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Features the street of Xian unique tourist attractions

They call this ancient capital the “Jewel of China.” And for good reason. It sparkles at night.

In fact, Xian is a city bathed in light.

As you fly into this 2,000-year-old city where every major Chinese dynasty from the 2nd century B.C. to the 14th century A.D. called home, the night sky is lit up by a cavalcade of coloured lights.

It’s old city wall — built during the great dynasties and the only one in the country still completely intact — and the large guard towers that line it are outlined in tiny coloured lights.

The gates leading into the old city are spotlighted by coloured lights, as are most of the historic buildings and temples. The modern streets outside the old city are decorated with large neon signs that are so bright they turn night into day.  But the most fascinating light spectacle in Xian is at a place that celebrates the Tang Dynasty, one of the most enlightening periods in Chinese history.

Muslim Steet Xian(Huimin Jie)
Xi'an Bell Tower from the center of more than 100 meters west, through the drum openings, Xian Hui entered the historic district. Area the size of various shapes, varying the age of 10 mosques, according to Temple, about 20,000 Muslim neighbors, to maintain the existing religious traditions and habits. Xi'an, the famous snack street in the north courtyard, the first of China's existing Muslim Street, and the Temple of Xi'an, one of China's three major Temple in the region, mainly of the Han and Hui ethnic groups live in this life , Showing a diverse culture, unique historical and cultural value.

Hui Street generally refers to the Drum Tower to the north courtyard of the north-south street line, but sometimes the feel of connected Lane, West City, there are large sheep skin hospital together into account. Of tourists to Xi'an Muslim Street generally will not miss, not only because a large number of food shops along the street, it is because of this deep cultural connotation of the street. Hui Hui Street name suggests is a place inhabited.
Muslims in Xi'an Muslim Street is a street, about 500 meters north to south, is characterized by bluestone paving, tree-lined road on both sides of the same color imitation of Ming and Qing architecture, or food, or utensils, by Hui management, with strong Muslim Characteristics, by the foreign tourists especially foreign tourists. Hui Street in Xi'an, is definitely a landmark location. Four vertical and horizontal streets, basically provides most of the food of Xi'an, Xi'an, travel to friends, it will not let such a street, both to satisfy his own appetite, but also meets the fun of travel.

Sheep City West
Master Square Xi'an snacks are good at production, they are more completely preserved the traditional Muslim food flavor, and to use sophisticated materials, the production of fine, salty spicy meat and vegetables, many varieties, the highest in the country halal snacks. Steamed beef mutton, beef and mutton Prince, braised Haggis, steamed mutton dumplings honey cool, Sheng's Niangpi, lamb cake, Eight sweet rice porridge, paste soup, lamb dumplings, leek pie, sour soup dumplings, steamed buns Guantang , Beef noodles, lamb Sào He, Huanggui persimmon cake, Dan Hua fermented glutinous rice, basin lamb, sesame pancakes, scallion pancakes and hundreds of snacks everything.

Whether it is early morning breakfast, or dinner when the lights dim, halal snacks are the people "hot pursuit" of the object. Beiyuanmen in Xi'an Hui style street basically can enjoy these snacks, to Xi'an, see here for a taste of halal snacks that would be a great pity!

West Avenue antique street
West Avenue construction highlight the Tang architectural style, in the form of street architecture, colors, materials selection and construction, and landscape lights and West Street are coordinated antique features, the emergence of a unique historic district of Xi'an. In addition, the north edge of West Street, Xi'an City section, forming a strong flavor of a traditional antique commercial lots.
Have been times on West Avenue store Parkson, Central Square, Murano Museum of home life, such as several large shopping malls, antique street west of the Drum Tower Drum Tower, West Plaza, newly built, Cultural Plaza, in the North West Gate, built a Andingmen Square, the long-awaited restoration of the people of the West Avenue Temple archway, archway is the reconstruction of West Avenue Antique Temple Street in the CBD. Friends travel to Xi'an, which is not not go to a cultural landscape!

Mule and Horse City Cloth Street (Luomashi)
Luomashi Street is located in the south eastern section of East Avenue, Xi'an, Central Museum of the Performing Arts Center and the Southern District of commercial space for small boutiques and supporting leisure and entertainment projects, underground part to supermarkets, restaurants and exclusive boutiques mainly . Luomashi from its name in the Ming Tang. This street was originally Chang'an City where less government supervision, the residents gradually since the late Tang Square Lane. When the Tang Dynasty, the region is called "ear Waterloo Square. "

At present the people's livelihood department stores, Wal-Mart, Academy International Studios, ice-skating rink, Starbucks coffee shop in the main have been gradually opened brand-new Luomashi commercial pedestrian street has become a Bell Tower shopping center shopping, leisure, catering, Entertainment, performing arts, exhibition, business, hotel, tourism as one of the large modern comprehensive commercial pedestrian street.

