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Delicacy  Festivals  and  Celebrations

  • 0168.jpgThe Inauguration Ceremony of the Zhejiang Activity, Culinary Kingdom - China 2003
  • Time: January 1
  • Venue: Ten famous restaurants of Hangzhou
  • Sponsor: Zhejiang Provincial Tourism Bureau
  • What's on: It is a delicacy festival featuring Zhejiang local customs and Hangzhou special dishes.


Guangzhou International Delicacy Festival 0168.jpg

  • Time: Between the New Year's Day to the Spring Festival
  • Venue: Guangzhou
  • Sponsor: Guangdong Provincial Tourism Bureau Responsible unit: Guangzhou Tourism Bureau
  • What's on: Guangzhou International Delicacy Festival is held once a year, integrating catering, recreation, trade, commerce and tourism, with distinct local characteristics.


Tolling the Bell at the Jingci Temple in Hangzhou to Welcome the New Year

  • Time: From the evening of December 31, 2002 to the early morning on January I, 2003
  • Venue: Hangzhou
  • Sponsors: Zhejiang Provincial Tourism Bureau and Hangzhou Tourism Committee
  • What's on: A large social activity to welcome the New Year will be held, which will be attended by domestic and foreign honored guests. The principal leader of the Zhejiang Provincial Government will attend the activity and deliver a message of congratulation on the New Year. During the activity, several hundred domestic and foreign tourists will be invited to a banquet to taste famous dishes and delicacies of Zhejiang.


    Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival

    • Time: January 5-February 25
    • Venue: Ten ski runs in Harbin City and Scenic Area of Sun Island
    • Sponsors: National Tourism Administration, Heilongjiang People's Government and Harbin City People's Government
    • Responsible unit: Harbin Ice and Snow Tour Office
    • What's on: During the festival, various kinds of activities, such as ice and snow carnival, swimming, ice and snow sculptures and skiing, will be held, with the Zhaolin Park Ice Lantern Art Fair, Sun Island Snow Sculpture Exhibition, and Ice and Snow World as the mainstay. All major hotels and restaurants will hold the northeast China delicacy week and delicacy activities, and promote various kinds of local special food and green food banquets.


    • The Fifth China Heilongjiang International Skiing Festival
    • Time: December 5, 2002-January 25, 2003
    • Venue: Harbin, Yabuli Ski Tourism and Holiday Resort and other main ski runs
    • Sponsors: National Tourism Administration, Heilongjiang Provincial People's Government and Harbin City People's Government
    • Responsible units: Heilongjiang Tourism Bureau and Harbin Tourism Bureau
    • What's on: Two grand inauguration ceremonies will be held in the Longzhu Erlong Hill Ski Run and the Yabuh Ski Tourism and Holiday Resort, respectively. Various kinds of activities will be held, such as skiing, snow recreational and performance activities, the Northeast China Delicacy Week and Ice and Snow Delicacy Activity. During the festival, all major hotels in Harbin will promote various kinds of delicacies.


    Long Street Banquet of Hani Ethnic Minority

    • Time: January 5-7
    • Venue:Ezha Township, Yuanyang County. Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan Province
    • Sponsor: Honghe Prefecture Tourism Bureau
    • Responsible Unit: Yuanyang County Tourism Bureau
    • What's on: 1. Large "Yuanyang Night" Song and Dance Evening Party. 2. Attending the "Long Street Banquet" in Ezha Township, and singing and dancing with local ethnic minority people. 3. Appreciating the rural scenery and folk customers and having lunch together with villagers.


    • Attending the Activity of "Touring Northeast China and Tasting Aromatic Jilin Local Dishes" in Changchun City
    • Time: January 8-February 18
    • Venue: Changchun City
    • Sponsor: Changchun City People's Government
    • Responsible Units: Changchun City Tourism Bureau and Commerce Committee of Changchun
    • What's on: 1. Tasting aromatic Jilin local dishes, sponsoring the green food week, and promoting the promotion month for Jilin dishes. 2. Appreciating local customs of northeast China.

