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Yellow Dragon Cave    (Huanglong  Cave)

Huanglong Cave is located in the east of the military key scenic spot of source of imperial tomb of Zhangjiajie of natural legacy of the world, lying in a clear highway and place of 40 kilometers, the traffic is very convenient, is 35 kilometers from railway station , Zhangjiajie airport , Zhangjiajie bus stop of Zhangjiajie, quality of the highway is all roads of standard country, drive is only 30 minutes. Huanglong Cave is the trump scenic spot of natural legacy of the world, the first batch of AAAA grade scenic spot of China, good reputation of enjoying " the magical cave-dwelling of China , the wonder of world cave with stalactites and stalagmites ".

Huanglong Cave belongs to the typical karst karst ground form , has already verified the whole area of 48 hectares now, total length is 15 kilometers, vertical height is 140 meters, divide two layers of holes on land inside, two layers of water and hole. There are holes in Huanglong Cave hole, hole have river, solution condense but stalactite , stalagmite , stone that become spend, stone curtain , stone branch , stone tube , view of the cave , pearl of stone and coral ,etc. of stone spread all over by lime quality, it is not strange not to have, nothing is strange, like a magical underground "evil spirit palace ". Huanglong Cave forms the underground cave-dwelling taking the course of its own both at home and abroad with such expert tourist resources advantages as the high and wide cave heaven , deep and serene underground river , unsettled waterfall , intensive stalagmite ,etc.... The investigation conclusions of more than 70 experts of geological circle of China and foreign countries are: All contents of the cave that Huanglong Cave has nearly been taken on , is " all-round champion " of the world cave with stalactites and stalagmites.

The Yellow Dragon Cave system covers a proven area of 140 meters. The inner recess is divided into four layers, two dry ones and two possessing waterways. The tally of natural wonders includes: one natural reservoir, 2 underground rivers, 3 pools, 4 waterfalls, 13 grand halls, 96 passageways and hundreds of thousands of stalagmites, columns and stalactites. The Yellow Dragon Cave is so complex and unfathomable, possessing such a multitude of geological features, that it’s impossible for us to take them all in at one time. This “magical place” abounds with all the sceneries that we can enjoy in the karst caves and the stalagmites are in all different shapes. Many famous scenic spots have been developing: the Dragon Dance Hall, Sounding River, Immortal Waterfall, Heaven Pillar Street, and the Dragon Palace.

Huanglong Cave develop dragon dance hall , loud water river , famous beauty spot , water of beauty and street , Dragon Palace , maze ,etc. of Tianzhu already now.

Except for a short distance near the entrance, we won’t have to do any backtracking in the cave. The entire tour takes about two hours—2400 meters by land and an additional 800 meters by water.

   Yellow Dragon Cave situated in Suoxiyu natural reserve, .15 minutes drive from Suoxiyu town, 1 hour drive from Zhangjiajie City, 20 minutes drive from Zhangjiajie National Park, and people spend 2 hours in the cave.

   Yellow Dragon Cave is the longest one in Asia ; it is an incomparable realm of gigantic subterranean chambers, fantastic cave formations, and extraordinary features. Today many of the wonders of Yellow dragon cave are well known, yet the experience of exploring its chambers. is every bit as exciting. The cave remained mystic to local villagers before the first caving adventure took place in 1982; they believe it was the holy home for yellow dragon and spirits. Now the routes are well paved and well lighted. Sturdy walking shoes, flashlights, and water are required when you explore the cave.

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