Shuyuan Gate 
From Xi'an Zhong Lounan line, approaching the south gate of the east street, is the ancient cultural Street College Gate, corner there is a rhyme full of tall archway, archway at the top is the "College Gate, " the three golden Yan style characters on both sides, "Beilin David, greater odds of college education, "the striking couplet, the same color along the street is a blue antique buildings, streets for the bluestone paving. This can feel different from other places of the city of Xi'an. College Gate is the Forest of Stone Tablets east come to an end.

College doors more than 570 meters long street, gathered hundreds of shops. Diaolan pavilion in the second tier, the same color of black gold plaque hanging, simple and honest facade of shops here, there is little tedious decoration, plaque, couplets, there are deep narrow doorway, and shows a refined good fortune, Deep Ruoxu atmosphere. A variety of goods sold souvenirs, handicrafts and so on. However, the scent of ink in the Ancient Culture Street best embodies the characteristics of a wide variety of goods was undoubtedly the four treasures of calligraphy character pieces, scroll paintings, rubbings rubbings, blue Tianmei Yu, and ancient musical instruments, "Xun. "

Knowledgeable people from the Dean of the door is to look at "book". This "book" cover books, paintings and everything related. Calligraphy and painting shops here sell more, which not only works of many civil painting lovers, there are many famous writers; slightly to the depths of College Street, the door to go and sell will be more and more pictures and shop. There are many street stalls display is actually a desk, the four treasures and display a master prepared to write good works of art. Master in this or write, or paint, also sold works, but also enjoy this cultivates mutual consultations and life skills. Many of them profound skill, works great expert. Every year a large number of famous paintings gathered in Xi'an, where dozens of times for exhibitions on display.

Largest concentration of bars: Defuxiang
Xiang Zi Temple is located in the north of the Sui and Tang period was part of the Imperial City. The early nineties of last century, tea houses, cafes and bars industry gradually on the rise, and gradually moving towards prosperity, the formation of scale. Telford Lane is a street full of petty bourgeoisie taste. Less than 200 meters long street, a pick a place full of big and small cafes, bars, tea houses, names from the very yuppie, very little flavor. Disseminated in the atmosphere of the Telford Lane will also have their own personality, romance and tenderness, also made roar of Xi'an in Shaanxi, outside the terracotta figures, there can be delicate taste of their own place to live. Today, Telford College Lane and antique door thing is according to the Ancient Culture Street, echoed in the Cultural District has become one of the most traditional of "foreign flavor" of the street.

Powder Lane
South Street in the alley there called "Powder Lane," about the origins of the name there are several. Lane said that before the first meal is a street food in Xi'an city. It is said that the thick noodles sprinkled streets, hence the name. The second argument is that rouge powder Lane is named after the sale, which is now a street cosmetics, very far away from the deep rouge can smell the smell. The last one is that the emperor had pink Lane is a concubine of the streets selected because Xi'an is the capital of the year, every year the town pink Lane residence concubine waiting to be chosen, their body has a good smell of rouge powder flavor.

The last argument is indeed that powder Lane before the local elections concubine, and later evolved into all kinds of brothels. Now tea powder Lane on both sides, there is a beautiful trade shop is a good place for shopping, plus a number of leisure and entertainment, such as Kiyomi clubs, good music Di, Fu Bao Court and so on. There are all kinds of slander people snacks. Powder Lane stand, the ability to really smell it through the time of the aroma of a thousand years ago and ambiguous atmosphere, can really override the time to see Yan thin ring of fat that years ago the beauty and love Romance?

Great Tang All Day Mall
Tong Yi Square is located in Xi'an Datang south, is an antique construction of a street. And leisure, entertainment, commerce, catering to one of the commercial street. One of the attractions is the newly developed area.

Datang is built to reproduce the culture of Tang dynasty style shopping mall. Zhenguan Cultural Square is the core part of the Grand Theatre from Xi'an, Xi'an concert halls, art galleries and Qujiang Qujiang four groups of cultural artistic Pacific Studios buildings. Datang axis of the landscape across the road is a 1,500 m north-south pedestrian street of central sculpture landscape, on which the distribution of Shengshi Di Wang, historical figures, heroic stories, the classic theme of the nine works of art such as sculptures, three-dimensional display of religious Tang Empire , Literature, art, science and technology and to highlight the status of supreme power weather.

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