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Third Excavation of Pit 1

The site of Qin Shihuang’s mausoleum in Xi’an is definitely one of the most visited tourist hotspots in the world.

Since they were first discovered back in 1974, the terracotta warriors and horses from the Qin Dynasty have not only contributed the area’s tourism sector, but has also provided plenty of detailed artefacts for China’s historical and military studies.
Now twenty years after its second excavation in the 1980’s, scholars are revealing their latest discovery on Saturday, which also falls on China’s Cultural Heritage Day.
The floor of the Pit Number One has almost been cleared during its third excavation. More than 100 Terracotta Warriors have been unearthed in this session so far, including a large number of painted pottery figurines, which were extremely rare in previous excavations.

Third Excavation of Pit 1

 Terra-Cotta Warriors Pit 1 Pictures On June 9, 2012, the seventh China Cultural Heritage Day, Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum Museum announced the latest major archaeological achievements of the third excavation of terracotta Pit 1. 310 pieces of various cultural relics had been unearthed, including 12 pottery horses in three groups and 120 warriors. Besides, two chariots, two war drums, ten weapon handles, twelve crossbows and arrows, and one painted shield, had been cleaned up.
The four most exciting finds include the painted leather shield, a giant colored terracotta warrior with an amazing height of 2.5 meters (8 feet), 20 new seriously damaged acrobat warriors, and evidences indicating that Xiang Yu (232 - 202BC), a prominent military leader in the Qin Dynasty (221 - 207BC), was the most likely suspect to burn the warriors.

It is said that the third excavation work still needs three years to be done.

The relic floor of the Qin Terracotta Pit No. One has been cleared in its third excavation. The third excavation unearthed 114 Terracotta Warriors, including a large number of painted pottery figurines.

Archaeologists were surprised that the figurines were painted differently from individual to individual, and even their hair was dyed in different colors.

During the third excavation, archaeologists found several Terracotta Warriors located in corridors and ventilation holes, which suffered fire damage. The temperature is higher there than other places, and some of the pottery was even seriously damaged. Furthermore, archaeologists were able to confirm that the Qin Terracotta Warriors and horses were indeed damaged by man-made fires.

A large number of relics were unearthed during the third excavation including architectural structures, weapons, vehicles and accessories such as drums, painted wooden rings and horse pegs.

In addition, archaeologists also found a box in excellent condition for the first time, however, its use and purpose remains a mystery.

Qin is nearly 2 meters tall Rengshi Mi
13 June 2009, Qin terracotta pit No. 1 start of the third excavation, excavation area of 200 square meters. As of now the third excavation pit No. 1 and 114 figurines were unearthed, soldier figurines air of realism, distinctive appearance and his clothing, hair ornaments, weapons and equipment, etc. are different, but on the 1st hole figurines height higher 1.8 meters to 2.0 meters is not easy to save, so all have been broken. Unearthed terracotta figurines, including armor infantry 6 rows of 28, two groups of six soldiers Matrimony car figurines. As to why the 1.8 meters tall figurines to 2.0 meters, in the end is based upon the actual height of the Qin made or carried out “overstating”, is still a mystery.
Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses, according to Xu Weihong archaeological team briefing, Qin terracotta warriors and horses from the posts can be divided into senior Matrimony figurines, figurines as well as middle and lower Matrimony general warrior figurines, so the wear and will follow with different weapons. Most Waipi High Matrimony figurines color scales A, shoulders and front and rear embroidered with colored tassels decorated breastplate, both hands hanging on the belly to do Zhu Jian-like. The excavation found in the first group after a car wearing a fish scale of Matrimony figurines, figurines should be found in the highest level.
Three types of infantry figurines hair
Terracotta warriors and horses in Pit No. 1 is a more serious damage figurines pit, so when the staff began to explore better color figurines found to not have much hope, but the results are amazing to explore, although the preservation of smaller painted pottery figurine However, large number of individuals, and even hair dye. Differences in their headdress infantry figurines can be divided into a round bun armor figurines, flat bun and medium armor Figurines figurines conical cap three types of armor, the infantry to explore not only the most figurines and figurines are flat bun infantry, that is, the hair all the code wide braided into six shares, and anti-folded with a card fixed behind, that Hair should be worn with the helmet’s head to facilitate a relationship. Although the head to wear helmets, but have obviously been a lot of figurines hair dyed black or brown indicates the terracotta figures of the fine work.

