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11-day Yunnan-Tibet Adventure Route


Tour Code:YN-SH-06
Highlights of the tour:
The Yarlung Zangbo River/Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon: Reputed as the highest river in the world the Yarlung Zangbo (Yaluzangbu or Brahmaputra) River originates from Jiemayangzong Glacier between the Himalaya and Gangdise Mountains and creates the longest and the deepest valley in the world. It is deemed as the ‘cradle’ and ‘mother river’ by the Tibetan people. At a depth of 6009m, The Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon (the Yarlung Zangbo Daxiagu) undoubtedly is the deepest canyon in the world, with a length of 504.6km and average depth of over 2268m. In the section of the canyon, the average river flow is 4425 square meters/second, much more inclement than other valleys. So far, nobody successfully drifted into the canyon as the current speed is as high as 16m/second. In the deepest Valley area, the altitude distributes from 200m to 7782m, provided with 9 vertical natural zones from the mountain Frigid Zone to the low river valley Tropical Monsoon Forest, that is reputed as the most complete and intact area with integrated vertical natural zones. It is the paradise for scientific expedition, adventure tour and creative photography

Day and day itinerary

Day01:Arrive Lijiang.
Place & Transport:Lijiang & Flight Or train 
Today's Activities:Arrive at Lijiang and transfer to hotel. Visit Lijiang Old Town. Prepare for the adventure.

Day02:Lijiang-Tiger Leaping Gorge (Hu Tiao Xiao)-Shangri-La. (B)
Place & Transport:Shangri-La & Hike 
Today's Activities:view Jinsha River; hike the Tiger Leaping Gorge and sightsee at Zhonghutiao (middle section of the Gorge, the best part of scene) to see ‘A line of view of sky’, 'Giant gorge’ and ‘Sky Ladder’; view from far the Haba and Jade-dragon Snow Mountains; make stops to see natural villages; visit a Tibetan family in Shangri-La.

Day03:Shangri-La-Deqin (185km) [altitude 3450m].blacktop road in good condition, with curves in some sections.
Place & Transport:
Shangri-La & Hike
Today's Activities:visit Moonlight Old Town, a key town on the Tea-Horse Road 1300 years ago, where majorly lives Tibetan nationality; climb up to the Guishan Park to visit Chaoyanglou and turn round the biggest Buddhist Script Bucket in the world by Guinness World Records; view from far Songzanlin Temple and Napa Sea (Yila Grassland); cross Jinsha River and watch Moon Bay – one of the four natural views in China; drive over Baimang Snow Mountain [4292M] where gathers the rare animal Yunan Snub-nosed Monkey; arrive at Deqin to visit the Yingbintai (welcoming platform) with 13 arrayed pagodas; overlook the majestic posture of the Meili Snow Mountain; visit Deqin Feilai Temple where is the best place praying to Kawagebo Peak and make your most beautiful wishes; view Sunset Glow over the Meili Mountain.

Day04:Deqin-Zuogong (350km) [3780m].about 230km are blacktop road in good condition, about 120km are mud road; some are under construction.
Place & Transport:Zuogong & Auto
Today's Activities:view from Feilai Temple the Meili Mountain’s verve in early morning, take picture of sunrise over Meili and Weisang (burning plants) Sacrifice; drive over the Hongla Snow Mountain (Hongla Natural Reserve); drive through, the first county we enter Tibet, Mangkang County [3780m] where live multiple nationalities; view from far the exclusive old saline; watch the unique scene of ‘Sanjiangbingliu’- the 3 rivers, Jinsha River, Lancang River and Nujiang River, meet here and run together in parallel for hundreds km; drive over the highest mountain pass on the Yuanan-Tibet tour route – Dongda Mountain (5008m).   

Special reminder: today’s itinerary is a test for each. On Dongda Mountain, the temperature of Bangda Grassland could be as low as 0 Celsius, but on the riverside of Lancang River and Nu River it could reach 20 Celsius; the altitude within the day is about 2500m.

Day05:Zuogong-Ranwu (270km) [3850m];blacktop road in good condition, except about 40km of mud road in the section of ‘99 Turns’.
Place & Transport:Ranwu & Auto
Today's Activities:visit Bangda Grassland; drive over the biggest natural barrier on the Hengduan Mountains – Yela Mountain Pass (4658m); drive through the ‘99 Turns’; stride over the Nujiang natural defense; pass Basu village (3850m) at the foot of Duola Divine Mountain; drive over Anjiula (4475m) and view the mountain meadows; enter Ranwugou with a far view of snow mountains and glaciers; visit the Ranwu Lake, a famous dammed lake on the plateau glacier, with an area of 22 square km at 3850m high; enjoy the view of snow mountains, virgin forests, pastures, crystal-clear waters, birds flying and rural sceneries all over the way.

