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Biking in China

Bicycle Kingdom - to explore the Kingdom you'll only find on bicycle. A healthy, environmentally friendly,convenient,economical, safe and fun means of travel,transportation and recreation. That's not all, the bicycle, plays a very important role in Chinese culture. Bicycles are seen as matchmakers, friends, careers, and works of art. So in addition to being healthy and fun, is a great way to experience China and the Chinese culture. More and more visitors of China find out that it's not only nicer and healthier to cycle, but in most cases also much faster, and it isan ultimate Chinese experience that a tour China is incomplete without biking. Further on the bike is a super-individual way of transport and active travel by your own pace, especially ideal to explore the some special places like Beijing old Hutongs (alleyways),China's rural area,moutains.

In many tourist cities, such as
Beijing, bicycles are for rent in hotels. People can also look around in Beijing by a three-wheeled vehicle driven by man. Another example, biking in Tibet or on the through the ancients villages of rural China is a reality; find out how. Start your biking tour in China right now! Bicycling is an excellent way to get around China's cities, to see the countryside, to loop tourist sights and even to get the maximum smiles per mile.

Bike riding is a good way of exploring city life in China.

China has for long been known as a "kingdom of bicycles" and bicycles play an important role in Chinese daily life especially in cities like Beijing and Tianjin where the roads are well constructed and not too hilly. For 1.2 billion people in China, there are probably well over 1 billion bikes. Seldom new and often not pretty, they provide the basic means of transportation to the average person in the PRC to work, shopping and leisure activities.

Riding a bicycle means you have joined the Chinese. A bike will easily take you to alleyways and hutong, where other means of transportation do not usually have access. You can enjoy street scenes, visit small museums of celebrities, and call on residents' homes. You also have an additional advantage of freedom of movement-you can stop wherever you want.

The Tour de France has nothing on our Tour de Xi'an. Mastering our rusty chains and wobbly handlebars, twelve UNC students biked the nine-miles of Xi'an City Wall. Photo by Jennifer

In China, most hotels and travel agencies provide the bike rental serves for visitors, so when you needs, contact those departments. When rent a bike, a valid ID, such as a passport, should be presented. Rent is calculated based on the number of days the bike is used. A deposit is required for each rental. When bikes are returned in good conditions and a refund can be secured with the receipt.


Here are some tips for biking in China:
Stop at the line before a red light
Obey instructions by traffic police, and when an accident happens, immediately go to the police
Make a gesture and let others know when you want to make a left or right turn
Carrying a person on the back seat and "hands-free" riding are prohibited
Helmets can be difficult to find in China as virtually no Chinese cycle with helmets.
Cycling at night should be avoided as few Chinese bikes are equipped with lights.
Always ride to the right side of the street. All the vehicles run to the right hand side of the
road in China. Most streets or roads in cities have appropriative lanes respectively for motorized and non-motorized vehicles, but in some narrow streets, motorized and non-motorized vehicles run in the same traffic lane. When you are riding a bicycle, be sure to keep to the right hand side of the road. While riding on roads that distinguish between motorized and non-motorized traffic, remember to ride in the non-motorized lane. Red lights require you to stop behind the white line, and green lights mean you can go. And bear in mind that it's best to try to avoid the rush hours between 7-8am and 5-6pm when going on a bike tour.


Road Safety & Signs
The Chinese Government has made road safety a priority. It created a 15-ministry committee under the State Council and introduced the first Road Traffic Safety Law in China.
While traveling in China, please pay attention to Chinese traffic regulations for safety's sake.
Chinese road traffic regulations stipulate that all motor vehicles must keep to the right of the road. Drivers must pay serious attention to any changes of traffic signals:
The red light means Stop
The yellow light means Caution - stop and check cross traffic before continuing on.
The green light means Go - you may proceed. Turning either right or left is permitted providing you do not obstruct the movement of motor vehicles traveling straight.