    Chaozhou Delicacy Culture Festival

    • Time: February 18-21
    • Venue: Chaozhou City proper
    • Sponsor: Chaozhou City People's Government
    • What's on:1. The opening ceremony of the Chaozhou Delicacy Culture Festival. 2. Chaozhou Food Fair. 3. Tasting Chaozhou local snacks. 4. Organizing the performance of Chaozhou Opera and music. 5. Theatrical makeup parade. 6. Setting off fireworks to welcome the new millennium.


    • The Opening Ceremony for "Best Food in Central China" - 2003 Henan Culinary Delights Tour
    • Time: February Ncnue: Henan Shifu Restaurant, Zhengzhou
    • Sponsors: Henan Provincial Tourism Bureau and Zhengzhou City People's Government
    • What's on: With "ever-lasting Henan Cuisine and characteristics" as the theme, the opening ceremony will gather famous chefs and dishes from Henan Province to display well-selected materials and ingredients, and high skills in the use of a kitchen knife and various kinds of seasonings. Famous chefs from all Four-star hotels or above in Zhengzhou will demonstrate their cookie, skills on the spot.

    China Jinlin Songhua Lake Summer Tourism Festival Jilin City Delicacy Festival

    • Time: April to November
    • Venue: Jilin
    • Sponsor: The Organizing Committee of China. Jilin Songhua Lake Summer
    • What's on: 1. In April every year when the ice on the lake starts to thaw, tourists may taste delicious fish. 2. A tough competition for cooking skills of famous chefs. 3. In cooperation with this activity, two tourist routes which integrate beautiful scenery and delicacies will be promoted: The first tourist route includes viewing waterfalls and tasting delicious fish in Qingling, and climbing Lafa Mountain. The second tourist route includes a tour of Songhua Lake, and tasting fish as soon as the ice on the lake is thawed.


    • China Peony Banquet Tasting Activity
    • Time: April I0-May 10
    • Venue: Luoyang
    • Sponsor: Henan Provincial Tourism Bureau
    • What's on: By taking part in this activity, domestic and foreign tourists can not only appreciate beautiful scenery, but also enjoy delicious food and feel Luoyang Culture of Henan Province.

    China Chongqing Eighth Three-Gorge International Tourism Festival

    • Time: April 25-May 5 every year
    • Venue: Chongqing Municipality
    • Sponsors: National Tourism Administration and Chongqing Municipal People's Government
    • Responsible Unit: Chongqing Tourism Bureau
    • What's on: In light of local culture and tourist characteristics of Chongqing, the grand opening ceremony of Chongqing Three-Gorge International Tourism Festival will be held, in addition to Nanshan Quanshuiji Tourism Culture Festival and other series activities.


    The Opening Ceremony of the Ningxia Culinary Tour and Islamic Snacks and Delicacy Festival

    • Time: April 26-May 7
    • Venue: Yinchuan City proper
    • Sponsor: People's Government of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region
    • What's on: During the festival, Islamic snacks of Ningxia will be displayed, thus integrating a tour of Ningxia with delicacy, and making domestic and foreign tourists have a better understanding of Ningxia's catering culture and local customs.


    Shanxi Jinshang (Shanxi Merchant) Flour Food Festival

    • Time: April 26-May 16
    • Venue: Shanxi Merchant Folk Custom Tourist Area includes Yuci District, Qixian County and Pingyao County
    • Sponsors: Shanxi Tourism Bureau, Shanxi Culinary Association and Jinzhong Foreign Affairs and Tourism Bureau
    • What's on: 1. The opening ceremony of the "Shanxi Jinshang Flour Food Festival" and the flour food preparation show. 2. Famous chefs will prepare flour food on the spot and tourists may taste it. 3. Shanxi Flour Food Preparation Competition. 4. Holding the exhibition of flour food of Central Shanxi and introducing flour food culture in a systematic way.


    Ningxia Delicacy and Culture Exhibition and Sales Activity

    • Time: July 18-28
    • Venue: Yinchuan City, Shizuishan City, Wuzhong City and Shahu Tourism Area
    • Sponsor: The People's Government of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region
    • What's on: Various kinds of famous, excellent and new local snacks from various areas will be on display, in addition to the exhibition of Islamic food and the show of the Ningxia folk delicacy art, and folk culture and art.

