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New Year’ Day

New Year's Day is to celebrate the New Year began, to celebrate the New Year can be said that all regions of the world in general practice.

Now most of the world each year on January 1 as New Year's Day, in which the longitude of the location of the world in different countries of the time are also different, so the "New Year's Day"date are also different.

Oceania island of Tonga in the west of the dateline, which is the world's first to start a new day, and is the first country to celebrate New Year's Day;

Located on the east boundary of Western Samoa is the latest in the world a place to start a new day;

New Year's Day in Afghanistan as the vernal equinox;

The autumnal equinox as the Jewish New Year;

Eskimos cold New Year's Day is not fixed, they first rains as the New Year.

46 BC, the Roman emperor Julius Caesar developed the Julian calendar, the winter solstice as the beginning of his New Year's Day. However, it insisted that the first nine days as a New Year's Day, so he deferred to the New Year 10 days after the winter solstice.

According to the Gregorian calendar terms, China is the world's first 12 countries begin the New Year.

Countries because of its history, culture, religion, national traditions, but also has a different celebration. However, it also makes the world colorful, more regional, national special features.

The origins of New Year's Day
New Year's Day came from, really hard to say, ah, saying that the ancient Chinese New Year's Day, is not now a common calendar of January 1.

Lunar month from first day to the Yin scheduled beginning of the year, to the Han Dynasty set in the first lunar month as the beginning of the year, there have been many changes over and over again. Until 1912, Sun Yat-sen in order to "line XIA, so shun farming season, from the Western calendar, so they Statistics" and decided to use the Gregorian calendar, and provides the Gregorian (Gregorian calendar) Jan. 1 to "New Year", but not called "New Year's Day . " Until after the liberation of the Central People's Government promulgated the unified use of "New Year and National Day holiday approach", the provisions of the Gregorian calendar on January 1 as New Year's Day, and to decide on a day off in this section. So far, only New Year's Day holiday joy of people throughout the country.

On the origins of New Year's Day, there is a legend yet.

Saying in 4000 years ago, the ancient prosperity of Yao and Shun, the emperor Yao in China during the reign of diligent to do a lot of good for the people, very popular with the majority of people loved, but it is not without its sub-synthesizer, he did not put " Son of Heaven, "the throne passed to his son, but both can be passed to the character of Shun. Yao on Shun said: "You must take the throne passed befriend the future, until I die can also be a peace of mind rest in peace." Shun the throne was passed to the governance of the flood meritorious Yu, Shun and Yu also like for the people as First Man done a lot of good things, are very beloved. Later, people worship the Emperor Shun Emperor in heaven and earth and the day before, as the date of the beginning of the year, the first day is called "New Year's Day", or "element is" This is the ancient New Year's Day.

Ancient dynasty held in celebration of New Year's Day ritual prayer worship and other activities, such as offering sacrifices ancestor gods, hanging scrolls, writing the word fu, dragon dance, folk ritual has gradually formed the Buddha, the first ancestors, couplets, firecrackers, stay up, eat happy Rice and "Festivities" and many other entertainment festivities. Xin Lan Jin Dynasty poet had "element is" poem: "element that is Kai Festival, Jia Qingzhao of Free. Ham played Origin of years, small Datong Yuet Hee." Account of the scene is the New Year celebration.

The origins of the earliest New Year's Day
About five million years BC, the ancient Egyptians from nomadic to farming, settled in the Nile, their agricultural harvests and the Nile are very much related to the floods. The ancient Egyptians discovered the long observation of the Nile flood is a regular time, every time they put the record this time on a bamboo pole, from that time spread between the two separated by about 365 days; It was also found When the tide came up the Nile early today near the city of Cairo, when the Sun and Sirius is also exactly the same time rising on the horizon time. Thus, the ancient Egyptians regarded this day as the beginning of the year. This is the first "New Year" came from.

New Year greetings
1 New Year's greetings, new year opened new hopes, new dreams of a new blank load. Cast aside the years of dust, to laughter and tears, Aiyuaichou cemented in the minds of a thick crystal amber. Happy New Year!

2 New Year's greetings, only hard left footprints on the snow, will know how precious life and life hot. Happy new year in your life happy.

New Year's greetings 3, when you see this message, you are lucky to have come to the head, the God of Wealth has entered your home, wealth and status have been far away from your. Bless your friends: Happy New Year!

4 New Year greetings, New Year is coming, you want to do? Whatever you do, please remember my motto: smile is the best medicine, music is secret, sleep can make you forget everything. Chu: Happy New Year!

5 New Year's greetings, not how expensive gift, do not need what's solemn oath. I just need you a sweet smile, as my most precious new year gift.

6 New Year's greetings, pick a flower for a long time wither can not bear to lose, an umbrella support for a long time do not remember closing the rain has stopped, one way to go for a long time has also come to the stage at the end of darkness, a word like a long time Just to say, Happy New Year!

7 New Year greetings, New Year's night, I dream of you. Happy New Year to you: Happy New Year! Awakened from the dream of a sneeze, I know you want me, so immediately called red envelopes used to say to you!

New Year's greetings 8, born to move my heart smile, love of your life is true, people chase you and I worry that harm does not concentrate on my work, saw you happy, always most sincerely for your whole life the same heart, the world is not at Heart.

9 New Year's greetings, often stress that the work is not bad! Rinse wash clean slate that often have a good home! Used to go shopping that money to spend! Dinner is often said that there are worth! It is often said that age do not date! Often receive information that some people care! Sincere wish Happy New Year!

10 New Year's blessing, cause without shaking, accomplished line. Friendship, not linked to mouth, thinking on the line. Money is no need to take different, enough on the line. Not over a hundred lives and health on the line. How many friends do not have you on the line. I wish Happy New Year!

September 27, 1949, the first session of the CPPCC plenary meeting: "Law of the People's Republic of Chronology by Year, " confirm New Year (New Year) is a statutory holiday in China, and to decide on a day off in this section. Of course, New Year's Day in many countries the world or regional holidays.

According to December 9, 2010 issued by the State Council in 2011 part of the holiday arrangements on the notice, the arrangements for the 2011 New Year's holidays: January 1 to 3 sabbatical leave, a total of 3 days.