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Tour Code:YCT-07
Tour Type:Private
Attraction: Yinchuan,  Zhongwei, Sand Lake, Western Xia Mausoleum, Rock Carvings at Helan Mt, Western China Film Studio
B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner

Highlight:Ningxia is one of China's northwestern regions and is known as the "Museum of Great Wall". Ningxia's northern border is shared with Inner Mongolia, home of the Mongolian tribes that frequently invaded China. Beginning in the Warring States Period (475-221 BC), fortifications were built to defend against the invaders from the north. The construction of the Great Wall continued during the successive dynasties of the Qin, Han, Sui, Tang, finally ending during the Ming Dynasty. The wall in this region was originally 1500 kilometers in length. The Ningxia portion of the Great Wall consists of two main parts: the Ming wall and the Qin wall.

Detail itinerary

D1. Arrive in Yinchuan.
Visit the Ningxia Museum, Cheng Tian pagoda built in the Xixia period, and a
 nice& quiet Buddhist temple with a Pagoda in it that has a history of more than
1500 years.
Overnight stay: Yinchuan

The Ningxia Museum is located in No.2, Jinning South Street in Yinchuan of Ningxia. It is the all-around museum. The hall site area is 22,400 square meters. The north and south middle axle is symmetrical to the large-scale antiquity garden constructions and the floor space is more than 7,000 square meters.

Chengtiansi Pagoda in Yinchuan, popularly named as Xi (west) Pagoda, was built in the age of Xixia (1050 A. D.). This pagoda stands erect in Yinchuan, and far apart facing the Bei Pagoda.
D2. Yinchuan/Shuidonggou/ Hengcheng
Visit Shuidonggou Site of Palaeolithic age , hiking along the Great Wall of
Ming dynasty (approximately 4 hours )While enjoying the beautiful scenery of the
Maousu desert ,the Yellow River together with the remains of watch Towers and
ancient cities. Overnight stay: Yinchuan

Sanguankou Pass is located 40 km. southwest of  Yinchuan city, the provincial capital city of   Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. This pass is at the south end of  Helan Shan, the mountain range that separates northwest Ningxia and Neimenggu (Inner Mongolia). 
In the morning visit the royal Mausoleum of the Western Xia kingdom ( a royal
tomb group of altogether 9 Emperors tombs and over 200 companian tombs covering
a whole area of over 50 square kilometers ) xixia Museum,enjoying the great view
of the Helan Mountain. Hiking along another part of the Ming Great Wall at the
Foot ofthe Helan Mountain path( approximately 2 hours ). Crosse the Helan Moun-
tain Valley getting into the Territory of Inner-Mongolia, enjoying the magnificent  Tengeri Desert ( watching  sunset in the desert )overnight stay:camping tents

the Western Xia Imperial Tombs have an intriguing and mysterious aura that is compelling and fully fascinating.

the Helan Mountain Scenic Area, in the northwest of Yinchuan Plain. Its beautiful scenic views and abundant forest resources are a never-ending source of enjoyment for all visitors. The main spots there are Baisikou Twin Towers, Suyukou Forest Park and Helan Mountain Cliff Paintings. There are luxuriant trees, steep cliffs and murmuring streams. The forest's ecosystem also has a windy and dusty area as well as rare flora and fauna. These are prized and protected areas in the mountain.
D4. Zhongwei/Inner-Mongolia(Tengeri Desert)
Trekking in the desert ( approximately 4 hours ),camel riding while enjoying the
great desert scenery . bus ride to The Camel Mountain.visit the rock carving in
the Mountain(be prepared for a little climbing ).bus ride back to the Camping site
in the desert near a salt lake.Experience the life in the desert.(cooking in the
desert should be fun )
Overnight stay: camping tents
D5.In the Desert.
Watch  sunrise in the desert.Riding camels along the camel Mountain,(on the way
visit the ruins of the Great Wall,watch towers, ancient cities etc.) In the evening
there will be a campfire party with self cooked food and beer)
Overnight stay: camping tents
D6. In the Desert
Camel riding in the grassland,visiting the local Mongle's family. Drive back to the
city Zhongwei, check in to the Finest hotel in Zhongwei ( have a nice shower and
rest get refreshed for a new day! ) .In the afternoon you have Plenty of free time
to explore this small yet nice little town of Northern China.Overnight stay:Zhongwei
D7. Zhongwei/Qingtongxia/Yinchuan
In the morning visit Gao Temple ( a very unique Temple that serves three religion: Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism,the building itself is unique yet beautiful ),
bus ride to Qingtongxia bird island trekking along the Yellow River (approximately
2 hours ) on the way there will be great view of  sunflower field and the Temple group on the mountain. Sheep-skin raft on the Yellow river to the 108 pagodas ( the
only one of this kind In China ).visit the 108 pagodas. Bus ride to Wuzhong(a small
town that has most of Ningxia's hui people) there You'd visit the local Muslim bazaar 
( all kinds of interesting things ), sample the local food. Drive back to Yinchuan.
Overnight stay; Yinchuan
D8. Yinchuan
In the morning visit the Baisikou twin pagoda of the western xia period, and the
Helan Mountain rock carving . Hiking along the Helan Mountain for approximately
an hour.  
Fly to Beijing after lunch.   Tour ends


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Friendly Note from chinauniquetour.com

  1. The above tour is tailored for you exclusively. You will enjoy Private car, driver and English speaking tour guide.
  2. The wind speed in Ningxia's desert can reach force 6 on the Beau ford scale be as high as sixth grade, therefore visitors should wear wind-proof glasses while walking in the desert. 
  3.  The sunshine is very strong in summer time. Sunglass is useful.
  4. Photograph is not permitted in some area. Our tour guide will give you notice.
  5. You will walk a distance with this tour. A pair of soft and comfortable shoes is helpful. 
  6.  chinauniquetour.com  lists the exact cost of each person from 1 to 10 persons. This will help you to cut down cost if you have more persons. Please contact us for a special cost if you have more than 10 persons
  7. The desert is cold at night and hot during the day,the desert is most beautiful in the mornings and evenings.  Remember
  8. Several liters of water
  9. Flashlight