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Worth Values(3)
101-----Many hands make light work

Cooperation makes a job much easier.

102-----There is safety in numbers

Do not take large risks all by yourself. Do not walk alone on a dangerous street at night.

103-----Charity begins at home

One should be kind to close relatives before doing good to the community in general.

104-----There is no place like home

Home is the best place in the world. The most relaxing and enjoyable place.

105-----Silence is consent

Do not stay silent when you see a problem or an injustice. Speak outagainst it. Say, "Enough is enough." or people will think you do notmind the situation.

106-----What goes around comes around

What you do to others, especially if it is bad, will eventually be doneto you. As you seek your own success, do not treat other people badly.They may take revenge and spoil your success.

107-----Honesty is the best policy

When one is tempted to cheat, this proverb serves as a reminder of theimportance of good character. Honesty brings trust and trust leads tosuccess.

108-----If the shoe fits, wear it

If an accusation is true, accept the blame. This saying can also mean, " if a suitable opportunity comes to you, take it!"

109-----You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink

Even when given an opportunity, some people will not use it. In that case the blame is all on him.

110-----You made the bed, you lie in it

You created a certain situation so you are now responsible to take the consequences.

111-----The pot calling the kettle black

Since the pot and the kettle are equally black from the cooking fire,the pot has not right to criticize the kettle. This might be used ifsomeone known to be a gossip criticizes someone else for gossiping.

112-----Don't get mad, get even

When someone treats you badly, do not just get angry, express your anger in action.

113-----Get a life

Do not be so unreasonably critical about tiny things. Find something better to do with your time.

114-----My country, right or wrong

I am absolutely loyal to my country whether or not I agree with its policy in a certain area.

115------There are two sides to everything

Never assume that all the blame for a conflict lies on one side, especially if you have heard only one side of the story.

116-----Forgive and forget

Conflicts should be resolved and ended, not left alone to cause years of regret, bitterness and pain.

117------Business and pleasure don't mix

When you work, work. When you play, play. It is inefficient and therefore unwise to try to mix the two.

118-----Let a sleeping dog lie

Do not meddle in something that will cause you no trouble if you leave it alone. If you wake up the "dog," it may bite you.

119------No man can serve two masters

Divided loyalty will break down sooner or later.

120-----Make it short and sweet

Speak briefly and to the point. We don't have time for the details

121-----What will be will be

Some things cannot be changed or avoided.

122-----A friend in need is a friend indeed

My true friend is the one who show loyalty to me by helping me when I am in need.

123-----People who live in glass house should not throw stones

Do not attact anyone if you have no way to defend yourself when they attact you in the same way.

124-----Opposites attract

As positive and negative magnets attract each other, so people of verydifferent types attract each other. For example, a quiet woman marriesa very outgoing man. These differences have a mixed effect on thecouple, partly making them interested in each other but also leading tomiscommunication and conflict.

125-----The early bird catches the worm

Punctuality is important. If you want to succeed, arrive early, likethe bird that hunts worms at dawn before they go into hiding for theday.

126-----Blood is thicker than water

Blood relationship is stronger than voluntarily chosen friendship.Brothers will stick up for each other against their own friends if theyhave to. This proverb is not quoted much anymore because kinship is notas highly valued as it used to be.

127-----You can't teach an old dog new tricks

Once habits are learned, it is very hard to change them.

128-----To err is human

It is normal for humans to make mistakes and it is godly (or God-like) to forgive them.

129-----Haste makes waste

Through acting quickly is generally a good thing, acting too quicklymay cause troulbe. This proverb is used when someone has done a jobcarelessly and wrongly. For example, a carpenter in a hurry may cut aboard too short and have to throw it away.

130-----Make hay while the sun shines

If you do not seize the opportunity, rain may come and spoil the hay before you get into the barn.

131-----If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen

Withdraw from an activity if you don't like the conflict and criticism it brings. Let other people do it without you.

132-----Everyone puts their pants on one leg at a time

This is to tell us that we are all equal.

133-----Life is a pie

It's dished out in large and small pieces and when's gone, it's gone.If we ask for more than our share, we're just begging to bedisappointed.

134-----Making every minute count

Doing something productive all the time, not letting any time "slip away."

135-----A pen is mightier than the sword

A conflict maybe resolved more deeply and effectively by writing the truth than by resorting to violence.

136-----A new broom sweeps clean

A new person in power will change many things and improve the situation. change is better than leaving things as they are.

137-----Tomorrow is another day (or, Tomorrow is a new day.)

No matter how bad things are right now, a person may hope for better prospects in the morning. New opportunities will come.

138-----Opportunity only knocks once

Opportunity is like an unexpected stranger passing by. It knocks onsomeone's door. If the person fails to answer the door, opportunitygoes away and knocks on someone else's door. It does not return to thesame person.

139-----Business is business

Do business with strangers as if they were brothers and with brothers as if they were strangers.

140-----History repeats itself

There are patterns in history. Nations rise and fall for similarreasons. Nations do not change their ways or learn from the mistakes ofothers. They repeat them.

141-----People are people

Their human nature is predictable. They respond to stimulus and incentives.

142-----Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer

A man without enemy is a man without quality. Think not? Even Jesus Christ had many, many enemies.

143-----Better late than never

Though being on time is better than being late, doing something late is better than giving up or doing nothing.

144-----Punish one, teach a hundred

People problems sometimes must be dealt with harshly. When you make anexample of someone, make sure that everyone knows what the lesson is.

145-----Attitude is everything

A pessimist sees a glass half-empty, An optimist sees it half-full.

146-----Like father, like son

A son will be like his father. This may be quoted whenever the son hasdone something that reminds people of the father. Whether it is good orbad.

147-----When the cat's away the mice will play

People will take advantage of a situation if they can. Employees willget lazy if the supervisor is not keeping an eye on them. A teenage sonor daughter might hold a wild party at home during a weekend when theparents have gone out of town.

148-----Praise when praise is due (sometimes even when it isn't)

Do not criticise beyond necessity and seldom in public. And always precede criticism with a few words of praise.

149-----Turnabout is fair play

If a person is taking advantage of someone else, the situation maychange. The one on top may end up on the bottom. Then the one who hasturned the tables will say, "I am only doing to you what you did to me.

150-----Here today, gone tomorrow

Things may change quickly. This is said as a criticism of a person whochanges quickly for no good reason. It may also be said of a thing orsituation which does not last. Change is not good when it indicatesunreliability