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 Yaozhou Celadon Porcelain

Yaozhou Kiln reached its height in the Song Dynasty (A.D 960-1279). The base is fine and compact; the sculpt is beautiful and exquisite; the leg is high and narrow. There are perfect and diversified kinds of utensils. There are domestic utensils, such as bowl, saucer, open-top cup, canister etc, decorating porcelain as well, such as Zun (a kind of wine vessel in ancient times) with projecting flanges, pear vase, plum vase, incense burner and bulging nail washer. Among which Zun with projecting flanges is the most famous. Incised decoration and printing decoration of their own style are created in the Song Dynasty besides scoring decoration and cutting decoration. Yaozhou ware was crowned as the best among scoring celadon porcelain and printing celadon porcelain in the Song Dynasty.

Celadon Porcelain (Qing Ciqi) is a kind of porcelain which originated in the Song Dynasty. Because the kaolin is very rich in Yaozhou (now called Yao County), here has become a very important porcelain producing area since Tang Dynasty. And it is one of the biggest six pottery kilns in ancient China. In Yaozhou, many celadon porcelaneous wares are produced such as bowls, cups, calixes, trays, jars, stoves, and vases etc. The designs of the Yaozhou Celadon Porcelaneous wares are very elegant and pretty, and the surfaces of the ceramic glaze are blue with the virescent. The porcelains are Crystal and smooth, yet also useful and durable. Their workmanships are exquisite. They are described: as skillful as the moulding metal patterns and as delicate as carving jades. The Yaozhou Celadon Porcelains have become the gems of the collections in many museums in China or many other countries.

Celadon Counter-flowing Kettle
Made in the Northern Song Dynasty. 18.3 cm in height and 14.3 cm abdomen diameter, the piece is collected in Shanxi Historical Museum. With fine and compact texture, it presents a color of off-white. It has one circular body and un-openable lid, and phoenix-shaped handle. Interlocking peony design on its abdomen is full and round, luxurious and magnificent and third dimensional. Lotus design was decorated on the lower part. There is one hole of a shape of 5-petal plum blossom in the bottom. It is full when water flowing out from the mouth of mother lion. When putting the kettle upright, it is leak proof. The kettle has novel sculpt, complicated and gorgeous design, and it really is a curiosity rarely seen in the Song Dynasty.

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