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Xishuangbanna Transportation

External traffic

Xishuangbanna JingHong airport is only inferior in Kunming's second big aviation port in Yunnan Province, is apart from Jing Hong urban district 5 kilometers.
Xishuangbanna airport completed and open to navigation in April, 1990, is apart from Jing Hong urban district 5 kilometers, opened successively to Dali, Lijiang, Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Tianjin, Chengdu, Chongqing and so on the main city domestic service. International has: The Thai Bangkok, the chingmai, Laos has all phenomena on earth, the jade pulls the nation to non-stop fly Xishuangbanna. At least has 2 scheduled flights round-trip every day Kunming to Xishuangbanna, the busy season may reach 6 - 10 scheduled flights, the route is 520 kilometers, the flight time is 45 minutes, the entire ticket price is 520 Yuan, are the domestic flight density highest routes.

Within the boundaries of Xishuangbanna's road traffic is quite convenient, the federal road 213, 214 connects local in JingHong city, over all State has one city two counties 40 villages and towns pass the road, over all State the traffic course are 3,670 kilometers completely. The main skeleton line such as from Jing Hong to the Zhimeng Sea, courageous sacrificial, the greatly courageous dragon, DaLuo River and so on are an asphalt road. From Jing Hong to the Kunming road course is 692 kilometers, rides the sleeping berth bus service to need for 19 hours. through the KunLuo highway, seizes the opportunity for 10 hours from Kunming to be possible to arrive Xishuangbanna; from the state-level Laomohan port Southeast Asian countries vehicles all to be possible to arrive Xishuangbanna; the provincial level of Burmese port DaLuo river port, rides in a carriage all may arrive Xishuangbanna. In addition, from Jing Hong city to Quanzhou's each scenic site and the park, all may buy tickets in the motor station boards, the ticket price defers to the country stipulate, does not need to have the worry. But if you do not board in the station, must pay attention to bargain back and forth with the driver. Driving 20--24 hour, fare between 100-170 Yuan. Nearby the Kunming train station Kunming bus station has the long-distance bus (to contain sleeping berth vehicle) to go to JingHong, the travel agency also has the private car to go.

Water Carriage
There are Lancangjiang river channels in the waterway, the harbor of Jinghong is a kind of waterway port in the country, Jinghong, olive dam and Guanlei 3 quay make up of. Have already open up international water transport course as Jinghong to Burma Qingsheng and Laotian Vientiane place, Olive dam and Guanlei are under construction. In the north of Jinghong area Lancangjiang River, can go to by ship to visit olive dam. Through Langcangjiang river Meigong river, Southeast Asia various countries may reach Xishuangbanna Jinghong by ship along Meigong river.


Internal traffic

long-distance bus
Xishuangbanna spot are disperse relatively, Jinghong urban area have Jinghong and Banna service station of passenger traffic, many buses leave for every county, township every day, will take you the scenic spot that want to go.
Jinghong station of passenger, north road of Jinghong No 23 0691 - 2123570
the Banna service station of the passenger traffic, north road of the nationality, 0691-2123348

Jinghong town have three courses Bus in all, all beauty spots in city can take bus to reach... Public transportation route: Public transit 1 No., from Jingde road civil aviation crossing (on the opposite side of civil aviation ticket office, transfer to size 3 line very here) to Gajiu, fare is 2 Yuan, pass the new customs garden, old gate and outside the airport on the way; Public transit of No. 2, from Jinghong harbor to Gadong, admission fee is 2 Yuan, pass station of the passenger terminal, tropical flowers garden, medical botany on the way (transfer to size 3 line here); Public transit 3 No. is loop line, from Jinghong north road Galan north road crossing to Manting park, admission fee is 1 Yuan, pass the Jinghong passenger station, Banna station of the passenger, the country market, the gold phoenix's hotel, Tianshun supermarket and Manting park on the way.

The taxi of urban area of records of distance by the log, if drivers do not take the form to charge, can refuse payment, can phone to complain at the same time. Banna International airport is about 4 kilometers of urban area, take the taxi from airport, and must talk about the price. The starting fare of urban area of taxi: 7 Yuan.

The Jinghong area of Xishuangbanna is not big, it is a very good travel way to visit by bike, Banna hotel and such place can hire a bicycle, (but must each car pay 200 about deposit).

Road short to view and admire appearance of the city, can take local rickshaw, about 2 Yuan of expense.

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