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 China is a fascinating country to visit because of the wonderful combination of modern cities, historic sites and cultural relics. It is the third-largest country in size in the world and there is so much to explore. China has a 5000-year-old history. It is an educational experience to get a glimpse into this past. The following are just a few of the interesting places to visit and things to do in China.

      If anyone is for adventure in China where the Mother Nature is blessed with the scenic mountains, amazing waterfalls, remarkable caverns and great rivers and lakes, adventure can either commence with hiking or trekking or by some kind of water sports.

Acrobatic Arts Chinese acrobatics have come a long way. They remain as one of the most popular art forms in China and have gone through extensive evolution and development to reach their current level and fame. Challenging acts have been developed - 'Flying Trident', 'Balancing Chairs', 'Trick with Jars', 'Hoop-Diving' and 'Traditional Conjuring' are all equally intriguing performances not to be missed. In addition, there are Wushu, Diabolo Skills and the famous Lion Dance, all conceived from folk sports and games. If you are in China this is a definite MUST SEE activity to add to any visitors list.

Spring Festival
Enjoy festivities surrounding the Spring Festival, the Chinese calendar's most important date. Families get together to celebrate Chinese New Year, festooning homes with banners and pictures to bring good fortune. Festival activities often include temple fairs, lion dances and fireworks.Chinese Festivals 

Sichuan province's ancient parks and bamboo forests are among the last strongholds of the endangered giant panda. View them close up in Chengdu's panda breeding and research centre and on a day trip to a mountain sanctuary at Wolong.China panda tour

CyclingToday, cycling has become more and more popular among the young. Bicycle is no longer a vehicle to us. We use bicycle as a exercise tool or recreation equipment. Bike tour or camping is welcomed by people who like outdoor sports.Some 300 million Chinese use bicycles to get around. Hire shops are everywhere and cycling is one of the best ways to see China's countryside. Popular cycling routes include alongside sections of the Great Wall and Guilin and Yangshuo, in Guanxi province.Biking The bicycle is the unofficial symbol of China and with more than 300 million trundling about you'll have no trouble hiring anything from a rusty old local brand to a half-decent multi - speed mountain bike. Even in towns that don't see many tourists, there are hire shops catering to Chinese who are passing through. Cycling tours are popular and many Chinese and Western travel agents offer short and long-term biking jaunts.Cycling in China

River cruising
The Three Gorges Dam will raise levels of the Chang Jiang (Yangtze) by 175m (574ft) by 2009, although the spectacular gorges will still tower high above. See striking limestone formations on a Li River cruise from Guilin.   Yangtze River Cruise  tour

Head underground to Zhangjiajie's Yellow Dragon Cave, Asia's largest, or more popular caverns including Guilin's Reed Flute and Crown caves and Yangshuo's Silver Cave - their stalactites and stalagmites lit by garish multi-coloured neon.

Bathing Beaches Qingdao like many other areas within China boasts many fine sand beaches along its long winding coast.It may come as a surprise, but China has some gorgeous tropical beaches. Sanya, on the southern coast of China's most southerly province, Hainan Island, is one of China's most popular holiday areas and has international resort hotels, fine sand beaches, golf courses, coconut palms and watersports. Altogether there are seven beaches in the urban area. Huiquan Bathing Beach, is 800 m. long and is equipped with sharkproof nets and all the necessary facilities. Badaguan Scenic Area used to be popular with political figures, such as Chairman Mao and other central government officials and is a good beach. Number Three Bathing Beach of 400 m. long is located on the east end of Taiping Cape near the convalescent area. Zhanqiao Bathing Beach, is close to the city center. The bathing beach at the Shilaoren National Holiday Resort is 2,600 meters long. Most coastal areas throughout China have lovely beaches for visitors to enjoy as well as those mentioned abopve in the Qingdao area. The scene in the sunset at seaside is particular charming, the breeze in the twilight blows the sea slowly, the sea extends its way far away, seems to connect with the sky over there. Walking along the golden sea beach in the twilight, the feeling is also quite enjoyable, the fresh breath of the sea breeze, listening to the well-played sea music and watch the calmly sea view, especially walking along the promenade deck that even closer to the sea, you will feel so quiet the world is and so harmony around at that moment.If you want to partake in this tropical Chinese beach tour, you can consult the services of a Chinese travel & tour operator in China to assist you with your vacation plans.The best beaches in China

Camping can be done just about anywhere you can find a patch of grass with enough space to pitch a tent. This can be a very useful way to spend the night if you happen to be cycling your way around China and can't make it to the hotel by nightfall.

