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Forest sightseeing cable car

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There are two cable cars in the park, one near Zhangjiajie Cun that runs for half a mile up to the top of Huang Shi Zhai, and one a few miles to the east that goes near Suoxiyu Cun another half mile to a road to the north. Many other roads go across the park, and many hiking trails go in between those.

There are two main ticketing gates, one at Zhangjiajie (West side) and one at Wulingyuan (East side). From each of those gates there are buses that take you up to the actual park entrance for free.

Huangshizhai Cable Car: It lies to the west of Zhangjiajie Forest Park with an altitude of 1200m and covers an area of 250mu.You can take a cable car to Huangshizhai where you will appreciate the daunting rock columns.From the top, enjoy spectacular views of the forest with rough landscape

Forest sightseeing cable car

In order that tourists may enjoy the scenery on the summit at a higher angle and with a broader vision and numerous Buddhists may reach Tian Men Mountain Temple in the north of the summit faster with ease, Tian Men Mountain scenic area has built a summit sightseeing hanging chair cableway starting from Yunmeng Fairy Summit and ending at the Cherry Bay with a whole length of 800 m. Both the design of the car and adjustment speed render the tourists with full time and space for touring the summit and one feels as if he is walking on the garden in the air with absolute satisfaction.

Tianzi Mountain Cable Car An Austria-imported cable car was built on the cliff of Tianzi Mountain Scenic Area, which offers a perfect angle to see the stunning views. But in some parts the cable cars will be suspended over half of the sky; it is so steep, not recommended for the faint- hearted.The new cableway on Tianzi Mountain is new and is 2,084 meters long. As the cable car runs across the dizzying peaks, passengers get a full view of the spectacular landscape that cannot be enjoyed and other way.

Zhangjiajie scenic spot in Hunan, China

Zhangjiajie Park, the original name Heaven and Earth Pillar to
Avatar Hallelujah Mountain, launches wholly transparent cable car for tourists.

Zhangjiajie Park, the original name Heaven and Earth Pillar to
Avatar Hallelujah Mountain, launches wholly transparent cable car for tourists.
A scenic spot in China introduced wholly transparent cable cars for tourists to better view the mountain sceneries, in Zhangjiajie, southern China's Hunan Province.
Zhangjiajie National Mountain Park started to introduce the service from this Wednesday (September 1, 2010), and tourists can not only view the sceneries from four sides, but can look through the floor to the bottom of the valley.
The maximum height of the cable lines is 430 meters (1411 ft).
The first batch of tourists who tried the transparent car is a family of five from Shanghai. On the route, the family was so excited that they shot the whole journey, and the woman in the family was so scared in the car that she had to retract her feet all the time during the cable journey.
This time the park only changed 5 among 56 carts into transparent ones, and tourists take their chance to get one of the transparent cars.
The cable company said the possibility of taking the transparent car is 9%.
Zhangjiajie Park is well-known in China as last year it changed one of its mountains from the original name Heaven and Earth Pillar to Avatar Hallelujah Mountain.
As the Park spokesman Shi Cheng said, "We had a photographer from Hollywood here in 2008 and he shot a lot of pictures of the forest scenery - in particular the Heaven and Earth Pillar. We were then amazed to see it had become the basis for the movie's floating mountains."

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