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                                          Ten Li Gallery

A clever and enterprising barber opened a beauty shop and named it "Ten Li Beauty Shop" (in Chinese, the word for beauty shop and gallery sound the Ten Li Gallery, and brings the owner thriving business of this gallery.
Someone has aptly noted that Ten Li Gallery is a "painting" produced by Great Nature; it was done at the zenith of her imagination and it expresses her unsurpassed skills! The valley extends 4 kilometers and is wider than the Golden Whip Stream. All of the amazing peaks and captivating rock formations have developed on both sides of the valley; it's as if he or she is stepping into a graceful portrait of mountains and waterways. On the journey, one encounters such scenic spots as: the God of Longevity Greeting Guests, the Herb Picking Old Man, and the Three Sisters Peaks.
Ten-mile Gallery Round-trip Small Train