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        Stoneforest International Country Club

  The Stoneforest International Country Club is a comprehensive leisure cluster that integrates sports, races, health preservation, culture, entertainments, delicacies, businesses, exhibitions and accommodation into one and also the first full membership golf club in southwest China. 

  Located by the Stone Forest Scenic Spot, 'the world‚Äôs best wonder', the club covers an area of 60 thousand acres. It is only 78 km away from Kunming city by the expressway, so the traffic is pretty convenient.

  Listed as one of the world‚Äôs ‚Äúeight natural landscapes‚Äù, Stoneforest International Country Club has mountains with steeply-rising peaks inside. The layered Karst landform is so fascinating. The scattering strange stones and elegant stones are like exquisite bonsai, being more beautiful than people can take in. Green lakes with remote reflections, if plus the clouds and mist, will present magnificent landscape paintings. The grand nature wonders also challenge golf players.

  Stoneforest International Country Club has three 18-hole international championship-level golf courses, Yufeng Ridge (7127 yards), Master‚Äôs Resort (7320 yards) and Leaders‚Äô Peak (7565 yards), all designed by the world‚Äôs famous golf course designer Brian Curley, integrating the nature, garden landscape and primitive landscape. The 54 unique ‚Äúgreens on stones‚Äù are made by artificial craftsmanship. Only by experiencing their magnificence in person could you be deeply touched and shocked by the creative power of the nature and the immersing power of humanity!

  Matching the brilliant golf courses are the quality auxiliary facilities. To meet the preferences of different members, the public club that covers an area of 7,068 square meters is simple, comfortable and relaxing; while the private club that covers an area of 6,800 square meters is profound, convert and luxury. Exclusive restaurant, VIP guest boxes, function room, pro-shop, red wine cellar and other supporting facilities are complete.

  Stoneforest International Country Club is an exclusive golf club open to member only that integrates natural ecology, golf and features of high-end life into one. While creating a unique culture as a place for the intellectual and wealthy circles, it makes you feel the comfort and calm while immersing yourself in the nature and in the Stone Forest like cultivating dhyana and one‚Äôs morality. It is the common perfect state you and I are pursuing together.

  Stoneforest International Country Club becomes a model of favorable climate, fabulous geographical position and support of the people because of our rock-solid true faith, star-like illuminating expectation for perfection and our moon-like bright mind. We believe that the comprehensive leisure cluster that integrates sports, races, health preservation, culture, entertainments, delicacies, businesses, exhibitions and accommodation into one will become a new landmark of leisure activities and travel, a name card that presents China‚Äôs golf to the world and an enjoyable world-class golf resort in Yunnan in the near future.

The A course is the championship test at Stone Forest, the layout a strong, bruising examination of your ability to hit long, straight shots whilst avoiding the stone and rock. Like the C Course, the bunkers here are filled with grey sand, used by architect Brian Curley to ensure the hazards do not overwhelm the scenic beauty of the sizeable stone formations. Conditioning is impressive across the facility with Bentgrass tees, greens and fairways providing an exceptional playing surface most of the year.

In terms of standout holes, the A Course starts with a wild falling par five and is immediately followed by a couple of really strong par fours across steep but interesting terrain. The use of a meandering dry creek on the 3rd is very effective. Also worthy of mention are the gorgeous short 7th and the strong left-bending 8th, each with impressive rocky backdrops, and the split fairway par five 18th, which ends at the base of a stone-strewn hill.

The B Course at Stone Forest is intended to be open for public access, as well as member play. As a point of difference to A and C it is slightly less strenuous and also features white sand in the bunkers. The downhill short par four opening hole sets the tone for the round, with a number of blinding bunkers lining the side of its fairway. The 2nd is a more strategic test, and allows players to gamble by flirting with a waste area down the left hand side in order to get closer to the green from the tee. From the 3rd the golf escapes the stone for a period, and players get to enjoy solid holes like the par four 3rd, with its pushed-up green and the angled par three 5th.

On the back nine another stretch of holes away from the rock stands out. The sweeping left 12th is a fantastic par four, with an exciting uphill approach played either side of a distinctive twisted pine in the middle of the fairway. The next is a quite sinister par four with a sharply angled green and a nasty false front to catch those hitting beyond a massive front bunker. Save for a couple of areas where the golf gets a little steep, the rest of the holes are solid, if unspectacular, and generally good fun to play.

The C Course is the newest and most impressive of the three courses at Stone Forest, and is slated to be for member play only. Like A & B there are rocks and stones everywhere, and some unique holes played directly across or into the boulders. Unlike the other courses, however, there is a pronounced stretch of quality, subtle golf amongst the open pine forests on the C Course. Such holes might not take a glamorous picture like those amongst the stones, but the terrific pine holes through the front nine here are the core of the course, and the most enjoyable to play. Standouts include the double-sweeping par five 4th, the rising 5th and split fairway 8th.

The back nine, by contrast, is best remembered for the extravagant rock formations that are incorporated into holes like the 11th, 12th, 14th and 15th. The 11th is the signature, a short par four down into a valley surrounded by some of the tallest stone structures on the property. The hole is visually very cool, but for most it will play as a 6 or 7-iron followed by a wedge. The next is an all-carry par three to an island green apparently floating above the tops of the rock. Better are the mid-length 15th, with a central cluster of rocks forcing players to carefully choose their line from the tee, the falling and rising par four 16th and the exciting uphill par five finishing hole.

At Stone Forest Brian Curley did well to build three solid golf courses for a client who demanded 54 original holes, as well as an enormous practice facility, high-end residential subdivisions and two giant clubhouses – and he needed all the golf completed within two years. This is far from an ideal site for golf, but Stone Forest is a cool experience and there are enough fun holes across the property to ensure it establishes itself prominently within Chinese golfing circles.

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