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Top 10 Places to Visit in China

China is a large, populous nation with a rich cultural diversity. There is so much to see and do that you cannot possibly do it in one short trip. You will have to pick and choose those sites that grab your attention most. The following article shoould help you plan your trip to China.

China is a kind of treasure box that hides one of the world's oldest civilizations. It is a multi-religious and multi-racial country. Having a deep history and heritage place the country among the world's greatest travel destinations. It is the third largest country of the world in which there are lots of touristic attractions to visit and lots of things to do. It offers endless cultural treasures with lots of memories that are unforgettable for a lifetime.

China has famous cities that are also important travel destinations. Beijing is the capital of China and has always been among the famous cultural and historic cities. It is China's most popular city for tourists. It owns number of temples, ancient houses, museums, parks. The top attractions of Beijing are The Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven and Ming Tombs. The Great Wall with its worldwide fame is a historical place and for sure must-see place. The wonderful scenery also pleases the visitors. The Forbidden City also known as the Imperial Palace is a city-within-a-city that owns ancient buildings. The Summer Palace is the largest Royal Park. Summer Place contains structures which are included by towers, temples, pavilions, bridges, and corridors. Ming Tombs is the burial site of 13 out of 17 emperors of the Ming Dynasty. Also, Tian'anmen Square and The Temple of Heaven are among touristic destinations of Beijing.

Shanghai is one of the most cosmopolitan cities of China. It is also popular with its nightlife. Nanjing Road, The Old Town, Yuyuan Garden, Jade Buddha Temple, The Bund, Oriental Pearl TV , Shanghai Wildlife Zoo are the popular attractions of the city.

Xi'an city is home of the world-famous Terra Cotta Army. Xian is a must-see and world famous tourist city. Qin Terra Cotta Army Museum is a site museum housing the continuing excavation of an army of 6,000 terra-cotta soldiers and horses. Museum of the Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses , Shaanxi History Museum, The Xi'an City Wall, Huaqing Hot Springs    Big willd Goose Pagoda   Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show   Mountain Hua are some of the attractions of Xi'an.

Guilin locate d on the Li River, is a small town; however, a popular place due to its beautiful scenery. Its geographic formations and breathtaking beauty attract travellers. Li River, Elephant Trunk Hill, Longji Terraced Field, Green Lotus Peak and Yangshuo are popular sightseeings. Kunmíng is also one of the cosmopolitan Chinese cities. The city owns beautiful attractions such as Stone Forest, Xishan, Jiuxiang and Yunnan Nationalities Village.

A trip to Tibet is a memorable experience. It offers stunning views. There are countless attractions in Tibet which makes it a very popular tourist destination. Lhasa, Gyantse, Shigatse, Mount Kailash, Lake ManasarovaPotala Palace,    Mount Everest, Yarlong Tsangpo RiverSera Monastery and Lake Namco are places to visit in Tibet.

Dunhuang attracts people with its numerous historic sites. Mogao Grottoes (Mogao Caves), Yangguan Pass and Yumenguan Wall are among sightseeings of the city. The Silk Road is also one of the must-see places of China. It is known all around the world and a travel to China is incomplete if it is not visited. Also, Hainan, Dali, Dao, Hong Kong, Temple of Heaven, Hutongs, Reed Flute Cave, Tai Shan,  Huangshan  are among popular places.

Rock climbing, cycling and river cruising are activities available in China. Acrobatic Arts is a definite must-see activity to add to any visitors list. Do not forget to see Giant Pandas at the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base. China offers entertainments and colorful nightlife, too.

Great Wall

Number 1 -- yet which defiantly should not be experienced the least, is the defender of the city known as the Northern Capital by the Mongolians back in the 7th century BC. Yes the Great Wall, the only man made structure visible from space puts you through a torturous climb to see from side to side the snake like Great Wall. The breath taking beauty of the physical structure is overwhelming in winter and summer. Defiantly the first thing that comes to people’s minds when thinking of China, what makes it better is you can visit different parts of the great wall with different outcomes. From a restored section of the wall, to the crumbling ruins of a war, different impressions are left by the magnificent creation and one which must not be missed!

