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How to make travel Plan?

Independent China travel
China is a hot and happening travel destination. A new and modern China is being built in record time; yet at the same time, the country's history and traditions are a still very much alive. There is no time like the present to travel in China independently at your own pace. Remote areas are now accessible; roads, railways and airports are being built in an effort to improve the country's infrastructure.

Standard package deals in groups are no longer your only choice of travel in China. Let us arrange the basics prior to your departure: transport, excursions and an English speaking representative. The rest of the trip is yours to plan as you wish using our China travel modules. Stay in small scale typical Chinese style hotels and meet the locals. Spend the night in a "hutong" (courtyard) hotel, at the home of a Tibetan family or in a guest house amidst rice fields. Spend your days on bike rides over the city wall in the ancient capital of Xi'an or on a boat on a river between the karst mountains at Yangshuo. Almost anything is possible.

Before you make specific travel plan, you should make sure of two things that how long and how much money you want to spend on the trip. After that, you need to spend some time doing some research, such as finding your preferred itinerary by searching various choices and joining a tour group or being independent traveler.

The following points give you some hint when you make travel plan: As independent traveler can purchase only an airline ticket or just book a hotel room or a cruise cabin.

If you are purchasing a join-in tour, you will not share a room with a stranger by paying the single supplement. Some times due to the overbooking situation on cruise ships, single cabins could become unavailable. You might have to share with another passenger. Whenever you share a room with a stranger (same gender), you do not pay for the single supplement cost.

With designed itineraries, you will get a good chance to experience the culture, history and beauty of nature of China. Try to imagine in a strange place, without knowing anyone, anywhere; without understanding the strange language, how difficult it might be. BUT, it's much easier and relaxing taking the guided tour. You only need to concentrate in enjoying the scenery and learning the culture.

Customized tour - After looking through the posted designed tours, maybe you didn't find any itinerary or schedule fit your interest, contact the travel agent, you will get a customized tour itinerary with all details including hotels, transportation, scenery spots and tour cost. Usually the customized tour costs more than group package tour.

Family travel - As a family, you may choose to join the group to travel or ask for customized private tour. If you have kids, be aware of safety is the highest importance during the trip. Usually we suggest do not bring child with you for Tibet or Mongolia trip. Children cost less than adult.

Your China Travel Plan

Create your own customized independent China trip by choosing from our wide selection of China travel experiences called travel modules. Our travel modules lasts two to three days and take you to the most unforgettable locations. We offer the perfect combination between flexibility and convenience. Whether you create an active China trip or a relaxing China holiday, it's completely up to you. Arrange as little or as much as you wish.

We also offer suggested China itineraries; combinations of modules that allow you to experience travel in China for two, three or more weeks. The suggested itineraries contain modules that fit well together. Spend less time figuring out how to travel from A to B and let us arrange your transport while in China. We can also arrange a comfortable arrival in China; our Easy Going Starter Packs include airport pick-up and a hotel stay during your first nights in China.

Flights to China
We can arrange your flights to China in combination with your land arrangements, ensuring that your flights to China are perfectly co-ordinated with your land arrangenments. This gives you the convenience of booking everything under 'one roof', and the peace of mind that your holiday is covered by ATOL. In addition, we will keep you up to date with any airline schedule changes that might occur before you go or whilst you are away.

China Travel Plan has the expertise and great airline deals to come up with the best possible flights connections at the best available prices.

There is normally no charge for a child under 12 years old sharing a room with parents. But some hotels will charge the extra bed. For baby under 2 years old, baby cot will be provided by the hotel free of charge. Normally Children under 2 years old are free from the breakfast fare and Children under 12 years pay 50 percent for the breakfast. Different hotels may vary in their respective regulations. If there are some surcharges required, please pay it on the spot.

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