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                                   Transportation in kaifeng

Because the traffic of Kaifeng is extremely convenient that the geographical position is superior, the highways , railways are criss-cross within the territory of the city, form the convenient network of communication lines. Though there is no airport in this city, Kaifeng is distance of about 70 kilometers from the west to International airport of Zhengzhou, the road conditions leading to airport are very fine, if at a high speed leaves, only the drive of an about hour can arrive, so it is very convenient to take the plane to Kaifeng.

The main rail-line which goes across the west and the east part of China the Longhai Railway passes through Kaifeng. We can go to many places directly and conveniently from Kaifeng Railway Station, such as Shanghai, Beijing, Lianyungang, Qingdao, Xian, Xining and Wulumuqi and so on. There is a distance of 70 kilometers between Kaifeng and Zhengzhou, 150 kilometres between Kaifeng and Shangqiu.

TEL of Kaifeng Railway Station:0378-5951404
TEL of Information Desk:0378-5951139
TEL of the Ticket Dep. :0378-3966888
TEL of the Ticket-selling Dep.of Zhengzhou Station in Kaifeng:0378-5665535

The most convenient traffic passway of Kaifeng is the highway. Traffic of linking up every large city to the north of Kaifeng and the Yellow River of highway bridge of the Yellow River, constantly the expressways of construction and development and national road are forming the traffic network of highway transportation. There are expressways to link to each other from Kaifeng to Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Sanmenxia, Shangqiu, can lead to new township, Anyang until Beijing northwards by Zhengzhou; Can lead to Xuchang , Luohe, Zhumadian to Shenzhen southwards. National road Line 106 (Beijing go to Guangzhou ) run south and north within the border, national road Line 310 (the sky and water to connect cloud harbour with ) communicate with Line 220 (Kaifeng blue to test to the bank state ). There are many division chief's way terminals, the long-distance bus terminal of Kaifeng lying by the railway station of Kaifeng in the city of Kaifeng, it is the biggest passenger in the whole city that sends the station.

Internal traffic

Kaifeng urban area is one city od square, the urban area is not very heavy, the main scenic spot centres in the urban area, taking the urban buses can all arrive. The urban public transit vehicle in use is a big bus, and pay-to-driver buses, get on the bus 1 yuan. Bus No. 20 is travel special lines, can reach each travel scenic spot directly .

Get on the bus 5 (including 3), each it charges to be 1 later, urban beauty spot taxi fare spend, roughly exceed 7 yuan .

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