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China Flower / Scented Tea

Chinese Flower Tea is a unique class of Chinese tea. It subdivides into Flower Tea and Scented Tea.  Flower Tea is a simple concept where dried flowers are used, without much processing, to make tea. Scented Tea uses green tea, red tea as base and mix with scent of flowers. Chinese Flower Tea has light to medium flavor and medium to strong aroma.
Although, many teas are still flavored directly with flowers, herbs, spices, or even smoke, teas with more specialized flavors are produced through

Jasmine: Traditionally, jasmine petals are used to make a lightly scented tea. Scented teas differ from flavored teas in that the flower petals are tossed with the tea leaves to infuse the leaves with their scent. Scented teas are typically made with lightly oxidized pouchong teas.

Now the scented teas, the most delicate and fragrant. They are first-grade green teas mixed with dried scented flowers, usually jasmine or Yulan (a kind of magnolia). The best jasmine tea comes from Fujian which produces large heavily-scented flowers and loose-textured tea leaves which absorb the fragrance well. The choicest grade of jasmine-scented tea is the 'Chun Feng (Spring Breeze), so called because the early Spring, when the breeze blows in the Fujian mountains is the best time to pick the tenderest tea leaves. Much skill is needed in blending, the scenting of the tea being usually done at night. The freshly picked jasmine is kept in a cool place till nightfall. When the flowers start to open and give off their scent, they are put next to the previously heaped tea leaves in a given ratio. The dry leaves absorb the fragrance. Ordinary grades are scented two or three times; the special grades even more. This process was formerly carried out by hand but now by machine.

Scented tea is processed from first-class green tea scented with sweet-smelling flowers. The scented teas are named after the flower with which the tea is scented: Jasmine Tea, Yu-lan Tea. Processed with flowers of subtle and distinctive scents, the teas yield a variety of refined flavor. The rich aroma of the flower and the brisk taste of the tea make the beverage a work of art.The production of truly outstanding scented teas is a matter of balancing flavor with aromatics. The result is the combination of an exceptional tea,
complemented by an aroma of flowers or fruit oils. Scented tea should be made with the highest quality spring picked leaf and scented several times, using only fresh flowers or oils. Scented teas are fragrant and tempting and a treasure for any tea lover.
Yin-hao is a balanced aromatic green tea. This top grade jasmine scented green with white, downy tips infuses to a pale green cup with a delicate, sweet flavor.
In traditional Chinese medicine, chrysanthemum tea is also used to treat the eyes, and is said to clear the liver and the eyes. It is believed to be effective in treating eye pain associated with stress or yin/fluid deficiency. It is also used to treat blurring, spots in front of the eyes, diminished vision, and dizziness. The liver is associated with the element Wood which rules the eyes and is associated with anger, stress, and related emotions.

China Scented Teas

 The most famous and preferred type is the delicious jasmine tea. The base is a green (non-fermented) tea,

blended with fresh plucked jasmine flowers during the manufacturing process.

Flower tea is sometimes called scented tea / The base of flower tea can be black, green or other , then ingredients like flower petals might be added /  Flower tea is popular in northern China. 

High grade Jasmine quality. Fine produced leaf and white tips with a delightful jasmine flavour

 Chung Hao is probably the finest quality jasmine scented tea. It has a fabulously perfumed aroma, a sweet, delicate taste and is indeed a specialty. A top quality tea with a fine green leaf crowned with delicate silver buds - a specialty!

Tai Ping - Hou Kui

A step down from our Jasmine with flowers. The color is bright orange and has a light jasmine taste

Known as the oldest scented tea from the high mountains of Hunan province, this selected green tea is scented with delicate white jasmine blossoms.

China Jasmine Tea with Flowers

Fine green tea flavoured with jasmine flowers

the Yuan leadership seated its capital in Beijing, a place with relatively poor water for brewing tea.  Some people suspect that the custom of drinking scented tea began its rise to prominence during this time, from China's northern capital. To this day, scented teas remain popular in Northern China, jasmine and flower blends being the staple offering of Beijing tea houses.