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5 Days Zhangjiajie  Classic Tour Itinerary

                    Miracle tour to Avatar floating Hallelujah Mount 
Avatar, directed by James Cameron, has so far sold $1.841 billion worth of tickets worldwide, making it the biggest international release of all time. Floating Hallelujah Mountains featured in Hollywood blockbuster Avatar” have the prototypes in Zhangjiajie.
as a Hollywood photographer spent time shooting there in 2008.‘Avatar Makes Its Mark on China’s Zhangjiajie, Zhangjiajie has renamed one of the spires called Southern Sky Column to Avatar Hallelujah Mountain, The name change seemed to be an effort to stir up the interest of world wide tourists, who have helped “Avatar” sell more than $200 million in tickets, breaking box office records.Travel companies have already begun .offering tours that emphasize the regions resemblance to Pandora, the lush alien moon depicted in the film.
The quartz sandstone pillar is strikingly similar to the kind seen in the Hallelujah Mountains in Avatar, which became the first film to earn more than $100 million in China.
However, the renaming has drawn intense criticism online.
The \South Pillar of the Heaven\, about 300 meters above the ground at a height of 1,074 meters above sea level, is a famous scenic attraction.
During a recent visit to China, the film\s director, James Cameron, said the floating peaks were modeled after Huangshan Mountain in Anhui Province
. However, Deng Daoli, a local resident who has worked at the Wulingyuan national park for years, pointed out the Huangshan mountains are actually granite, and that the photographs seemed to show that the model for the Avatar mountains was the Zhangjiajie .pillars.
Tourists can now join a Magical tour to Avatar-Pandora or a Miracle tour to Avatars floating mountain”
Pandora is far but Zhangjiajie is near!
Welcome to Zhangjiajie to see Avatars Hallelujah Mountains and discover the real world of Pandora

Tour Code:HNT-012
Duration: 5days
Tour route: Zhangjiajie- Yaozizhai- Yuanjiajie- Yangjiajie- Tianzishan-Tianmenshan
Highlight:View beautiful scenery and natural heritage at Zhangjiajie National Forest Park Appreciate natural sights of trees, almost straight up and down mountains, streams and wild lives Enjoy uncanny workmanship by nature in Yellow Dragon Cave

Arrive in Zhangjiajie,a warm welcome from your guide and driver and transfer to your hotel.
Attractions in Zhangjiajie Park,take Bailong elevator to Yuanjiajie-world natural heritage site, as a Hollywood photographer spent time shooting there in 2008. ‘Avatar’ Makes Its Mark on China’s .Zhangjiajie, Floating Hallelujah Mountains featured in Hollywood blockbuster Avatar” ,the prototypes in Zhangjiajie,grand and tactile forest landscape,it seems vertiginously suspended with sky above and chasms below.   in the afternoon hiking in Golden whip brook (7.5 km long 3 hours walk), Golden Whip Brook which is reputed as the most beautiful canyon in the world and Golden Whip Stream is famous for its pristine water, its verdant mountains, its steep cliffs and its serene valley. As a veritable paradise for plants, its pathways are adorned by an abundance of flowers, trees, and grasses. Then too, this place is a kingdom fit for various fauna-birds, fishes and land animals.  Such comparable scenic poetry is only to be found in fairy tales. 
Zhangjiajie entrance admission ¥248

Bailong Elevator  Claimed to be the world’s tallest glass elevator, Bailong Elevator is built onto the side of a huge cliff in Zhangjiajie and takes you a whopping 1,070 feet high Bailong elevator one way ¥56..(we recommend night show-magic Xiangxi folk show)

Attractions in
Zhangjiajie Tianzi Mount, Tianzi Mount means King’s mountain in English, because its Tujia minority chief-Xiang Dakun’s uprising in Ming dynasty 500 years ago recorded in the history. Xiang Dakun is honored as a king. In Tianzi Mount the huge forests of pillars stand foursquare against the distant blue hills, announcing themselves to be the very treasures that Unesco declares them to be.Tianzi Mount present itself in distinctive shape, geological speaking, and the rock formation is older than that in Yuanjiajie, you will have fantastic experience of stunning views.
in the afternoon hiking down along lying dragon ridge and shilihualang (10-mile pictureque gallery for 3 hours)

Mt Tianzishan and One Way Cable Car Tianzi Mount cable one way ¥52.

Ten-mile Gallery Round-trip Small Train 
Day 4.
In the morning attractions in  Huanglong Cave ¥82,The Yellow Dragon Cave has four layers and covers an area of about 20 square kilometers. With a vertical height up to 100 meters, the cave is composed of one storage, two streams, three waterfalls, four pools, 13 platforms and 46 corridors, as well as countless stalagmites.
Among all stalactites in the Huanglong Cave, the most miraculous are Ding Hai Shen Zhen (sea-calming needle) and Long Wang Bao Zuo (Dragon King’s Throne). Ding Hai Shen Zhen stands 19.2 meters high at a diameter of 10 cm. In 1998, Ding Hai Shen Zhen is insured for the value of one hundred million yuan.
In the afternoon attrationsBaofeng Lake¥76, Baofeng Lake is a veritable place of graceful mountains and charming waterway and for all the kind ,good gracious and wise people. Baofeng Lake is such a paradise that you would like to visit again and again, whether you have been here or not. Located in the high gorges, a body of crystalline and calm water is surrounded by the emerald mountains. The lake is situated part way up the mountain range, 85 meters above the ground, and attains an altitude of 585 meters. Because of its association with the Baofeng Mountain Range, the lake bears the name of Baofeng. With an average depth of 72 meters, Baofeng Lake covers an area of 15 hectares, and can hold 6 million cubic meters of water at full capacity.permanent waterfall at the entrance is a wonder, movie Avatar waterfall.
Attractions in 天门山Tianmen Mountain ¥258,Tianmenshan Mountain is uniquely skyscraping and domineering. Tianmen cave the natural mountain-penetrating karst cave with the highest elevation in the world, hangs on the towering cliff. The cave become the unique sight under heaven and breeds the profound and grand heaven culture of Fairy Mountain in the local area. Tianmenshan Mountain is the second national forest park in Zhangjiajie. On the mountaintop are intact sub-primitive forests with overflowing wild atmosphere in all the seasons. In addition, the densely populated karst hillocks and karrens plus the mating of strange rocks and graceful trees .create a grand garden of bonsai as if blessed by the God. Tianmenshan Mountain Temple, with an area of over 10000 square meters, has been honored as a pilgrimage site ever since the Ming Dynasty. It is the .Buddhist center of Western Hunan. The six unresolved mysteries in the past hundreds of years such as Opening of Tianmen cave, shadow of Guigu(famous ancient Toaist), and Auspicious Unicorn have added the mysterious and elusive atmosphere for Tianmenshan Mountain. Some grand events held in Tianmenshan Mountain, in 1999 international stunt plane flying through the .Tianmenshan cave openning draw worldwide attention, 1n 2010, Freddy Rock, a tightrope walker from Switzerland, and Saimaiti Aishan, the seventh-generation Dawazi (high-wire) stuntman from Chinas Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region competed in speed, distance and difficulty of high wire walking. The two .staged a spectacular performance on the last portion of the steel wire which runs at a 42-degree gradient and is more than 500 meters away from the bottom of the valley at the highest point.A lot of hiking in the mountain,Transfer to Zhangjiajie airport.

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· Tour guide service ;
· Transportation to other scenic spots and transfer to Zhangjiajie airport;
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