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 Tengchong International Golf Club

    Tengchong International Golf Club which including an international standard 54-hole golf course, a five-star hotel and thousands of decent villas is the first tourism project of the Century Golden Resources Group. The golf course located in charming Tengchong county which is called “The First City on Boarder “ in Southwest China’s Yunnan province. The whole golf course covers an area of 6272MU, backing local civilization’s cradle mountain—Gaoligong Mountain in the East and the thousands year’s volcanoes group as well as Beihai water land in the North.
    The mild climate (no bitter cold and intense hot) original ecology environment ,rich cultural ambience ,unsophisticated local people and the glamour county of China make Tengchong a marvelous tourism resort in all seasons .Besides, the natural open-air hot spring contains many kinds of beneficial minerals will wash all your fatigue away.
    In recent years, making Tengchong a “County for Tourism” is the important part of its economic construction. And the project which is invested 30 billion Yuan by the Century Golden Resources Group is its locomotive one. The purpose is to create an ensville international golf course of Yunnan even in the world!
    The golf course is designed by a famous designer Mr.Roger Parked from America. He displays of creativity, based on classic and got European styles, Asian characteristics as well as America feelings together to make the whole golf course presents a strong sense of aristocratic flavors and unique artistic charm.
    The course is constituted with three 18-hole courses –East, Central and West course. Each with individual emphases but formed an organic unity. East course is designed in country style which involves a great many of water landscape and pastoral landscape. This course is suitable for elementary and intermediate golf lovers. Central one is rebuilt based on a meadow; the wide course is more suitable for those exclusive golf lovers. And the West one belongs to slope style golf course. Those steep, downward slopes and man-made lakes give an exciting challenge to professional linkman. The golf course still set aside 32 golf ranges and 6 of them for VIP members; a floodlit court at night provides those primary learners an all-weather enjoyment of golf.
     Now the west one is opened yet, the central one will be put into use in June 2010 and the east one is in the end of this year.
    Others: A five-star garden-like hotel (including cuisine entertainment conference tennis and SPA etc.) the SPA in the first floor covers an area of 5150m2 ,involves 11villas.All the water it use come from geothermal hot spring which has benefit in treatment.
    Here you could enjoy your life after work, get reward without risk. Please joint us to fulfill your dreams.

●Golf Course 1 :
Designer: Mr.Roger Parked(USA)
Opened: 1st Dec.2010
No. of Holes: 18 holes
Pars:  72

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