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Shandong Airlines

Set up in 1994, Shandong Airlines is a corporation consisting of 12 shareholders which engaged in aviation transport and concerned businesses. Headquartered in Jinan, capital of Shandong Province, it is in possession of over 40 aircrafts including Boeing 737-800, CRJ-700, and manages 220 flight courses to more than 50 cities. International courses now include Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Korea, etc. The logo of Shandong Airlines is made up of three "S"; which respectively symbolizes Shandong Province, safety and success. The whole of the three inseparable  "S" means solidification of the staff.

The modern enterprise system of president responsibility under the Directorate lays firm and scientific ground for SDA. In 2000, SDA succeeded in being listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchanges(B-Shares). SDA is divided into 12 share-holding subsidiary enterprises: Shandong Airlines Co., Ltd (listed Co.), Shandong TAECO Aircrafts Engineering Co., Ltd. (Sino-foreign joint venture), Shandong International Aviation Training Ltd. (Sino-foreign joint venture), Shandong Airlines Rainbow Jet Co., Ltd (Sino-foreign joint venture), Shandong Jinping catering Co., Ltd, Shandong Rainbow Air Advertisement Co., Ltd, Shandong Airlines Building Management Co., Ltd, Qindao International Air Logistics Center Co., Ltd, Shandong Xiangyu Air Technology Service Co., Ltd., Qingdao Feisheng International Aviation Training Ltd, Shandong Airlines Rainbow International Travel Service Co., Ltd, Shandong Airlines Dandinghe Hotel, and each of them has its own independent legal personality. Adhering to the principle of equality, mutual benefit and co-development, SDA purchased shares of Sichuan Airlines. The SDA headquarters is set up in the spring city, Jinan, the capital city of Shandong, beautiful as described in the ancient poem ?Lotus three willow on four sides, a mountain of city color imprison city lake. Its flying bases include such as Yaoqiang of Jinan, Liuting of Qingdao, Laishan of Yantai, Beijing, Shenzhen. Apart from the bases, there are a bunch of agencies dispersed in China's 20 main cities. In light of safety, quality service and high efficiency, SDA does its utmost to become stronger and more competitive in the domestic civil aviation market. Since its commencement, SDA has continuous exerted the spirit of personnel solidarity and coordination with energetic "Wings of Qilu "and Well-knit foundation . The group has been in the rank of the airlines with the most rapid development and sound profits. Confronted the day-by-day intensive challenging attributed to China's Entry into WTO, SDA aims to win six "first class" with respect to personnel, security, management, equipment and efficiency to spare no efforts to become one of the best airlines in China.


Country Short form City
Japan Japan Tokyo
The Republic of Korea Korea Seoul
Singapore Singapore Singapore

Note: Shandong Airlines operates scheduled flights to Hong Kong and Macau.

North America

Country Short form City
The United States of America United States San Francisco, Los Angeles


Country Short form City
The Federal Republic of Germany Germany Frankfurt

Location: Shandong Hangkong Building, No.5746, the East Second Ring Road, Jinan City
Tel: 0531-85698666
Fax: 0531-85698668
Zip Code: 250014
24-hour hotline: 96777 (this hotline is especially for ticket bookings)

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Accompanied by the vigorous development of China Civil Aviation Shandong Airlines - a new star of aviation, becomes the'Latest-beginning, highest-starlingpoint, and fastest-developing'airline in our country, which is constructed in the shortest time.

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