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Qin Embroidery

Qin embroidery enjoys a high reputation due to its perfect skills as well as its attractive appearance. Qin embroidery is a high value collection when you consider buying souvenirs in Xian.

With its traditional basis which may have originated from the Qin Dynasty, this handicraft has developed with time and changed by innovation of multitudes of great artists.Shanxi embroidery technical method, and its character: on a cloth with 20-60 eye warp and weft, according to the meshes of the cloth, using silk yarn to transversely, vertically and crosswise embroider by adopting different stitches: long, short, thick, thin, nondense, and dense, and composing square and continuous floral designs by stitching to fill up the pattern. The technical stitching: in the like colors, using the same thread to form the variation of hue and brightness of the like colors according to the different stitching directions: transverse, vertical and diagonal or different stitches: long, short, thick, thin, nondense, and dense. The embroidery shows varying color effect of the like colors in the light, and will generate different color changes of lightness and color shade when watched at different angles, thus making the picture shine with colors, and having obvious gradation and third dimension.

 Nowadays, Qin embroidery has become one of the most popular kinds of handicraft souvenirs among foreign tourists with its elegant and neat needlework, finely stitched patterns placed in proper perspective, impressive display of colors, and a wonderful effect of tone and depth of fine workmanship.

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