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China's most beautiful Great Lakes

Qinghai Lake: Originally known as the West Sea Qinghai Lake. Mongolian "for the Nour", which means "green lake." In the northeast of Qinghai Province Chase Hill, excellent spot, between Qinghai Nanshan. By the fall of a fault. China is the largest inland lagoons, the lake elevation 3,195 meters, covering 4,583 square kilometers, about 360 kilometers weeks, the strengths of the lake 106 km, 63 km broad at its widest point, the lake reached 28.71 meters deep, the average depth is 19 m above . Ganjig, sand Liuhe, the dark horse River, Buha River, Quan Kat River, Loi crowded River, Daochanghe from all directions, such as pooling the lake. Huang rich fish without scales. This fish Bianben spheronization, smooth, meat and more small thorn, Feinen delicious, the lake Shuchui, interesting flavor cooking with the water. Lake in the heart Hill, Hercynian Hill, three stone, Pratas, eggs Island (Bird Island), there are more than 100,000 every spring Bar-headed Goose, Swan, brown head gulls, cormorants, and so this, so that here - the bird world.
Vagaries of water, climb tall mountains, verdant trees, bright flowers, the fairy tale cabins, the Shuiguai mysterious, "Sool" reed flute like Drifting. Niaoniao casually Mist and the smoke, shrouded in this "final clean".

Into it, you will be fascinated, even if the left, you can not erase the stigma beautiful.

How to Get There:The lake can be reached by both bus and train. 3-4 long distance buses leave from the Xining station for a little Tibetan town called Heimahe between 07:30-09:00 for Y20, 5hrs. The return journey is about the same schedule. Buses from Golmud also arrive at Heimahe (about Y50, 11hrs). Unless you are able to hitch, it will then be a taxi, Y50, on to the lake. On the weekend in summer, buses leave from the Dashizi crossroads in Xining (Y40) for Bird Island. Tickets can be bought from the ticket office at the corner of Changjiang lu and Xiguan dajie.

The best train to catch will be the 09:40 train for Ha'ergai, on the northern side of the lake, arriving at 14:32. Buses leave infrequently from here to the Bird Island. Ha'ergai has a few hostels that may be useful for brief stopovers.


May Kanas, e) If spring fills.

Kanas Lake:Kanas mentioned area, it should be mentioned that many only: Here is the only Asian Switzerland scenery, and is China's only four countries bordering the Nature Reserve, China is the only Arctic river systems - the largest tributary of Irtysh Boolean Jinhe home. Kanas Lake is China's sole South Siberian Region of flora and fauna in the area, the growth areas of the Siberian larch, Korean pine, spruce, fir and other valuable tree species and many of the birch forest. Mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles animals, as well as fish and insects live and multiply in this category, is Shengqu unlimited.

Kanas is Mongolian, which means "the beautiful and rich, mysterious and unpredictable." It Burqin County in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in the north, 150 kilometers from the county seat, is a dense forest located in the Altai mountains in the alpine lakes. Primeval forests around the lake clouds and sunny covered by dense bush. Lake from Kuitun, friendship, and other mountain peaks glacier water and local rainfall, from the surface or underground spewed into the Kanas Lake. Lake 1,374 m above sea level, covering 44.78 square kilometers, the lake depths of 180 meters!

After crossing the elevation of over 2,000 meters for vomit Lu Baidoa ridge on the national level to the Kanas Nature Reserve integrated development services - Jiade valley. Mongolian means "Jiade house." To commemorate the legend is 400 years ago, a Mingjiaojiade hunters. Jiade alive, often through lack of prey at the shepherd of a gift, after his death, to commemorate his people, in this beautiful valley built a hut, so that there Jiade death of the soul.

By Yu Jiade, the scenic spot Kanas to the gate. Wolong Bay, Moon Bay, fairy Bay and ducks on the lake were Ze appeared in the face. Trance-like blur, scenery unlimited. In the mysterious Lake, a steeple is the cabins, that the structure of pure wood cabins, it seems that only in fairy tales, Yang Chen blue sky with white clouds, green grass and Jessica, like Snow White and Red Hat small, we should smile We meet up with.

Stroll the lake in the mountains quiet and relax.

Water is the color of the fickle. Viewed from afar, like blue satin lake, dotted with a middle jasper, micro-wind wrinkle this surface of the pond, the water and Meilu Scaramouche proliferation. Subsequently, the combination of colors again. Mysterious, warm. If there are clouds, and even touch the water. The lake was cloud cover, Cheng Hui blue, and green color around a sharp contrast, water and water, and formed a bizarre pattern.

Near, clear lake bottom, the bottom surface of the sand makes corrugated more reflective-Ling. Around the mountain, tree, cloud. Like the scenery, a two-tier real magic, and one in the water, one in the sky. You seem to have the reach of a more realistic view of the water more.

As for the lake Shuiguai of fans, there is no need to say more. Can the Shuiguai see here, you see the whole fate woven?.