Camel Rides are popular in Inner Mongolia and in the deserts around Dunhuang (Gansu Province)...and yes, one can feel 'sea-sick' on these animals, this is one reason why they are known as 'ships of the desert'...it's all down to their movement. Despite this though camel riding is a wonderful way to view the surrounding area and see everything from a 'higher' perspective than on foot.

Caving particularly in the south-west provinces, can be a lot of fun - but be prepared to get wet and muddy.

Greyhound Racing This thrilling track sport is an exciting way to spend an afternoon either gambling or just enjoying the speed and agility of the animals as they gallop around their track as fleet footed as racehorses.

Go-Karting can be done in Shenzen at the Matelong Racing Club on Jianshe Road as well as other areas in China. This is another sport that all but the youngest family members can enjoy as the karts are easily operated by anyone who can reach the foot pedals.

Golf and China go hand in hand. This sport has to be one of the more popular in the country and courses can be found all over the China.Golfing is another travel and leisure sport which is becoming very popular in China. Even with its old uncivilized environment, China still boasts of high class luxurious green paradise for you to enjoy your holidays golfing in the orient. Whenever, you speak about golfing, the first thing that comes to your mind is the lush green golf courses and perfect weather to enjoy this sport. There are four beautiful golf courses in China which are all located in different provinces with the perfect weather to enjoy the sport. Engaging in a golf travel tour particularly one in China can be the greatest adventure travel of your lifetime. Apart from golfing on China's wonderful golf courses, you are afforded the opportunity to visit some of China's main tourist attractions in Beijing, Kunming, Hainan,hangzhou and Shanghai. These cities highlight some of the must sees in China which you must not miss during your holidays. Once again, the tour operators can assist you to design your tour itinerary with affordable lodging and transportation.

Hiking Due to various restrictions and the need for permits for just about everything off the beaten track in China, hikers can carry on regardless without having to obtain one, as they don't need much equipment. But opportunities for hardcore hiking can be limited to trails fitted out with handrails, steps, souvenir vendors and China has some incredible scenery and much of it is best seen on foot. Everest Base Camp is Tibet's most popular trekking destination. There's also great hiking in other areas of the mountainous Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Yunnan's threatened Tiger Leaping Gorge and along the Great Wall. China Trekking Tour

Horse Riding in the hills of Xinjiang Yunnan and west of Beijing can be a beautiful way to spend the day and can be a real family affair as it's one sport that even the littlies can enjoy. Most main centres offer this sporting pastime and generally it's reasonably priced.

Horse riding is a loved by all ages and although many start horse riding when young, more people are taking up horse riding for the first time later in life.The riding holidays are perfect for couples looking for something new to do together, friends on a reunion break or just a great excuse to get close to a horse, de-stress from the pace of mechanical life and be taken on a journey to equine heaven.

For Lovers
When you are travelling to a horse riding holiday as a couple, you need to think about what takes priority in your trip. Are you looking for a romantic getaway that just happens to include horseback riding or are you looking to go to a centre that will help you and your partner relax but also further develop your riding skills?

For Families
If you have children that would rather ride the horses a bit, then partake in other centre activities; look for a centre that offers other things to do, such as a laser blast area, laser clays, bungee trampolines, or climbing walls.

In a word, horse riding is a perfect choice for you and your families to spend your holidays.

Horse Racing As with most countries that have horses, this is one sport that never fails to draw the crowds.

Ice Skiing (downhill and cross-country) can be done on many lakes throughout China in the winter months and in  North-east provinces and Beijing's it's very popular though Westerners are advised to bring their own boots especially if you wear a size larger than 4 or 5.

Kite Flying When there's wind, the kites will fly...Chinese kites come in a variety of different and colourful forms, ranging from simple square kites to elaborate five or six meter long centipede and dragon kites, each vying with the other in beauty and fascination. If you want to join in, kites are sold all over China or you can make your own and compete with the best of them.