Day06:Ranwu-Bomi (216km);blacktop road in good condition, except the section around Midui.
Place & Transport:Bomi & Auto 
Today's Activities:drive long the most beautiful section of the Yunan-Tibet Route and enjoy the scenery of woods, streamlets, eagles hovering in the sky, snow mountains, lakes and waters, farmlands and villages; visit the Midui Glacier (formed by 2 world-level ice falls which of them is over 800m high and 1000m wide; visit Zhamu Town of Bomi, surrounded by snow mountains and forests, called as tiny ‘Switzerland in Tibet’.

Day07:Bomi-Tongmai (140km);blacktop road in good condition, except the section of 16km between Tongmai and Pailong is sand & stone road.
Place & Transport:Tongmai & Auto
Today's Activities:enjoy the natural oxygen bar when drive through the virgin forest; visit the Yigong National Park Exhibition Hall to learn some local geologic and topographic features; drive through last natural barrier on the Yunan-Tibet Route – Tongmai, where the mountain bodies are loose and fragile (landslides and mud-rock flow are easily seen when storm comes or snow and ice melts. The famous 102 Landslide section is in here and called as ‘Death Road’). 

Day08:Tongmai-Yarlung Zangbo River/ Canyon (105km) -Bayi (80km) [3000m]
Place & Transport: Tongmai & Auto
Today's Activities:pass through the sea of forestry in Lulang; drive over the Sejila Mountain (4702m) wreathed with cloud and mist; watch the Namjagbarwa Peak (7787m, the 15th of the highest peaks in the world); drive through Linzhi (Nyingchi) Town at the lower reach valley of Niyang River; enjoy the scenery of the Yarlung Zangbo River and Canyon (Yarlung Zangbo Daxiagu) joining with Niyang River; visit the peach tree forest at the joint area; arrive at Bayi Town (2980m), the capital of Linzhi.

Road Condition: blacktop road in good condition, except the section of 16km between Tongmai and Pailong is sand & stone road.

Day09:Bayi-Lhasa (410km) [3650m]
Place & Transport:Lhasa & Auto
Today's Activities:enjoy the scenery along the Niyang River: grass fields, woods, farmlands, yaks eating grass, water-birds swimming; visit the ‘Zhongliudizhu’ (Firm Rock in Midstream) at Gongbujiangda; drive over the Mila Mountain (5013m); visit Muozhugongka - the hometown of the Tibetan King Srongtsen Gampo (617-650 A.D.); Drive along the Lhasa River and enter Lhasa at evening time. Bid farewell to vehicle, check in hotel; relax, walk around or just sit in the bar to aftertaste dribs and drabs of what you just experienced from the Yunan-Tibet Adventures.

Road Condition: blacktop road in good condition.

Day10:Full day visiting in Lhasa. (B)
Place & Transport:Lhasa & Auto
Today's Activities:Potala Palace and Square; Jokhang Monastery; Bakkur Street.

Day11:Depart Lhasa (B)
Place & Transport:Lhasa & Flight 
Today's Activities:Bid farewell to the Yunnan-Tibet adventure when we transfer to airport.

Price includes:

1.Accommodation: standards room, star-rating hotel in Lhasa;

2.Meals: as per itinerary (B=breakfast, L=lunch, D=dinner);

3.Sightseeing admission fee: main entrance fee only, as per itinerary;

4.Land transport: all-inclusive;

5.Free airport/hotel/airport transfers upon arrival and departure;

Price excludes:

1.Optional items as specified;

2.Airfares of arrival and departure;

3.Tips and gratuities for driver(s) and guide(s);

4.Small entrance fee or items not included in the main sightseeing admissions;

5.Regular or special medications;

6.Personal nature consumption or expenses.

Special declarations:

1.This itinerary is a special adventure route. The places we are traveling may scatter in some remote areas, and the condition of accommodation and road could be poor. The trip could be tough, even risky, which may differ far from regular city tours. Participants should consult with your doctor first, and prepare well both in body and mind before sign up the tour;

2.The altitude along the tour is over 3000m with a high of about 5000m, which could cause mountain sickness. People who suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure, respiratory disease or a bad cold, and those your doctor think inadvisable to enter the plateau are not allowed participating in such a tour.