Forbidden City

Number 2 -- Number two is a combination of ancient and modern history. Beijing is fortunately home to the “Forbidden City” and “Tian an men square”! Only separated by a several meter road, to which the national guards cross daily at sunrise for the flag raising ceremony, and return at sunset for the flag lowering ceremony; these two places are a blend of China’s history present and past. The physical architecture of the Forbidden City astonishes everyone from its sheer size to the missing 1000th room; the city is just a must see taste of China. As for Tian an men Square, despite being known as the birthplace of China, there lays the resting (Mao’s Mausoleum) place of the person who united China. The size and feel of the people is overwhelming and therefore puts Beijing’s “Tian an men” and "Forbidden City'" number 2.

Terracotta warriors

Number 3 -- Number 3 is to the beautiful and currently exploring Xian, and the "Terracotta warriors”. Xian is in amongst some of the smaller minorities of China hence the beautiful mix of people, language and food. The terracotta warriors however put Xian on the map, brining in hundreds of tourists in monthly to see the still being discovered warriors made from terracotta! It is hard to walk away from such a historically rich site without taking one of your own warriors away with you!

Giant Pandas

Number 4 --- At number 4, moving north of the China map, the province known for its Chili dishes and black and white bear friends; the SiChuan province beautiful and Hot, is home to the world renowned “Panda Sanctuary” where they are bred in captivity and promote research to bring awareness to our furrier bear friends. Also another site to see is the “LeShan Buddha”, sitting 71 meters tall, a fully standing person is only the size of this Buddha’s pupil! Defiantly a must see for the natural beauty and the wonders of this handmade wonder!

YunNan province

Number 5 - Was a hard choice to put this here but for all those Chinese movies out on the market, from a “house of flying ----  something” to “Crouching mammal, leaping frog” movies, in southern China the city of “Kun Ming” is the hub to some of the most beautiful locations in China, with untouched scenery and preserved tranquility.  The warm southern climate allows you to visit the luscious greenery in comfort and take home photos which look like postcards. The YunNan province has been labeled one of the most beautiful places in China. However beauty alone will not take you to the number one spot.

Li River Scenery

Number 6 -- The Li River Scenery: From northeast of Guilin, this river flows southeast via 5 states namely, Guilin, Yangshuo, Pingle, Zhao ping and Wulin. The captivating beauty of its hills, cliffs and caves attract millions of tourist every year.

Jiuzhaigou Valley

Number 7 -- Jiuzhaigou Valley, Sichuan Jiuzhaigou Valley is a nature reserve located in south western China's Sichuan province. A beautiful example of China's varied landscape, Jiuzhaigou is famous for colorful lakes and multi-level waterfalls and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992.

Potala Palace

Number 8 -- Potala Palace, Lhasa The Potala Palace is located in the center of the city of Lhasa, the capital of the Tibetan Autonomous Region. It is the religious center of Tibetan Buddhism and the former residence of the Dalai Lama.

Famous for its imposing white walls surrounding the inner red palace, the Potala Palace is perched on top of Marpo Ri Hill at 3,700 meters or over 12,000 feet. It is the main destination of most visitors to Tibet. Visitors have never failed to be humbled by the amazing structure. It's simple, but grand exterior hides the exquisite interiors covered with beautiful frescos and priceless works of art. The Potala Palace was added to UNESCO's World Heritage List in 1994.

The Bund,

Number 9 -- The Bund, Shanghai As a landmark of Shanghai, the Bund is located at the bank of Huangpu River in the Shanghai center. The Bund, meaning embankment, was historically the seat of Shanghai's most powerful businessmen in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

The Bund is a fabulous place to see examples of Shanghai's rich architectural history, illustrated by the HSBC Building, built in 1923 and at the time said to be the most luxurious building between the Suez Canal and the Bering Strait. There are a lot of buildings of different styles, such as the Gothic building, the Romanesque building, the Baroque building, etc. It is really an extensive architecture group. And the Bund is also called the Oriental Wall Street. The Bund at night is extremely fascinating.

Hong Kong

Number 10 --  Modernity in Hong Kong See modern China -- and Asia - at the cutting edge with a visit to Hong Kong, a Special Administrative Region located in Southern China.

This amazing city is bustling and beautiful, glitzy and glamorous. With its beauty and diversity, Hong Kong has something for everyone and is an amazing shopping paradise. Walking down the Kowloon side promenade gives the traveler a view of some of the most beautiful modern architecture in China. Hong Kong is filled with history and beauty as its many museums and parks amply demonstrate. Hong Kong is a beautiful blend of western and eastern, ancient, and modern and no trip to China is complete without a stop Hong Kong.

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