Kanas Tuva in the settlements, the elderly Emi Gaile play "M." I heard the flute is worth. Music euphemism sounds like Tianlaizhiyin. Plants that use made of reed flute mouth, can now produce and play the Tuva, almost no.

Kanas Lake is mainly the residents of neighboring Mongolia. People generally believe that living in the surrounding Kanas哈巴Hemu and white residents, is mainly a branch of the Mongolian - Tuva people. Tuva people they have reservations about the original, simple and unique way of life: living huts, grazing cattle and sheep, and the valley, forest close…… they are known as "living in the view of the people."

Kanas, it is so continuation of the landscape and its story.
How to Get There:Kanas Lake is 140 kilometers (about 87 miles) away from Burqin County, and 246 kilometers (about 153 miles) away from Altay City. You can take a plane to Altay City or take a coach to Burqin County at Urumqi, and then rent a motorcar to Kanas. You can also ride horses with local guides.
The Nam Co Lake
The Nam Co Lake  Jilin Province is the Tibetan "Heaven Lake". Located in the north of Lhasa City Damxung, Bangor between the two counties. Hunan is the Nianjingtanggula magnificent mountains, the north and the northwest side of the ups and downs of the North Tibet Plateau relaxed. Lake open strip, the things 70 kilometers long, 30 kilometers wide north-south, with an area of 1,940 square kilometers.

About 200 million years ago before there was a strong crustal movement, the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau significant uplift, rock squeezed, and some fold uplift, a mountain, depression whereabouts of a valley or mountain basin. Jilin Province is in the tectonic movement on the basis of the fall, with glaciers caused by the impact. Early into the Nam Co Lake is vast, the lake elevation than it is now much lower. At that time, a warm and humid climate, water Yingying, Bibeimokui, it is just like a sea. Later, due to crustal uplift constantly, with the Nam Co also rising, and in a million years ago, the plateau climate is dry, the water source reduction, the lake will be greatly reduced, the lake was uplifting to the present level. Now the lake elevation 4,718 meters, the world's highest-altitude area of over 1,000 square kilometers of the Great Lakes. Waterloo wrong Abandoibarra the Qinghai-Tibet plateau, although the lake elevation of 5,465 meters, but a small area of Waterloo Abandoibarra wrong. Although the famous South American Andes mountain lake - Lake Titicaca, covering an area of 8,330 square kilometers, but the Lake Titicaca only 3,812 meters above sea level, lower than the Nam Co nearly 1,000 meters.

The Nam Co Lake is the main source of natural precipitation and the ice-melting of mountain snow supplies, the water can not drain, is the largest inland lake in Tibet. Lakes value less precipitation, strong sunlight, moisture evaporation larger. Brackish water, not drinking, second only to China's Qinghai Lake is the second largest lagoon.

Nam Co, also known as Proton Gelihai, Tengger Lake. Mongolian Tengger, which means "day", this is because the lake blue Cleaner without clouds in the sky, so the name. Wu Xue-Feng Zhou like solidification of silver-tao, Daoying in the lake, a solemn, solemn, very natural to. Lake in the three islands, the south-east by a limestone peninsula, developed into karst topography, Stonehenge, Tianshengqiao, caverns, beautiful scenery beautiful.

As cold weather in winter is very thick lake ice to thaw began in May 1988, when melting ice cracked a loud noise, a voice number, also a natural phenomenon.

Nam Co resources abundant, and there are rich mineral resources, such as salt, alkali, Glauber's salt, boron, possessing both great. Lake abounds in fish, Xilin fish and fish without scales and intensely cruising in the lake, mainly carp material crack abdominal fish and LEPTOBOTIA ELONGATA Branch of the Parabotia fasciata. These fish and the plain areas of similar fish are not the same, is 200 years since the original fish from here, with the crust to uplift, to the special environment in the plateau, and gradually evolved out of the variation. Some fish preserved head of the short end of the original characteristics. Crack general abdominal fish can grow to 12 kilograms, can grow to large 78 kg or even dozens of kilograms. Tibetan not the past, because the habit of eating fish, lake fish stew in its own juice, not afraid of people, nearly lake, the fish have to travel. Whenever summer, the lake fish from the lake swam to the depths of the lake beach, estuary spawning, often used to be arrested.

