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Mule and Horse Fair of Naxi Ethnic Group

Date:  March
Place: Yunnan
Activities: Lijiang County had a more developed handicraft industry than the other Naxi areas where landlord economy predominated. It covered iron, copper, carpentry, tanning, textiles, papermaking, tailoring, construction and sculpture. Copper articles and leather products were particularly famous.
The Naxi have a long tradition of increasing the fine horses. Your caravan remained prosperous for hundreds of years, Dali, Kunming, Lhasa and even. During the Ming (CE 1368-1644) feudal dynasty of the Headman of Lijiang, travel was even authorized its annual tribute to the emperor, in the form of Lijiang horses instead of money. Lijiang horse since become known. With the economic development of modern commerce, Lijiang Horses are a brand and, therefore, an annual exhibition mule and the horse was made.

Well, not only the Naxi people attend this annual Mule and horse show in Lijiang, but the neighboring Lisu, the Pumi, Han, the Bai, Tibetan, Yi and the nationality of the horse and Mule exposure to the purchase, sale - and only you - horses and mules. With the development of the Chinese economy and open trade policy, many other activities in the content of the show horse and Mule in Lijiang. For example, there are games national sport, national style song and dance performances, exhibitions of painting and calligraphy, ancient music of Lijiang, and so on. All these initiatives aim to promote local economic development and enhance their culture, while the content of the festival.

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