    Pengcheng Delicacy Month

    • Time: October 1-31
    • Venue: Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province
    • What's on: 1. A tour of the homeland of China's originator of cooking. Peng Zu is commonly known as the earliest ancestor of Chinese chefs and the originator of cooking. A tour of Peng Zu's homeland will take it as the theme of "seeking the ancient traces of Peng Zu and tasting the food created by him." 2. Han Imperial Palace Banquet and Delicacy Festival. Thanks to the study of historical records on the cuisine of the Eastern and Western Han dynasties and traditional culinary techniques over many years, the chefs of Xuzhou have created the Han Imperial Palace Banquet with profound cultural connotations. 3. The competition and exhibition of famous dishes and snacks of Xnzhou.


    Ordos Delicacy Festival of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

    Time: Mid July-mid August

    Venue: Dongsheng District, Chengling Tourism Area and Xiangsha Bay Tourism Area of Ordos City

    • What's on: 1. Zhama Banquet, or Palace Banquet, is the grandest palace banquet of Mongolian ethnic group in ancient times, integrating the banquet, songs and dances, games and sports. 2. The Ordos wedding banquet features strong ethnic rind local characteristics. 3. The display of high-quality Mongolian milk, meat and flour products of Ordos.


    Henan Kaifeng Chrysanthemum Banquet

    • Time: October 18-November 18
    • Venue: Kaifeng
    • Sponsor: Henan Tourism Bureau
    • What's on: The annual chrysanthemum fair is a tourism and cultural activity for displaying folk culture of Song Dynasty and appreciating chrysanthemums. During the fair, the traditional chrysanthemum banquet will be promoted, including chrysanthemum dumplings, cakes and tea.


    Chengdu Delicacy and Hot Pot Festival

    • Time: October
    • Venue: Chengdu
    • Sponsor: Chengdu City People's Government
    • Responsible Units: Chengdu City Tourism Bureau and Chengdu Trade and Grain Bureau
    • What's on: Tasting delicacies and various hot pots, and enjoying the demonstrations of cooking techniques.


    Xishuangbanna Dai Delicacy Festival

    • Time: November 1-30 Venue: Mania Village, Hongzhen Town, Yunjing
    • Sponsor: Xishuangbanna Prefecture Tourism Bureau
    • Responsible Units: Mania Village Committee of Liongzhen Town, Yunjing and all travel services in Xishuangbanna
    • What's on: Inviting guests to visit Dai villages, Dai residential houses, participate in the preparation of Dai food and taste home-made Dai delicacies.


    Guangdong Shantou "Chaoshan Delicacy Festival "

    • Time: October-November every year
    • Venue: Chaoshan Area
    • Sponsors: Guangdong Tourism Bureau and Shantou People's Government
    • What's on: The Chaoshan Delicacy Festival, the largest-scale delicacy activity in east Guangdong Province, attracts a large number of domestic and foreign guests and counterparts in tourism circles every year. They are offered the opportunity to taste a wide variety of delicacies

    Chinese Festivals Chinese festivals are colorful and noisy affairs, often with thousands of people turning out to join in the celebration. Fireworks, festive feasting, lion and fire dragon dancers, incense smoke, Chinese opera, Bun towers, Chinese new year market, Dragon boat racing and parades come together in a variety of combinations to create a uniquely festive atmosphere seen nowhere else in the world.

    Traditional Chinese Festivals   Boasting rich cultural meaning and a long history, traditional Chinese festivals compose an important and brilliant part of Chinese culture. Almost every festival has its own unique origins and customs which reflect the traditional practices and morality of the whole Chinese nation and its people. The grandest and most popular festivals are the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival, the Qingming Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Double Seventh Festival, the Mid-autumn Festival, the Chongyang Festival, and the Laba Festival.

     Major Festivals of Ethnic Minorities in ChinaAs China is a vast land and has many ethnic groups, different ethnic groups have different festivals in different places. Even on the same festival, they follow different customs. Here we introduce some important and commonly celebrated festivals. In fact, these traditional festivals have absorbed nourishment from different regions and various ethnic cultures and are a precious cultural heritage for the whole Chinese nation and its guests.