Martial Arts such as T'ai Chi are popular throughout China and even if you don't want to join in on the action the various forms of this sport always makes for entertaining viewing.T'ai Chi a popular form of slow-motion aerobics practised in nearly every town park in the early morning throughout the land. Novices are always welcome.Chinese Kungfu Tour

Mountaineering With nine of the world's 14 peaks above 8,000 meters in China, including the two highest (Mt. Everest and K2) and countless others above 6,000 meters in height, China has been the focal point of mountaineers around the world for years. Please be aware though that as with many sports in China, permits need to be obtained if you aren't going with an organised group that has been arranged with a Chinese mountaineering company before hand.

Opera Beijing has the most famous opera houses in China out of the 300 or more throughout China. There are performances of traditional opera in virtually every town. A visit to the Chinese opera is a relaxed affair and occasionally quite noisy. There is no need for your evening dress and tie when visitring an opera house, unlike the West normal neat day clothes will do. China Top night shows

Sailing is a popular water sport in China and one that the whole family can enjoy. The clubs to contact if you want to know more are: The Chinese Yachting Association, 9 Tiyuguan Road, Beijing 100763, China. Tel: + 86 10 67113677/84. or the Chinese Taipei Yachting Association, Room 1110, 11th Floor, 20 Chu Lun Street, Taipei, Taiwan ROC, Chinese Taipei Telephone: + 886 2 2775 7596

White - water Rafting is an increasingly popular sport in China but it, like mountaineering requires permits unless you have made your rafting arrangements through a reputable rafting company.

Chinese meridian massage
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapies, such as massage, acupuncture, cupping and herbal tonics, are very popular throughout China. Meridian massage, designed to promote the flow of qi (vital energy) through the meridians and bring the body into harmony is available at local massage joints in most Chinese cities.

Silk Road
Trace the ancient Silk Road trading route, which ran from Xi'an through deserts and mountains to the Caspian and Mediterranean seas, bringing Buddhism and Islam into China. The main sights include Dunhuang's Buddhist grottoes at Dunhuang, the ruins of Jiaohe city near Turpan and Kashgar's lively Sunday market.

Other Activities for the less active there are pastimes such as Chinese language study, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, brush painting and music, all of which have training outlets in every major city in China.

Travel Agencies and tour operators have specially arranged tour packages for gastronomy tours which allow you to cruise and enjoy fine dining in exotic oriental restaurants as you are guided through many provinces and their long historical culture.

Shopping is a time consuming activity which must not be missed in China. Almost every province has a small market where you can get different varieties of shoes, bags, clothes at very reasonable prices. To be able to enjoy shopping in Shanghai, you should be an expert in price negotiation as this could pose to be a fun activity for a whole day. Many tour operators allow personal and free time during a tour, so you have the choice to visit any markets around.

 Places to go in China:Beijing Shanghai | Xian | Guilin|  Suzhou  Hangzhou  Hainan   Sanya  | Dunhuang  Huangshan  | Chengdu  | Guangzhou |  Hohhot |  kunming  | Dali | Xishuangbanna |  Lijiang kaifeng Luoyang Xiamen  Wuyishan  Nanjing  Yangzhou  QingdaoTai'anJinan  Weihai| QufuWuhan |  Yichang Lhasa  | Tibet| Shigatse | Chamdo| Nagqu  | Ngari   |Shannan  | Nyingchi  |  Guangzhou | Shenzhen | Zhuhai| Shantou    Meizhou  Foshan   Zhanjiang   Zhongshan     Huizhou |  Datong   | Pingyao Chengde   Qinhuangdao  | Harbin   Hohhot   | Urumqi  Kashgar  | Khotan  | Hami  Turpan Korla  Zhangjiajie |  Macau  |HongKong|

Unique Vacation Ideas for your China Travel Holidays

China is one of the oldest countries which date back to ancient civilization. Because of this, it has retained a lot of its historical background and culture, many of which are still practiced today. To many people, China may still be regarded as a place that is located on the dark side of the moon, but it is not until you visit this unique and beautiful country, you can truly satisfy your curiosity about China.

Adventure travelers and globe trotters around the world have started
discovering the natural hills and scenic spots in China, many of who
return with interesting stories and beautiful pictures. If you have
always wanted to visit this side of the world, then its time to pack
up your bags and bask in the sun this summer as you discover many of
China's hidden beauties.

So you have finally decided to take a tour to China; like every other new tourist in a foreign land, you begin to wonder what to expect in a country like China. Traveling to China is an adventurous experience which enriches your knowledge about culture, history and nature.

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