Pottery armor with 6 styles
Pottery individual because of “person” applied color, color, or was white or pink, dress colors are different, more elbow sleeve red, purple and other strong colors. Excavations found one case of sub-painted pottery color sleeves, the sleeves short, narrow, but the colors are very bright. According to reports, Terracotta armor decorated according to shape and compilation methods, six patterns can be divided into two types, different arms with different levels of armor types will be different, the general body armor infantry figurines A slightly longer, shoulder shoulders with Phi, Phi shoulder was covered tile formed by the suffix A film series.
Found in excavations in the armor on less than one centimeter in diameter with a nail, but also with a sky blue color, purplish red, purple and so on, and some brown paint with the end of the first, and then cover red, then white-out, the same A clothes on individual figurines adjacent a small use of color to white to lilac, fully embodies the Qin clothing, Qin armor code suffix means diversity.
Latest discovery

Terra Cotta Warriors were actually burnt man
Whether to be further studied by Xiang Yu
Terracotta third excavation pit No. 1, found in the corridor and through ventilation holes obviously burnt soldiers figurines, and high temperature, some pottery was seriously damaged. Through the excavation of archaeological staff confirmed that the Qin terracotta warriors and horses were actually man-made burnt.
For a long time for Qin terracotta warriors and horses were burned, there are two views, one is spontaneous, that is, figurines pit inside organic materials such as wood, biogas over time, and then a spontaneous combustion. Another view is that man-made damage.
About how the destruction have different versions, some thought into the customs of Xiang Yu after the cemetery ground to the ground floor of the building and burned all Horses; also suggested that a boy set fire to the Horses; still others funerals Qin burning themselves.
In the end is the spontaneous or man-made burning of the Qin Terracotta Warriors Pit 1, the third excavation gives the conclusion. Archeologists found in the excavations to explore areas of western part there is a north-south corridor through the doorway connected with the north, corridor location red soil compaction block collapsed, all in the corridor and through holes in the vicinity of the figurines were burning, serious color distortion, or even of all burned, and the wooden shed in this region are white ash, showing a high temperature. Pottery burned mainly in the corridor ventilation, etc., the figurines of this site damaged severely than the other places, we can see is a man-made terracotta warriors figurines pit burning, and can not be spontaneous combustion, but in the end who is burned by further studies.

Advances in Archaeological
Details such as hair decoration box angle seamless
Terracotta Army Pit No. 1 box-shaped device used for the first time unknown found
Qin terracotta pit No. 1 in the third excavation unearthed a large number of sites, including construction type, weapon type, vehicle and ancillary rotten track, like a drum, painted wooden ring, horse chunks, etc., one of the production of exquisite box device has not previously been discovered.

Excavation found two wooden cars, but most have become remnants of broken charcoal. Car near the 15 / square centimeter of fabric rust marks, and some remnants of nested diamond pattern painted, shall be remnants of the car screen. Despite poor conservation status of the two vehicles, but there were not found in the past two to explore the material, that is, the location of the two vehicles are rectangular opinion rotten track, which has a car, another vehicle was something basically tied There are two.

Rot trace length 90 cm, width 55 cm, height about 20 cm. Wood surface bone, skin, painter; mouth bag Xiang week, similar to the cane; along the lower wall 3 layers, multi-painted outer, middle of the fabric, similar to silk, leather brown rotten inner marks. Traces of the rotten autopsy and found box angle seamless, not seen Stem into the bottom four sides of bread, including side slit clear width of 0.2 cm. Cover also remaining thin device such as hair-like red, blue, white cloud-like decorations. Presumably, the artifacts of raw materials should be fetal skin folder Zhu class lacquer ware, its nature, purpose is hard to determine, experts speculated that may be installed within the vehicle car Yan yu (similar to seat), but also may bring with him the skin box.

It is learned that No. 1 pit excavated Terracotta is expected to completed by the end of this year, now start painting Replies, painted the exposed soil obtained residues, sites three-dimensional information acquisition, data storage, etc. vector.

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