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                                              Baofeng  Lake

The Baofeng Lake is one of the five tour lines specially recommended by the Municipal Government of Zhangjiajie, it is a 4A Grade tourist area, which now has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS18001 international standard s certifications. It is situated in the core zone of the World Natural Heritage Wulingyuan, the only water topic sightseeing tour area in 264km2 core scenic area of Wulingyuan, and is the outdoor shooting location for the Huaguo Mountain and Water Curtain Cave in the famous teleplay "Journey to the West". This scenic area is characterized as pure, charming, lovely, and quiet. The Baofeng Lake is less than 2.5km long, less than 100m wide and less than 72m deep, but still clean, clear, quiet, like a green jade inserted among the mountains, thus it is called as the Sacred Wonderland by visitors.

There are not only green jade waters, but also magnificent peaks and fairy trees in the Baofeng Lake area. Several majestic peaks towering around the lakes, distributed with more than 20 characterized spots as magnificent peak flying waterfall, a gleam of sky, cliff plank way, Yingzui Peak, south sea stone forest, golden toad keeping moon in mouth, peacock spreading its feathers, fairy in the mirror and etc., especially the magnificent peak flying waterfall and cliff plank way are the most splendid. The magnificent peak flying waterfall is at the entrance of the scenic spot, flying from the 100m high place as a white silk hung down from the sky. Cliff plank way is excavated by manual on the cliff, zigzag, wandering up in the air and steep.

Where there is a mountain, there is water, and where a beautiful mountain exists, one can also find attractive water. The mountain gives rise to the water, and the water is the mountain's life-blood. The mountain is more splendid as it reflects the mountain. "Gracious people enjoy the mountains, and wise ones relish the water." "We can't regard them kind women if they find no interest in majestic mountains, neither consider them good men who have no taste for graceful waters." 

       Baofeng Lake is a veritable place of graceful mountains and charming waterway and for all the kind ,good gracious and wise people. Baofeng Lake is such a paradise that you would like to visit again and again, whether you have been here or not. "Located in the high gorges, a body of crystalline and calm water is surrounded by the emerald mountains." The lake is situated part way up the mountain range, 85 meters above the ground, and attains an altitude of 585 meters. Because of its association with the Baofeng Mountain Range, the lake bears the name of Baofeng. With an average depth of 72 meters, Baofeng Lake covers an area of 15 hectares, and can hold 6 million cubic meters of water at full capacity. This water is produced by rainfall, mountain springs and underground streams, and stays emerald all year around, so it is reputed as "Paradise in the Human World". Beautiful scenery in this area include: Baofeng Waterfall, Stone Gate Welcoming Guests, Peacock Displaying Colorful Tail, and Golden Toad Biting the Moon, Fairy Lady Reflected in the Lake and so on.

Baofeng lake situated in Suoxiyu Natural Reserve, it seats in the half way of eagle mountain, but not a natural lake. in 1970’s people fill the small faults of the lake with concrete to store water and .water level come up and beautiful lake takes shape, boat tour in the lake gives a lot of fun with the folk songs by girls in the boat, the tourists are expected to interact with the folk song girls by crossing singing, permanent waterfall at the entrance is a wonder.

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