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Kagebo Peak

Kagebo Peak (kagebo feng) is the main peak on Meili Mountain and something of a Mecca for Tibetans. this peak tops the list of the Eight Holy Mountains for Tibetans. Every year, thousands upon thousands of pilgrims from Tibet, Qinghai, Sichuan and Gansu come here to pay homage to the mountain. Legend has it that the mountain is the incarnation of a Tibetan God who helped local people drive away evil. As a result, often enshrined on the altar in the mountain is the statue of Kagebo riding a white horse and holding a long sword. In October 1989, the 10th Panchen Lama came to worship at the foot of the peak and a grand ceremony was held accordingly.

    Kagebo Peak is the Tibetan Buddhist Holy Land where people go on a pilgrimage. The legend says that it is the protection God of Jiajuba, one branch of the Ningma religious sect, and ranks first among the eight sacred mountains in the Tibetan area.

   In October, 1989, the tenth Panchen Lama, Great Master of Tibetan Buddhism, held a grand religious meeting in front of Kagebo Peak, and now a stone tablet and a pagoda stand there welcoming tourists. Also, at the foot of it, there are continuous glaciers and cirques known as the Modern Glaciers in the low latitude.

The peak remains untouched because of its precipitous cliffs, frequent avalanches, thick fog and cloud, heavy rain and storms. However, many attempts by adventurers and mountaineers have been made to conquer the mountain. Since the first attempt was made in 1902, hundreds of people has died as a result of their futile attempts. At the foot of Kagebo Peak are the Mingyong Glaciers snaking from 5500m high down to an altitude of 2700m into the forest. A Glacier of this size is rarely seen at such low altitude.

The Mingyong and Si are branch of Mt Meili glaciers beneath Kagebo Peak stretch down from 5,500 meters above sea level to the forest belt at 2,700 meters above sea level , only some 800 meters above the surface of Yangtze Rive. It is a rare modern monsoon marine glacier that has a low latitude but a high elevation .
The distant and mysterious of Kagebo Peak is attractive any mountaineer too. However, so far the peak still a virgin land. Althouth the teams of mountain climbers from UK, USA , Japan and also the Sino-Japan (Chines & Japan) team have made several failed attempts in the last century. The peak has not any human being footprint on yet.

Mount Kawa Karpo (Meili Snow Mount in Chinese), represents the mind emanation of the Buddha, while Kailash in western Tibet represents the body,and Ne Tsari in central Tibet, the speech. 17 members of a Sino-Japanese mountaineering expedition died on Kawa Karpo in 1991. the mountain remained unclimbed up to now.


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