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Natural Scenery in Xi'an

The feature of Xian is the combination of monuments, being evidence of intense human activity, and beautiful natural scenery, as well as the combination of a specific character of an ancient capital and the features of a modern city.

Take a whole day to go to Huashan Mountain as it is a pretty long drive to get there.  but make sure you still have enough time to enjoy the views and recover from the noise and crowds of the city. 

The perfect getaway from the busy city center and great places to recover from your trip!

Xian Botanic Garden was set up in 1959. It is the earliest built botanic garden in northwest area and the having most plants variety. Xian Botanic Garden is one of the twelve botanic gardens in 50s. . The Xian Botanic Garden is located in north rural area of Xian and adjacent to the famous Giant Wild Goose Pagoda. It covers 20 hectares and has collected nearly 3000 various kinds of plants. The running water, green trees, beautiful garden scenery and scientific connotation add more beauty to the garden. They make the garden become one part of Xian wild goose pagoda Qujiang beauty scenery spot.

Tang Furong(Lotus) Farden (Da tang fu rong yuan) 大唐芙蓉园 is the first theme park of Tang dynasty culture, it is a famous scenery spot of Xian tours. There are the widest water curtain movie, you can enjoy unusual movies during your Xian tours to Tang Furong Garden. Tang Furong Garden is located in Qujiang New District in the southeast of Xian. It cost 1.3 billion yuan, cover an area of 1000 acres, and 300 acres of it is water. There are many sculpture crafts and the most advanced fire and water performance, the wonderful performance will leave you a deep impression during your Xian tours. The Tang style constructions is the largest in China and also the biggest construction group in world. It concentrates all constructive style in Tang dynasty.

  Mountain Hua Located 120 kilometers east of Xi'an, about a 3 hours drive from the city centre, Mount Huashan is known as 'The Number One Precipitous Mountain under Heaven'. The five peaks of Mount Huashan seem to form the silhouette of a flower, therefore the name 'Huashan', which means brilliant, flowery mountain. It is one of the five sacred Taoist mountains in China and is famous for its sheer cliffs and narrow paths as well as its religious sites such as influential Taoist temples and pavilions.
Taibai Mountain National Forest Park: Lying at the north foot of Taibai Mountain (the peak of Qinling Mountain), Taibai Mountain National Forest Park, is located in Meixian County, in Baoji City of Shaanxi Province. Covering an area of 7,287 acres, 94.3% of which is covered with forest, it contains 10 scenic districts and over 180 attractions. Since its height above the sea level varies from 0.39 miles to 2.18 miles, Taibai Mountain National Forest Park is the highest national forest park of China. It was officially established in 1991 and has been formally open to the public since July, 1992.Taibai means 'too white' in Chinese, used here to describe the color of the mountain. Because of the cold climate in the mountain, thick layers of ice have always been covering its summits all the year round. Endowed with prosperous forest resources, rich animal species, odd mountainous physiognomy together with its profound historical scenes, Taibai Mountain National Forest Park has attracted countless tourists from home and abroad.
Hukou Waterfall:  The Yellow River is the mother river of the Chinese nation. In its basin, there is a tourist attraction that visitors should not miss. That is Hukou Waterfall, a glistening pearl in the middle reaches of the Yellow River. It is located in Yichuan County in Yan'an City, Shaanxi Province. It is the only magnificent yellow waterfall in the world and the second biggest waterfall in China after Huangguoshu Waterfall.
Peace Forest Park  太平森林公园
Known as 'the Jiuzhaigou in the north China', the Taiping National Forest Park is situated in Taiping Valley in Huxian County, 44 kilometers (about 27 miles) southeast from Xi'an City. Taiping Valley is named after the Taiping Palace which was build by an emperor of Sui Dynasty. With a total area of 2,117 hectares (about 5,231 acres), and an average annual temperature ranging between 7 and 10 degrees Celsius, this park is gorgeous with its natural scenery, offering itself as a great place for visitors to refresh themselves.
The park locates the landform is the Qinling Zhongshan place.The entire region elevation difference disparate, the cliff stands in great numbers, the peaks and ridges folds the screen-like mountain peaks, the run-off ditch continuous, the multi-waterfalls, the jet stream and the rapids, has formed the rich marvelous scenery natural landscape.In the garden has Shimen, the moon deep pool, ShiChuanzi, the Mongolian gazelle dam, the birch forest bay five big scenic areas.

Mount Cuihua, National Geological Park, Xi'an (西安翠华山国家地质公园)Cuihuashan Mountain National Geo-park lies in the northern Qinling Mountain of Chang'an District, Xian City, Shaanxi Province. The scenic spot is 12.43 miles (20km) from downtown Xian and covers an area of 12.36 square miles (32 square kilometers). The highest peak is 8543.31 feet (2604m).Cuihua Mountains landside scenery national Geopark is one of the first 11 Geoparks authorized by National Land Resources Departmen

Lishan National Forest Park, Xi'an (西安骊山国家森林公园)
Lishan in Lintong County South, is a branch of the Qinling Mountains. The top of the peak elevation of 1301.9 meters, Kowloon, evergreen pine and cypress hills, lush, the shape of a blue distance, Li Ma, named "Li Hill." Lishan Cui also show a result of view, the United States such as the Fairview, also known as "embroidered Ridge." When the sun sets, Lishan shine into the golden sunset, the scenery is especially beautiful, the "late Lishan Zhao" reputation.---

Nature Reserve

The Qinling Mountains The Qinling Mountain range is famous in China for its beautiful scenery, astonishing peaks and superlative natural beauty. The range itself is enormous, though what most people don't realize is that only 50km SE of Xi'an is a perfect location for swimming in natural pools---

Foping National Nature Reserve in Shaanxi

Set up in 1979, covering 292.4km2 accomadating about 60 pandas---

Changqing Nature Reserve
Set up in 1995, Changqing Nature Reserve is home to about 50 pandas, covering 300km---

 Zhouzhi National Nature Reserve Lies

Established in 1994, Laoxiancheng Nature Reserve occupies 126km2. There are about 20 pandas---

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Field Trip

Field Trip is a special trip to the Nature Reserves in the Qinling Mountains, you may have chance to see the Wild Giant Panda in the Habitat, and the other wild mammals, Golden Takin, Golden Monkey, Serow , Red&White Flying Squirrel etc, 
for the birders, Qinling is also a very good place for you, you will not miss Crested Ibis on your list.