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Miao New Year

Date: coming up next month Nov
Place: Guizhou and Yunnan Provinces
Activities:For the colourful Miao minority in rural southeast China Guizhou province, the Miao New Year Festival is the most important celebration of the year. It's the time for the Miao people to celebrate their harvest. The celebrations will be held in every village by the locals. Every villager turns out to join the excitement, girls dress up in their most spectacular traditional costumes and silver headdresses, and dance with traditional instruments such as lushen music. During the festival they will take part in different activities such as bull fighting, horse races, cock fights…

The Miao, known as Hmong in the West, is one of the minority groups of China.
At festival time the miao women wear their stunning sliver jewellery often piling on five or six neck rings at a time as well as chains loins, chest locks and multiple headresses ,silver was originally obtained from melting old coins and girls wear huge horned silver headdresses and crowns with delicate birds and flowers and coins. When they move and dance all there jewellery and headresses makes different sounds. festival it's time for the people to get together, provide the opportunity to travel around,socialize,meet friends and kinsfolk and be entertained by singing and the dance. a market is frequently set up during the festival time that allows people to buy much needed goods!

After harvest, when the new rice goes into grinary, it is time for black Miao celebrate their new year.This celebration lasts for 3-5days.

1st day is for killing pig, then they have meat to eat in the following, it is important for drinking ricewine, of course, all the ladies are dressing in their gorgeous and colorful festivel .

2nd day is for making and eating sticky rick cake, they trust sticky rice eating would drive away rats which would steal their rice.

3rd day is their real new year eve, poeple takes that day to worship the gods of rock,tree,door,pig’s house,and farming tool, and they put the red paper on all these kind of things for showing their respect. They believe all the things in the world has its own sipirit.

4th day is the first day of their new year, poeple get up very early, and firstly they cook for their ancetor, then they put the meat and vagetable and wine on the ground for their ancetor get it easily, then it is time for fun and going to see their relatives and friends, that day, you can see a lot of ladies carry a leg of pig on the road.

kaili Guizhou( south china) where rich of minority culture,there are number of tradition villages located hillside. the wooden house surraround by mountains,rivers,trees and flowers. the typical architecture is nstilted house with balustrated bench, the villagers worship buffalo,fish,stone and bridge.
The wooden water wheels raise water from the river to the fields.the bull working in the field,villagers grow rise and vegetables,feed pigs, chicks,woman catch fish in the fields. speak to the festival kaili has 158 festivals around a year.
the villagers fond of dancing and singing. if your timing is right you might be lucky to catch one.that would be great if you can experinence life here in the villages with wooden houses cluster on the edge of the hill side.

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