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Worth Values(1)

1-----You can't argue with success

Though you may tell someone they are doing something in a wrong way, you have to stop criticizing them if their method works.

2-----Nothing succeeds like success

Like money in a savings account, success seems to compound itself. Aperson who has a small success expects it to be followed by a biggerone.

3-----The end justifies the means

It does not matter how you succeed. Any method is all right if it worksfor you. This proverb is not always accepted. Often one hears theopposite, " the end doesn't justifies the means."

4-----If you can't beat them, join them

If you cannot compete successfully with a person or a group, stopcompeting and go join them. Then you can share in their success.

5-----Always a day late and a dollar short

A criticism of a person who never succeeds. The failures may not bedrastic but the pattern of small failures is annoying to others,especially in two areas that Americans value as highly as time andmoney.

6-----One thing at a time

Concentration leads to success. The person who tires to do too many things at once may fail at all of them.

7-----We'll cross that bridge when we come to it

We will not discuss or worry about a future problem. If and when the problem becomes urgent, we will deal with it.

8-----Don't put the cart before the hourse

Do things in a sensible order. For example, do something to impressyour boss before you ask for a raise in pay. Don't ask for the raisefirst.

9-----All's fair in love and war

Do not trust a rival or an enemy at all. His or her desire to succeedwill overrule everything else. Such a people may lie, cheat, attack ordo many other things far more terrible than he or she would normally do.

10-----When in Rome do as the romans do

Flexibility leads to success in unfamiliar circumstances. People maychanges their normal way of doing things in order to fit in better withthose they are visiting.

11------Easy does it

Some things require gentleness for success. One should not push too hard. Force may cause damage

12-----The bigger they are, the harder they fall

Do not be discouraged by the size of your problem or the fame of yourcompetitor. (the saying is traced to a boxer preparing to fight anopponent much larger than he was.)

13-----All is well that ends well

If we can come to a successful conclusion, let us forget about the pain and mistakes along the way.

14-----Go for it

Go ahead and try to achieve your goal. Don't worry about failing.Similar to this proverb--God provides food to every bird, but he won'tcast to its nest, you got to earn it.

15-----Every little bit helps

If someone apologizes for giving only a small gift, the recipient mayencourage the giver by quoting this proverb. This is especially true ifthere is a huge job to do or a huge amount of money to be raised frommany people.

16-----Look before you leap

Don't jump into a situation carelessly. You may land in difficulty.

17-----All that glitters is not gold

Do not be fooled by worthless things that seem valuable or look attractive.

"Fool's gold " is the popular name for a kind of stone that glitters like gold but contains no gold at all.

18------Curiosity killed the cat

Do not ask too many questions or become too curious about things. Youmay get yourself into trouble like a cat that does not see the dangerin a new situation.

19-----Don't put all your eggs in one basket

Do not risk everything in one place or on one project. Divide yoursources that one failure will not ruin you. Similar to thisproverb---Do not use both feet to test the depth of the river.

20-----Don't bite off more than you can chew

Do not attempt something too large for you to handle.

21-----Too good to be ture

This is often used to warn about advertising. An offer looks good but turns out to be misleading.

22-----Flattery will get you nowhere

If flattery (insincere praise) is recognized, it will not succeed. Onesometimes hears the opposite, Flattery will get you everywhere.

23-----There is no such thing as a free lunch

If someone you do not know offers you a free lunch or other gift, watchout. The gift may be a method of getting something from you.

24------Pride goes before a fall

Do not be over-confident and careless. Your circumstances may change quickly and the emptiness of your bragging will be exposed.

25------Better safe than sorry

It is better not to take a risk than to take a risk foolishly.

26-----Winning isn't everything

One may enjoy the process of playing a game whether one wins or not.This traditional proverb is now often heard in the opposite form,Winning isn't everything. It's the only thing!

27------Time will tell

Wait and see how something will work out. Don't trust a person or thing too much right now.

28-----The burned child shuns fire

Some of life's lessons are learned the hard way. The person who has hadto pay for a mistake will be careful not to make that mistake again.

29-----There are other fish in the sea

There are opportunities! For example, this may be used to encouragesomeone who has just broken off a relationship with a sweetheart.

30-----Don't count your chickens before they are hatched

Do not become too confident of success before you can see that progress is happening.

31-----Rome wasn't built in a day

Do not be discouraged if your goal still seems far away. On a big project, success takes time!

32-----There is more here than meets the eye

Be careful. People are hiding something in order to protect themselves or take advantage of you.

33-----The customer is always right

Businesses instruct their clerks not to do anything that might threatena customer's self-esteem, no matter how unreasonable the customer is.Any complaint of any customer must be carefully and politely heard byany employee. The customer must not be made to feel ignorant.

34-----Be true to yourself

Do not compromise yourself or your beliefs in order to please otherpeople or fit in with a system. Know who you are. Let other people knowwhat you stand for. Do not give in to pressure to conform or to dothings you do not agree with.

35-----Once bitten, twice shy

This may be used to explain the behavior of a person who is overlycautious about something. The wise person makes mistakes but does notusually make the same mistake twice.

36-----It isn't over till the fat lady sings

I refuse to admit defeat yet. Though right now it looks like I mayfall, there is still time for things to change. (The "fat lady" is aninsulting reference to an opera soloist, opera often end with a femalesolo.)

37-----To each his own

Each individual should be allowed to have his or her own preferences.people will naturally choose different activities, goals, life-s, etc.

38-----Looking out for number one

Looking out for one's own personal welfare more than anything else.This is sometimes used to criticize a person who has abused or takenadvantage of someone else, "All he was doing was looking out for numberone." Or it may be used to defend himself or herself, "There is nothingwrong with what I did. I was just looking out for number one."

39-----When the going gets tough, the tough get going

When situation is difficult, only the determined people can handle it. They don't give up!

40-----Times flies when you are having fun

A day seems shot when it is full of enjoyable things but it seems like an eternity if one is idle or stuck with a boring job.

41-----If it feels good, do it

Live according to your desires at the moment. Forget about rules, regulations or consequences. Just have fun.

42-----Live and let live

Do not be judgmental. Do not try to control or punish other people.

You live as you like and let others live as they like.

43-----Variety is the spice of life

Variety is what makes life pleasureable. Boredom is seen as a threat and monotony is the surest route to boredom.

44------Money talks

Wealth has influence. People who make big contributions to politicalcandidates are "talking" to the candidates and expecting them tolisten.

45-----All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

This is used to criticize someone who takes work too seriously. It affirms that play is as an essential part of human life.

46-----The more the merrier

This is a way of welcoming someone to participate. It means, the bigger the group, the bigger the party.

47------A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

A thing you already have is worth twice as much as a thing you might get in the future.

48-----You can't have your cake and eat it too

Make up your mind. Sometimes one must choose between two very desirable things, giving up one thing in order to enjoy the other.

49-----There is more than one way to skin a cat

Any of several methods may bring about the desired result. Each personmay choose the method that best suits her. If one method does not work,choose a different one and try again.

50-----One man's meat is another man's poison

Since the same thing may affect different people in different ways,each person must choose the things that will work in his or herparticular case.