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Xi'an to Luoyang by High Speed Train

 466 kilometers
Opened: February 6, 2010
Top speed: 350 kph
Temporary speed limit: 300 kph
Ticket price: RMB 370-230

Western and central China’s first HSR route, this 300+ km/h line links Zhengzhou, seat of government for He’nan province, with Luoyang (one of China’s great ancient capitals) and Xi’an (where it all started in 221 BC, when China became unified under Qin Shihuang’s dynasty). This HSR is slated in the long term to expand to Xuzhou in the east and Lanzhou and ultimately Xinjiang in the west.

The construction of the high-speed rail between Zhengzhou and Xi'an solved the complicated problem. The six-hour trip between Luoyang and Xi'an has been condensed to 1.5 hours. First-class and business passengers tend to use the high-speed railway the most.the Zhengzhou-Xi’an section of Longhai (Lianyungang-Lanzhou) Railway, Zhengzhou-Xi’an High Speed Railway is the mid section of the planned Xuzhou-Lanzhou Passenger Special Line. It starts at Zhengzhou, the center of Central Plains in the east, westwards to Luoyang, Sanmenxia, Weinan, and ends at Xi’an, the portal city of Northwest China.

After the Luoyang Longmen Railway Station was opened to the public, more than 4,000 people have visited it daily. The station has become a bright star along the Zhengzhou-Xi'an high-speed railway line as well as a beautiful spot in Luoyang city.

The Luoyang Longmen Railway Station is located in the new district of Luoyang city. The station is bordered by the Yi River to the east and Mount Wan'an to the south and overlooks the municipal government to the north. The station was named after the world-famous cultural relic, the Longmen Grottoes. Most of the station has three floors, although one part consists of four floors. Within a total area of 31,870 square kilometers are three stations and seven tracks that comprise the Longmen Railway Station, which is the largest intermediate station along the Zhengzhou-Xi'an high-speed railway. The station expects to serve 4,000 people during traffic rush hours. As the Zhengzhou-Xi'an high-speed railway was put into operation, the Longmen Railway Station has become an important window for Luoyang. The station is an open station with 30 ticket windows on the first floor and six automatic ticket machines. Passengers are able to enter the station before tickets go on sale[?or enter the station with out a rail ticket].

There are various tourism sites along the route from Zhengzhou to Luoyang and Xi'an. Luoyang has the Longmen Grottoes, Xi'an is famous for the Terracotta Warriors and horses, and Zhengzhou has relics from the Shang Dynasty. The three famous historical cultural relics can be visited in one day by high-speed train, which saves both time and money for visitors. The train's ground speed, which can reach 350 kilometers per hour, is more than attractive. In fact, the high-speed railway has become the most efficient method for travel companies to attract clients.

Xi’an - Luoyang / Luoyang - Xi’an
There are about 15 regular trains between Xi’an and Luoyang. There are ten G trains (High-Speed EMU Train) and five D trains (EMU Train).   The distance between the two cities is about 380 kilometers.
G and D trains are all modern high-speed trains, and currently they are the fastest and best categories. All trains leave from Xi’an North Railway Station and arrive at Luoyang Longmen Railway Station. All the trains pass by Luoyang and arrive at the terminus Zhengzhou, the capital city of Henan Province.
Longmen Grottoes in Luoyang is one of the Three Great Buddhist Grottoes in China, which represent the high peak of ancient stone-carving art in China. It is a great experience to take a one-day bullet train tour to Longmen Grottoes if you have an extra day in Xi’an.
Recommended Trains
From Xi’an to Luoyang
The G trains depart from Xi’an at 07:00, 09:05, 11:05, 12:00, 12:40, 13:20, 16:05, 17:00, 17:40, 18:15, and arrive at Luoyang 1 hour and 35 minutes later.
D trains leave Xi’an at 08:15, 10:00, 14:35, 15:40, 19:20 and arrive about 2 hours later.
From Luoyang to Xi’an
The G trains depart from Luoyang at 08:38, 10:08, 13:43, 14:02, 15:14, 15:43, 19:17, 20:13, 20:48, 21:18 and arrive at Xi’an 1 hour and 35 minutes later.
D trains leave Luoyang at 12:12, 14:31, 16:34, 18:33, 19:39 and arrive about 2 hours later.
All the G trains have 2nd class, 1st class, VIP class seats, and a dining car. There are 5 seats in a row for 2nd class and 4 seats in a row for 1st class. 1st class is more comfortable and has more leg room. And there is a power socket under every seat in ‘1st class’ carriage.


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