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China Eastern Airlines

China Eastern, one of three Chinese state-owned large key aviation enterprise groups, was recombined in 2002 by mergering China Xi Bei Airlines and combining with Yunnan Airlines on basis of former China Eastern Group.
The headquarter of this group is located in the most active and advanced city—Shanghai, with holding large airline net running through China eastern and western parts and connecting with Asia, Europe, Australia and Americas. The group has registered capital of RMB2.558 billion, total asset of about RMB51.699 billion, 35000 employees, 168 large and middle modern transport aircrafts, 22 general-purpose aircrafts, and 450 international and domestic airlines. The group is also widely engaged in import and export, finance, in-flight foodstuffs, real estate, advertising media, machinery production and other fields with holding over 20 branch companies.

China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited is core enterprise of China Eastern Group and first Chinese airline company listed in Hong Kong, New York and Shanghai with registered capital of RMB4.86695 billion. China Eastern Group has its 61.64 percent interests. Since the foundation China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited has received many honors with its brand holding extensive fame and creating the only record of "five successive championships" in national civil aviation service quality rating and wining "five-star diamond award" in international aviation field.

In main business of aviation transport the group is completely implementing strategy of "central net operation" so as to rapidly form a great aviation net with Shanghai as the center relying on Yangtze River Delta and connecting with global market and having prosperous development in both passenger and freight business. Meanwhile the group makes great efforts to construct and complete efficient "unified operation and management mode" with purpose of gradually establishing flying safety technique, in-flight and ground service, flying maintenance, marketing, operation control and other supporting business system near to the world level.

Plural expansion is one important element of group strategy.
With firstly setting up the aviation import and export, financial service, aviation foodstuffs, travel ticket, property and real estate, general aviation, machinery production, advertising media and other accessory fields, the plural expansion has formed a wholly-new pattern.

It is estimated that till end of "10th Five-year Plan"(end of 2005) the total circulation amount of group transport will reach up to 4.6 billion ton kilometers, passenger transport amount 22.5million men times, freight transport amount 0.8 million tons, total assets RMB52 billion, operation revenue RMB26 billion, 180 airplanes for transporting, with main operation index about surpassing 15 percent of former goal and the group keeping 7 percent yearly growth speed.

Using innovation to promote the development, rapidly forming enterprise core competitive strength, creating world aviation enterprise brand and realizing the quick, steady and continuous development are the core aims of China Eastern Group development strategy.

International Services Operated by Eastern Airlines


Country Short form City
The Kingdom of Cambodia Cambodia Siem Reap
Japan Japan Osaka, Fukuoka, Fukushima Hiroshima, Kagoshima, Nagoya, Nagasaki, Niigata, Okayama, Okinawa, Oita, Tokyo, Sapporo
The Republic of Korea Korea Cheju, Cheongju Seoul, Pusan, Taegu, Kwangju
The Republic of India India New Delhi, Mumbai
The Lao People's Democratic Republic Laos Vientiane
Malaysia Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi
The Union of Myanmar Myanmar Mandalay, Rangoon
The Kingdom of Nepal Nepal Katmandu
Singapore Singapore Singapore
The Kingdom of Thailand Thailand Bangkok, Phuket
The Socialist Republic of Vietnam Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City

Note: China Eastern Airlines operates scheduled flight to Hong Kong and Macau.


Country Short form City
Australia Australia Sydney , Melbourne

North America

Country Short form City
Canada Canada Vancouver
The United States of America United States Los Angeles, Saipan (belongs to America, but locates in Asia)


Country Short form City
The Republic of France France Paris
The Federal Republic of Germany Germany Frankfurt
The Russia Federation Russia Moscow
The Kingdom of Spain Spain Madrid
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland The United Kingdom (UK) London

Specialty Services

1. Localized Services

In order to surmount language barrier, China Eastern Airlines has employed native stewards for different courses including stewards from Japan, Korea and Italy. With the same cultural background and language habits, passengers will feel more comfortable to enjoy the flight.

2. For Festivals

On every national holiday including May Day, National Day, New Year's Day and Spring Festival, airlines attendants will be in attires of traditional Chinese style and passenger compartments will be decorated full of festival atmosphere. Though traveling around the world, passengers will celebrate these holidays in the air all the same.

3. Unaccompanied Children

China Eastern Airlines has one service called 'little travelers' which is designed for those children who travel alone and from 5 to 12. Passengers should apply for this service in any ticket office of China Eastern Airlines when booking a ticket with concerned documents and certificates. Children under this service will be carefully attended until she or he is received by the appointed person when applying.

4. For the Disadvantaged

If a wheel chair is need, please inform them when booking the tickets. In this case, a wheel chair is prepared for you both at the starting station and at the destination, as much relief your worries on boarding and alighting.

5. Pets on the Plane

With the agreement by China Eastern Airlines, little sized animals such as family domesticated puppies, cats, birds can be carried on the plane as cargos. Applies should be made when booking the tickets and its host must agree with rules by China Eastern Airlines. Animals are not allowed to be taken along in the cabin but transported as goods. Animals that will be taken to another country must have required certificates such as certificates on health, a certificate that proves it has been injected inoculations and has permission to enter another country. Out of inadequate equipments, flights to Hong Kong, Okayama, and Sydney do not have this service.

Customer Services

24-hour hotline: +86-21-95108

China Airlines

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