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Tang King market

Category: Souvenirs 
consultation number:029-84389751 
Commodity category: 
Antiques, arts and crafts 
Recommended Commodities:ancient chinaware, ancient painting, ancient bronze mirror, and tri-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty 
Pricing Category: Middle level 
Payment: Cash 
Address: South Road, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province No. 1 Labor
Opening Hours: 9:00am-5:00pm
The tourists can take city bus: NO.15, 24,43,106,107,201,251,262,322,502,503,518,521,720,800,916,

The Tang King market is the only international travelling merchants’ project which is rebuilt on the former site, whose theme is the Tang & the Silk Road culture, is the only project reflecting civil & folk culture, and is the only one name after Silk Road origin. The project is the key project in the’ eleventh five-year’ plan of Xian city & Shaanxi province, is one of the glorious projects nationwide and culture industry of Xian, is an important part of ‘ancient capital recovery program’, is one of the first batch recommending 15 key culture industry projects. It’s integrating operating model of antique protection, culture exhibition & travelling merchant’s development, is a successful example of private economy developing culture industry of Shaanxi province, also a new name card of Xian & new tour spot of Shaanxi.

This project takes up about 500mus, the gross floorage is 1,280,000 square meters, and the total investment is 4.5 billion Yuan. There plan to construct 8 businesses, concluding Tang King Market Museum, Silk Road flavor street, Shaanxi Antique & Art Trade Center. The whole project is divided into two phases, the first takes up about 300mu, 660,000square meters building area, among the nine-palace takes up 176mu, plans to construct gold market square, Tang King Market Museum, International Antique Center, Silk Road Chinese, Japanese, Korea flavor street, international souvenir trade center, boutique supermarket and so on. The second phase takes up about 200mu, 620,000square meters building area, plans to construct Silk Road mid-Asia, European flavor street, international business hall, five-star class hotel, culture communication display area, large-scale humanities residence and other function plates.

Tang King Market International Antique Center is the first-elected business and important sector of Tang king Market project, locates in the northern and western subdivision of the nine-palace. Its commercial space is 54,000 square meters, divided into the first floor under ground and the second to third floor above ground, as well as the fourth floor partly, possessing 760 retail shops, which is the pseudo-classic building of Tang style, there plan to construct fortune god temple, Buddha Hall, theatrical stage, releasing pool and other humanity attractions. It also gathers antique shops, evaluating center, auction house, pawn shop, antique and art exhibition room, art gallery, folk art market, antique business matching shop and so on, which make antique collection, appreciation, auction, research, art gallery combine together, that is the international profession antique& art trade center of biggest scale, highest level, most completed functions, most advanced facilitates. The completion of Tang King Market Antique Center makes Xian, so-called natural museums another culture industry name card, a new culture industry landscape.

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