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Kunming Transportation

Yunnan has many mountains; the transportation is always the difficulty of Kunming. But going along with the development and progressing of the city, the transportation has already no longer become the high peak that can't exceed.

External traffic

Wujiaba Airport of Kunming locates in the downtown's south side of Kunming, is apart only 5 kilometers from the city center, is currently one airport which is nearest of the downtown in big and medium-sized cities in whole country. Currently the airport has already broken through 48 flight paths, having a lot of domestic, international flight paths and flight paths to Hong Kong, Macau, especially there are a few services to big cities like Shanghai, Bejing every day, and there are direct services to Dali, Lijiang, Zhongmian, Xishuangbanna, Zhaotong, Mangshi, Simao and Baoshan in the province, if don't want to hold up the plenty of time on the road, taking the airplane is a quite good choice.

The downtown of Kunming contain four train stations which are the north train station of Kunming, the train station of Kunming, the east train station of Kunming and the west train station of Kunming. The trains lead to the whole country everyplace and cross over the boundary to reach Henei. The railroads inside the province have already been broke through, such as Kunming to Shilin, Yuxi, Dali etc. The railroads which go outside of the province have the railroads of Guiyang- Kunming, Chengdu- Kunming and Nanning- Kunming, there still are railroads to go abroad. But the geography of Yunnan is more complicated, the time that we take the train to cost will be longer, if want to borrow the opportunity of taking the train to enjoy the landscape following the road once, it also will add fun for the travel.

The highway transportation of Kunming is very convenient, there are highways to lead to the regions of the province inside, province outside and Vietnam, Burma, the bus stations of Kunming are also special more. Kunming City owns totally 7 the way passenger transportation stations, which are respectively the bus passenger transportation of Kunming, Passenger Transportation Center of the east station, Shuanglong Passenger Transportation Center, passenger transportation center of Panjia Gulf, bus near suburb passenger transportation center of Kunming, passenger transportation center of north station and the provincial tour bus company tour special line station.
The bus passenger transportation station of Kunming mainly sends the across province regular buses to the whole province everyplace and Sichuan, Guizhou, Guangxi; The passenger transportation center of the east station takes sending to the northeast direction of Shen as main; The bus passenger transportation station of west station in Kunming takes sending to the passenger transportation car of the west direction of Shen as main; Shuanglong Passenger Transportation Center takes sending the long distance passenger buses to the direction of Qujing abd Dongchuan as main; the passenger transportation center of Panjia Gulf has long distance passenger buses that mainly send to the west direction of Shen; there are everyday several passenger buses to send to Dali in the west station, south station of Kunming and the Train Station Square.



Internal traffic

The buses in the city area of Kunming can be said to be leading everywhere, 50 circuits almost overlaid all place of the downtown. The buses can lead to each main street, view areas, beauty spots and suburbs, the buses practice no man to sell the ticket mostly, the ticket price is 1 Yuan, and the ticket price of the double layers bus is also 1 Yuan. The morning class bus is general at 6:00-6:30; the last bus is at 22:00-22:30.

The start price in the downtown of Kunming is 5 Yuan, the start price of some taxies inside the county of suburb is 3 Yuan. They are general Sangtana, Jida, Hongqi etc., 3 kilometers of start price is 8 Yuan, and each kilometer adds 1.2 Yuan. After 10:00 P.M., the start price is 9.6 Yuan, 2.7 Yuan/ kilometer. The start price of Xiali is 7 Yuan in 3 kilometers, later 1.6 Yuan/ kilometer. After 10:00 P.M., the start price is 9.6 Yuan, 2.4 dollars/ kilometer.

Renting the car
If want to visit around the city, you can choose to rent the car. The common Xiali car is 300 Yuan every day, 180 Yuan every half a day, the security deposit is 10,000 Yuan, have no mileage restrict; Renting a Sangtana need 350 Yuan every day, the mileage limiting is in 200 kilometers. The vehicle premium has already be included in a rent fee, the leading travel fee and the oil fee take care for oneself, exceeding the mileage each one to add to collect 1 Yuan, still having a little bit cheap Yuedaqiya which is 200 Yuan every day and Changhewhich is 120 Yuan/ day;
Moreover if rent a driver is 50 Yuan/ day, not including eating and living. We suggest you had better connect the driver to rent together, thus you can hand over some little security deposit, the security deposit of taking the driver is 500-1000 Yuan, driver can also be the guide, visit and not to walk too much in the distance curved road.

There are many places where you can rent bicycles inside Kunming City. It is general 2 Yuan/ hour, 10 Yuan/ day. The security deposit of old bikes is 200 Yuan, the security deposit of new bikes is 400 Yuan. The city of Kunming is also not large; riding the bike to visit around the city is utility, convenience and environmental protection

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