ba Zhen Mian (Qinfu's Eight Treasure Noodles).
Recommendation: Qinfu's Cooked Mutton, Braised Diced Chicken in Rice Wine
Average cost: CNY68/98/138 per person
Location: No.12, Gaoxin Yi Lu, Gaoxin District, Xian City (just behind the Chuangye Mansion)
Bus routes: Nos.14, 28, 34, 107, 210, 218, 308, 400, 604, U-7 (get off at Meigui Da Lou)

 Qin Chao Wa Guan (Crockery of the Qin Dynasty) 秦朝瓦罐
This restaurant serves the featured Shaanxi food of boiling various kinds of materials with thin soup in small crocks. It is said that this kind of cooking skill was firstly used in the Qin Dynasty and highly praised by the Emperor.
Average cost: CNY60 per person
Location: No.3, Jinhua Bei Lu, Xincheng District, Xian City
Bus routes: Nos.10, 27, 43, 48, 716, Er Huan 1 Hao, You9 (get off at Jinhua Bei Lu)

 Gu Du Qin Chao Wa Guan (Crockery of the Ancient Qin Dynasty) 古都秦朝瓦罐
It services the typical Shaanxi food in small crocks. Its decoration style in the ancient Qin Dynasty including the waiters' uniforms is a highlight, too.
Average cost: CNY50 per person
Location: No.21, Laodong Nan Lu, Beilin District, Xian City

 Chang'an Yi Hao (The No.1 of Chang'an)长安壹号
This restaurant is decorated elaborately that customers can take an experience to the ancient China. Of course, its fine dishes will never disappoint you.
Average cost: CNY200 per person
Location: No.1, Chang'an Bei Lu, Yanta District, Xian City
Bus routes: 14, 215, 600, 603, K605, K618, 716, You6, You8 (get off at Chang’an Li Jiao)

 Lao Wei Jia Fan (Family Restaurant)老味家饭
It is a popular homely restaurant serving a number of Shaanxi cuisines at reasonable price. However, as the same to the other hot restaurants in Xian, you have to wait for tables sometimes.
Recommendation: Jiachang Doufu (homely tofu), Heijiao Koumo Niuliu (stir fried sliced beef and mushroom in black pepper)
Average cost: CNY30 per person

Weier Jie Branch: No.5, Weier Jie, Yanta District, Xian City
Bus routes: Nos.5, 30, 401, 503, K605, K631, 710, 720, 920, Education Special Line (get off at Weier Jie)
Zhuque Brach: No.52, Zhuque Da Jie, Yanta District, Xian City
Bus routes: Nos.30, 46, 106, 203, 210, 212, 219, 321, 908 (get off at Mingde Men)
Dianzi Er Lu Branch: the middle section of the Dianzi Er Lu, Yanta District, Xian City
Bus routes: Nos.5, 210, 212, 219, 716, 905, 908, Education Special Line (get off at Shaanxi Boai Hospital)

 Bai Xing Jia Yuan Jiu Lou (Common People's Family Restaurant) 百姓家园酒楼
This restaurant is often visited by the nearby students for its tasty food with a reasonable price. However, the service is not so good.
Recommendation: Jiang Gutou (stewed pork bone in sauce), Dapan Ji (braised chicken with potato in big dish)
Average cost: CNY25 per person
Location: No.127, Xingqing Nan Lu, Beilin District, Xian City
Bus routes: Nos.7, 45, 228, 313, 800, Education Special Line (get off at Jiaoda Computer City)

 Qian Zhou Shi Fu (Restaurant of Qianxian County)乾州食府
The homely meals of Qianxian County of Xianyang City, Shaanxi are favored by a number of locals. Now, it is convenient for customer to taste all of the Qianxian food in this restaurant of Xian.
Recommendation: noodles, Guo Kui (large round baked wheat cake), Jellied Bean Curd
Average cost: CNY30-CNY40 per person

Keji Lu Location: No.26, Keji Lu. Gaoxin District, Xian City
Bus routes: Nos.14, 34, 210, 218, 219, 220, 322, 400 (get off at Kejilu Xiaoqu)
Small Wild Goose Pagoda Location: Zhuque Dajie, Yanta District, Xian City
Bus routes: Nos.18, 29, 204, 218, 224, 707, 713, You8 (get off at Xi Hou Di)

 Chang'an Jia Wa (Snack Restaurant of Chang'an) 长安稼娃
A very popular homely restaurant services a number of local foods at reasonable price, especially the tasty snacks.
Recommendation: Jiao Tuan (food made by boiling flour)
Average cost: CNY20 per person
Location: Xiao Zhai Xi Lu, Yanta District, Xian City
Bus routes: Nos.14, 24, 34, 400, 407, 504, 716, 721, 722 (get off at Xiao Zhai)

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