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Southwest AirlinesChina Southwest Airlines (CSWA), was established on October 15,1987. It was China's first major airline to abide by the principle of separation of responsibility between administration and enterprise. The headquarters and main base of CSWA is located at Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, while the CSWA Chongqing Company located at Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport and CSWA Guizhou Company located at Guiyang Longdongbao International airport. CSWA has also set overnight parking airports in Yantai, Zhanjiang and Beihai. Search Live China Flights Schedule

Now, CSWA is possessing a fleet of 40, fully ledged airplanes, mainly manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplane Group and Airbus Industie, which include 3 Airbus 340-300, 13 Boeing 757-200, 17 Boeing 737-300 and 3 Boeing737-800. CSWA has 190 international, regional and domestic routes, connect over 60 cities both in China And Asia, such as Chengdu-Singapore, Chengdu-Bangkok, Lhasa- Katmandu, Chongqing-Nagoya, Chongqing-Seoul, Chongqing-Bangkok, Guiyang-Bangkok, Chengdu-Hongkong, Chongqing-Hongkong, Guiyang-Hongkong, Chongqing-Macao, Qingdao-Macao and etc. In 2000, CSWA has carried over 50.5 millions passengers and 130 thousands tons cargo. Since 1987, CSWA has achieved a volume of 47 millions passengers and 900 thousands tons cargo all over the world. CSWA has present its endeavor to the reform and economy construction of Southwest China.
CSWA has established major representative offices in Chengdu, Chongqing, Guiyang, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Haikou, Xianmen, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Kunming, Beihai, Yantai, Changsha, Lhasa, Hongkong, Kathmandu, Nagoya, Bangkok, Singapore, and Seoul. There are also many regional ticketing agents all over China to present convenience to passengers and cargo owners.
Safe, punctual and quality service is the guideline of CSWA. Search Live China Flights Schedule

CSWA has a quality team of pilots, which 300 pilots have awarded special or first class safety medals by CAAC. CSWA Chengdu Flight Department has established a 36 years safe flying on the most famous Chengdu-Lhasa route. They also opened the route to Bangda, the highest civil airport in the world. CSWA Chongqing Flight Team has logged up a record of 25 years of safe flying. In 1996 and 2000, CSWA was twice awarded the Golden Roc Cup, which is the top safe flying award.
CSWA has two maintenance bases, CSWA Aircraft Maintenance Plant and CSWA Aircraft Maintenance Company. CSWA Aircraft Maintenance Plant has 30 years experience on airplane maintenance. They were awarded a medal from Boeing Company for their record of Boeing 757-200 314 days with no delays for maintenance reasons in operating. CSWA Aircraft Maintenance Company is the sole company authorized to repair the metric and Russia types aircraft, for all overhauls of engines and accessories. CSWA AMC has established a joint venture name SNKM Engine Maintenance Company with the France SNECMA, USA WLS and Beijing Kailan. The joint venture is aiming to fulfill the requirement of CFM56 series engines maintenance in China and Asia and Pacific Rim.

CSWA pay much attention on the quality service, both the cabin and ground service keep a good standard. Those stewards who were trained in Thai Airways, their international standard service have got authorized both in international and domestic routes, and they have also pushed forward the whole cabin service quality. The CSWA Passenger Service Company has also got good results in their daily work. So, in 1993, CSWA was awarded the Consumer Protection Cup from the China Consumer Protection Association. CSWA joined the IATA and MITA in April 1996 and March 1997. And now, CSWA has established cooperation with dozens of international airlines, try to present more efficient service and facilities to passengers and cargo owners. Search Live China Flights Schedule

 Air China (Code: CA)    
Acquired as the largest and most advanced airlines in China, Air China Limited was first set up in 1988 and the present company was formed in 2004 by amalgamating with China National Aviation Company and China Southwest Airlines.
   China Southern Airlines (Code: CZ) 
  China Southern Airlines Co. Ltd. is a main air transportation business of China Southern Air Holding Company
   China Eastern Airlines (Code: MU)  
    China Eastern Airlines is one of the three largest state-owned airlines in China. Set up in 1988, the present scale formed by annexing the Northwest Airlines and integrating with Yunnan Airlines.
  China Southwest Airlines(Code: sz)  

 Southwest AirlinesChina Southwest Airlines (CSWA), was established on October 15,1987. It was China's first major airline to abide by the principle of separation of responsibility between administration and enterprise.
    Hainan Airlines (Code: HU)
    Commencing operation in 1993, Hainan Airlines was established by restructuring the former Hainan Provincial Airlines Company.
   Shanghai Airlines (Code: SF) 
     Coming into existence in 1985, Shanghai Airlines aims at building itself into one of the best corporation which will become first choice for customers and of international standard.

 Xiamen Airlines (Code: MF) 
    Xianmen Air is mainly dealing with domestic air passengers' and freight transportation and acting as a business agent in air transportation from Fujian province to other neighbor countries or regions.

   ShandongAirlines(Code: SC)
Accompanied by the vigorous development of China Civil Aviation Shandong Airlines - a new star of aviation, becomes the'Latest-beginning, highest-starlingpoint, and fastest-developing'airline in our country, which is constructed in the shortest time.

Sichuan Airlines(Code: 3U)
Sichuan Airlines Co. Ltd is restructured on the basis of its predecessor. Sichuan Airlines, which was established on September 19, 1986 and began its operation on July 14, 1988.


 Shenzhen Airlines(Code: 4G)
 Shenzhen airlines Co. Ltd, which was called "Shenzhen airlines Co.", in Jan. 2001 changed its name to "Shenzhen airlines Co. Ltd."