Nam Co have Rosa, a Seoul ancient Tibetan cloth, check Hasselblad too River water injection. Lake is around the open Lake Plain, a Gaocao growth, the Taiwan moss, grass and other herbs fire Cashmere is a natural aquatic plants lush pastures for grazing can be. Herdsmen in northern Tibet every year before the onset of winter, they rushed to cattle and sheep here, through the bitter winter wind and snow. Nam Co, the most pleasant and the summer bustle, wild yak, blue sheep, rabbits and other wild animals on the vast marsh grass; countless migratory birds coming from the south, and Lake on the island spawning, hatching, feeding future generations Lake sometimes the fish in the sun above the surface of the water, sunlight flashing Yin Lin; Shepherd Yangbian Yamaha, such as cattle and sheep movement of the clouds in heaven float, sonorous, melodious voice echoed in the valley. An Mi Nam Co quiet the vibrant, exuberant Interest. It is no wonder that the Tibetan people must Nam Co as a beautiful, a symbol of happiness.
Changbai Mountain is the most famous attractions Tianchi, no less than the equivalent of Tianchi in Changbai Mountain. Tianchi is a naturally formed volcanic eruption of the volcano Kouhu China's largest, but also the Songhua River and the Tumen River, the Yalu River and the source of Sanjiang. The location because of its high surface elevation of 2,150 meters, is called "Tianchi." Tianchi was elliptical in shape, surrounded by more than 13 km long, 485 km long from north to south and 335 km wide things, the lake area of 10 square kilometers, 2,194 meters above sea level, with an average depth of 204 meters. It is said that the Centre depths of 373 meters. In the Tianchi surrounded by 16 peaks, set in the Tianchi is like the Peaks of a jasper. Here is often diffuse clouds, heavy rain and hail often, therefore, not all visitors can see her beautiful face of. Tianchi water 2 billion cubic meters, is a huge natural reservoir, Tianchi water from natural rainfall First, we must rely on rainwater and snow, and the second is underground springs. Tianchi Lake Shenyou clear, as a rich mosaic of jasper in the surrounding mountains, as if people fairyland. However, the changing climate of Changbai Mountain, making Tianchi looming, it charted the Tianchi "Shuiguang runways Yan Qing side, and rain also kept mountain air odd" wonderful scene.
Tianchi in Changbai Mountain is located in the famous crowd surrounded by peaks 16, and 2749 meters above sea level opposite the main peak of Changbai bald peaks, the water of 2192 meters above sea level, than the Xinjiang Tianshan Tianchi higher than 200 meters, is China's highest , the deepest lake of the volcano. Tianchi 4.85 kilometers long from north to south, east-west width 3.35 kilometers, the total water area of 9.82 square kilometers, although only 2194 meters above sea level, but it is the highest lake of fire. Its maximum water depth of up to 373 meters, even the average water depth is more than 200 meters is the deepest lake in China, with a total water storage of about 20 billion cubic meters. At the same time, Changbaishan Tianchi is the Songhua River, Yalu River, as well as the birthplace of the Tumen River, known as "the source of three rivers," said Accor.
How to Get There:
Erdaobaihe County is the nearest county to Changbai Mountain. There are trains to Tonghua, Changchun, Dandong, etc. and coaches to Yanji, Shenyang, Changchun, Jilin City, and Antu. The nearest airport is in Yanji, with flights to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Dalian and Changchun. In Erdaobaihe County, visitors have to rent an automobile in order to reach the Northern Slope and Western Slope Entrances, but remember that not every car is allowed to go inside the mountain.

West Lake
West Lake in Hangzhou is a beautiful elegant penalty with the dazzling beauty of the cultural relics Yun Feng and culture and the arts blend together national scenic area. She's beautiful West Lake as the center, on three sides Yunshan, clear water in the culvert, with an area of 60 square kilometers, of which 5.68 square kilometers to the lake. Lake area surrounded by greenery, verdant mountains, cloud tree cage yarn, Linquan beautiful, deep streams. 90 features a number of parks, scenic spots, there are San-Qiu seeds, Guri Yunsong, Wangsimni lotus, more well-known "West Lake sites" as well as opening up in recent years have built more than 10 Office features new attractions, will become a colorful West even large rosette to each spring, summer, autumn and winter scenery, snow barometer.
West Lake is a famous tourist destination, known as the "earthly paradise." West Lake Scenic Spots by the mountain (Gushanzhen), the two embankment (Sudi, Bodi), Mishima (Yuangong pier, Huxinting small Yng-Jou), Ten (Quyuanfenghe, Benghuqiuru, Canxue Broken Bridge, Liulangwenying, Leifeng Afterglow, Nanping Wanzhong, Huagangguanyu, Sudi Chunxiao, bimodal inserted cloud, Sandanyinru) pose.

Major attractions:

Liulangwenying: The original Wuhuawan for the Southern Song Dynasty, "Poly Garden." Whenever fireworks March Lu:lu:liusi and Liliyingti each other, "Liulangwenying" that stems from this.

Sandanyinru: aka small Yng-Jou, the original Fangshengche, Jiuquqiao [right upper map] vicinity of this building with the name, like the stone lion, a network booths (from the "investigators to be lenient," Italy) I heart of the Indian kiosks. Santan judicious tower, about two meters high, the ball shaft, hollow, in light of the Moonlight home, the moonlight, lighting, lake each other, very charming.

Benghuqiuru: Linhu have Wushu floor, the three faces of water that the lake resort of the full moon, the evidence There is a poem: "10,000 ares like long-Mirror Lake, 4:00 to autumn on the most good."

Broken Bridge Canxue: "Broken Bridge" is folklore in the White Snake Lady grand each other places, so people love to the broken bridge to be photographed with the first film for a major event.