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                          Hainan Airlines
Hainan AirlinesHainan Airlines Company Limited (HNA) is a civil aviation enterprise with both A and B shares issued. The company was established by the restructuring of the former Hainan provincial Airlines Company in January 1993, and started its operation on May 2nd, 1993. The registered capital of the Company is RMB three billion,five hundred and thirty million,two hundred and fifty-two thousand,eight hundred and one yuan, the representative of corporation is Mr. Zhu Yimin and the current President is Mr. Wang Yingming.

Hainan Airlines Company Ltd. is the leading enterprise of the business unit of air transportation of HNA Group. Hainan Airlines is the core enterprise of the Air Transportation Business Unit, and the other     subsidiaries under this unit are China Xinhua Airlines, Chang'an Airlines, and Shanxi Airlines.

Up until January 2008, the business unit of air transportation of HNA Group has more than 9,690 employees among whom there are 1530 pilots, 1560 engineers, and 1770 flight attendants. The education background of the employees is composed of 101 postgraduates, 3210 bachelors, and 3330 college students. Up to March 2008, the number of the total fleet in air transportation unit of HNA Group is 155 aircraft, applicable for trunk routes, regional routes and business charter services, among which are 12 Airbus A319, 4 Airbus 330-200, 72 Boeing 737-300/400/700/800s, 3 Boeing 767-300ER, 4 737-300 QC, 2 737-300 all cargos, 29 Dornier 328-300s,8 ERJ145, 6 Hawker88XPs, 3 GulfstreamIV, 5 Gulfstream200, 1 B747-400 and 5 Y7s. Search real-time China Flights

HNA keeps its continuous, fast and healthy development status during its operation of 15 years with a steady increase trend of its KPI. The total throughput of HNA in 2007 was 2.241 billion ton-kilometers, the cargo and mail volume was 197.8 thousand tons, the passenger throughput reached 14.94 million. All these index of excellent performance helped HNA to be the fourth biggest airlines in China.

HNA has established Beijing, Xi’an, Taiyuan, Urumchi, Guangzhou, Lanzhou and Dalian as its aviation bases since 1993. 500 routes of HNA radiate out to more than 90 destinations at current stage. The airlines has also served international schedule flights from Beijing to Budapest, from Beijing to Brussels, from Beijing to Osaka, from Beijing to Macao, from Beijing to Novosibirsk, from Beijing to St. Petersburg, from Xi’an to Hongkong, from Urumchi to Astana, from Haikou to Osaka, from Haikou to Bangkok, from Sanya to Seoul.

Hainan Airlines keeps a good safety record during its 15 –year operation of flying over 1.7 million accumulated safe block hours and transporting over 70 million passengers. HNA has achieved the excellent safety operation with zero incidents rate per 10,000 hours. In 2000、2003and 2007, HNA was awarded the prize by CAAC, the Golden Eagle Cup. In 2001, Xinhua Airlines of HNA was awarded the prize by CAAC, the Golden Eagle Cup. The service of HNA got the public praise of passengers. HNA won the award in the activity of "Passengers Commenting Airlines" for 9 times, and won the first prize in praise of National airlines flights punctuality several times. The punctuality rate of flights keeps above 80% for 8 years. HNA has established an excellent safe and service brand in China. In 2006, HNA logo was evaluated as the Famous Brand by the State Industrial and Commerce Bureau. It is the first and the only one in China Civil Aviation Industry.

HNA has changed the traditional conception that airlines service is only restricted in the cabin. The company showed a brand-new conception "Air Products" for customers, and took the lead in introducing the new service principle of "Whole-course series products and customized service" with the promises to offer customers the "seamless" services. HNA advocates the corporate tenet of Faithfulness, Kindness, Excellence and Perfection and the corporate conception of "To do something for others, to do something for the society, and to do something for oneself". HNA is doing its best to reach its goals of being the first choice of airline for passengers and being one of the world's famous brands as a Chinese company in the future.

International Services Operated by Hainan Airlines


Country Short form City
The Republic of Korea Korea Seoul
The Kingdom of Thailand Thailand Bangkok

Note: Hainan Airlines operates scheduled flights to Hong Kong.

North America

Country Short form City
The United States of America United States Los Angeles


Country Short form City
The Kingdom of Belgium Belgium Brussels

Specialty Services

1. Cargo Services

Hainan Airlines now has over 100 aircrafts for cargo services. 30 branches are set up whose business covers over one hundred cities in China. Since 1993, it has established nine aviation bases and opened 500 cargo courses. It mainly transports cargos included in General Terms of Cargo. They aim at providing safe, quick and effective services to the customer's content.

2. Telephone Reminder

Have you ever missed your flight because you were too busy or overslept? Telephone Reminder by Hainan Airlines is going to relief your concerns. This kind of service is designed for those who are likely to miss their flight. It can be reserved by dialing 950718 or 8008768999 or email your requisition on line 24 hours before your plane lifting from the airport. Please call 800-876-8999 or 950718 for mobile phone users if having any question on this service

Customer Services

24-hour hotline: 800-876-8999(toll free), 950718

Cargo service inquiring hotline: +86-898-65756865

Website: http://global.hnair.com/ (both English and Chinese versions)

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