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Hanzhong Tea

Hanzhong Xianhao is from Qinling mountain with altitude of  800---1200 meters, located in Chinese second biggest  zinc selenium zone, its annual rainfall is 1000--1500mm, average temperature is 14.7 ℃. Our plant base is in the Northwest of China, it is a little colder than south, so tea growth period is longer, picking time is later, which gives more nutrition to Hanzhong Xianhao.
 The special geographical features give the tea rich amino acids and tea polyphenols. The dry tea Xianhao looks like bamboo shoots,fresh and pretty; Smells fragrant as orchid after brewing, graceful; Tastes mellow and pure scent, with quick sweetness aftertaste.

Good name has long been known in Hanzhong, Shaanxi Jiangnan region in western China green tea is the main origin. Visits to urban and rural areas, in addition to commercial buildings, customers coming and going each day, the most prosperous place even if the different sizes, different styles of teahouses.
Since ancient times, tea is that people talk of procedure, the Friends of the exchange will be a good place, many businessmen are often the side of the goods, drink tea while looking for information about buying, talk about price, in a friendly and harmonious atmosphere in the clinch a deal. There are also far from the farmers in cities to act, sitting at tea rest for a short way down a bowl of tea and refreshing recover from fatigue. As for the busy old no matter who is also a frequent visitor to tea, the "bubble tea" as the sunset of life fun.
Before and after liberation, because the tea leaves have not yet entered a period of great development, thus Hanzhong region, tea equipment, are simple, only Zhuodeng, stoves, kettles and tea, but the store patrons are very gracious hospitality, language, modest, amiable manner, so that people have a warm home feeling. In recent years, along with the times and economic development, the tea, add a new chess, playing cards, picture books, books, music and television programs. Some also invited local performers playing and storytelling, vibrant cultural life of the tea. Such tea houses, formed a new Cha Su, adding the guests Masaoki, popular.

In the rural market town, a one is also a tea house, not only himself cultivated the habit of drinking tea, but also formed a "guest-come, first offer tea," the custom of language. Guests door, tea at the head, bubble tea steep for the customer, even the tea is also very particular about and generally have to do laundry water disinfection. Serves the tea cup with both hands when the light delivery gently, cordially greeted quite a lot of tea ceremony.

Along with the popularization and promotion of tea culture, the masses, tea farmers for tea thirst, digestion, heat, Reduce Pathogenic Fire, benefits and other properties of thought is understood, not tea drinking tea also eat something. Thus, these people are also summed up tea out of such civil tea tactic: ginger tea to anti-malaria, Ribes energy and stomach, chrysanthemum tea can be eyesight, hot tea, five with injuries; dinner tea, digestion, drink tea solution drunk . Tea length the spirit of the evening tea is difficult to fall asleep; fasting tea tears heart, spleen and stomach injuries overnight by tea, excessive tea drinkers Huang Shou, weak tea to drink by age slower.